Creator – Think… by Jennifer Farley



Over the next few weeks, there may be times where you will be around other people that trigger you.  Once again, and as always, you have a choice.  You can allow the triggers to happen or you can realize them for what they are, smile, nod and walk away.  One of the things that will differentiate you from others will be your ability to step back and think before you speak!  It will also be beneficial if you ask yourself these questions;

Will I be acting/reacting the same way I always do?

Will what I say be hurtful or insulting to another?

Will what I say make the other person feel/act/react differently?

Will I be projecting my feelings onto another by what I say?

Are they projecting onto me?

If you take a moment and ask The Universe for assistance and support, you will find the answer to the aforementioned questions will change and change quickly.  Remember, you are all growing in ways you have never conceived!  Give yourself and others that opportunity. ~ Creator 


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