Summary: Time to put those finishing touches on what you’ve been working on and throw yourself into higher gear. You’re in alignment with a more ambitious plan for your life, and wouldn’t you know it’s your soul’s doing! Feeling that alignment opens the heart to the energies of celebration for where you’ve come, and prepares you for greater things yet to be. You’re driving this vehicle and your soul is pointing out an interesting juncture in your path. Time to accept that you’re entering into a period of creative manifestation, a brilliant and promising threshold.

Eight of Pentacles — Four of Rods — Three of Pentacles

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You’re in alignment with destiny. Perhaps it’s time to extend beyond the limit of what you thought you could do. #pleiadian #tarot #nine

FOUNDATION: Eight of Pentacles

Have you ever noticed that the series of experiences life puts in your lap are connected by some sort of theme? That your soul recognizes the essence of what you’re doing as an extension of that theme? Right now, you are piecing together another experience within the greater pattern of your life. Diligence and focus command your attention right now, as you approach another episode of living. Your new task is so aligned with your soul’s plot that you can’t help but feel a little joy, even as the work right now seems consuming. While time stretches you through a gauntlet of mundane-level appointments with yourself, keep in the back of your mind that you are working through a soul-level project. In fact, you are approaching a rather fundamental shift. To get there in good shape, take this time now to use what you have learned, and in humility set yourself to perfecting a skill you already have. Perhaps it’s time to extend beyond the limit of what you thought you could do. If you do, you might just discover that it’s what you were planted here to do all along. Measure, polish, work, work, work.

LODESTONE: Four of Rods

When you align yourself with the soul’s plan, you feel innately that you’re exactly where you need to be. There’s really no greater sense of fulfillment, nor cause for celebration, than to know you’re stepping into the bigger self your soul has prepared for you. It is your birthright to exceed your own expectations, to observe yourself becoming something greater than you ever thought you could. This is a moment of expansion. Celebrate yourself, for you are beckoned to accept a gift greater than you could have imagined within the confines of limitation that you once acquiesced to. Life is burgeoning with blessing right now, and you are in alignment with a new and vibrant framework of being. Great things await, and the path from here to there is just a hop, skip, and a jump. Celebrate your transformation into a new being, and know that you are most lovingly watched over from afar. The goal is starting to take a most definite shape. Honor the inner alignment, and prepare to turn around to see a very promising new reality rising fromyour own conscious creativity.


You’ll pass the test. You’ll be welcomed into the assembly. Your work has been watched for some time now, and when the time comes to show what you can do, it will be deemed well done. You stand at the threshold now of mastery. Can you feel the alignment with destiny beginning to strengthen your spine? You are part of the coterie of masters in the making, recognized and honored as one of the company. You have been nurturing your natural nobility and it is noted by the carriers of a higher code. In short, baby, you’ve got what it takes. Coupled with adherence to discipline, arranging your ducks in a row will get you past the point that has been holding you at “almost-there”. A fresh burst of energy is well channeled in organizing and honing your vision. This is a time to work with those who have skills that complement your own. It’s also high time that you see that your skills are valued and vital. Everything is about to move into high creativity, but not before some finishing touches are done on the plan and the purpose. Get in alignment with that, and do what needs to be done, together.


An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, for this week:

“The role of the human in feeling his power as a creator and manufacturer of realities is to draw form from that light and focus it through the lens of consciousness that he embodies to take form in the interactive holographic matrix of 3-D reality. All that’s needed is the proper understanding and alignment of the inner crystalline potential with the vision of your dreams, with a new understanding of self as creator.”

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