A Super New Moon with a partial solar eclipse (the last one of three eclipses) is Saturday, August 11 at 3:57 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).


This New Moon bookends this rare eclipse trio that has given us such an opportunity for change, growth and maturity despite the discomfort and challenge that we may have also experienced. The theme of this new moon is “new directions”. With new insights, hard lessons and a creative outlook, you can use this New Moon to consider a new direction in some area of life.

Take some time to ask these questions: “What am I completing? What do I need to complete? What truth is allowing me to shift  priorities? What truth is supporting me to cut something loose? How is this making space for a new direction? How can I support my creativity to take advantage of the opportunity?

This eclipse (as the last two were also) is surrounded by intensity, unpredictability and irritability. The suggestion on the August forecast to “stay in your own lane and not get distracted by other peoples drama” is in full force as we navigate around the next few days. Be assertive about your truth and your new direction without being reactive to any judgments or negativity from others. This is your time. Celebrate it by honoring the sun’s energy, your own will, creativity, and ability to manifest a new direction for yourself.


Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Leo New Moon

Sun and Moon in Leo ~ 18º Partial Solar Eclipse

Saturday, August 11, 3:57 AM Mountain Daylight Time

(Saturday, August 11, 9:57 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Turn your attention to the most powerful body in the sky ~ The Sun.  You are now aligned with the ruler of Leo.  Draw that energy down into the part of the body ruled by Leo ~ The Heart.  Filling your heart with the Sun let it radiate light, warmth, and energy throughout your body, deep into your bones and experience the vitality and chi available to you.  When you are brimming over with this powerful resource, radiate it out all around you.  Give this gift freely and generously as it is given to you.  Our hearts will be renewed as the Sun and Moon meet in New Moon Leo.

We close the rarefied eclipse season with a partial solar eclipse in Leo visible best in Russia, but also NE Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Scandinavia, northern China, and Korea.  All eclipses whether total or partial have a magnifying effect on the energies present.  It allows for the releasing of old adaptations and unconscious habit, and with the space created, allows new energies to infuse our bodies, psyches, and planet and move us in new directions.  Eclipses occur because of alignment of the Sun and Moon with the Nodes.  The Nodes represent the point of our growth/our life task this lifetime (North) and point of release/surrender of what no longer serves (South).

Eclipse season is an intensified time for you to experience with clarity the releasing of unconscious habits of the past – and it may feel like your comforts are being rudely grabbed out of your hands because of the circumstances you find yourself in.  In a very real way, the question is, are you willing to surrender comforts with little benefit to you for what is new and vital?  If you find yourself in resistance and lacking surrender and trust to something greater than yourself, you won’t have any movement in your life.  Eclipse season is here to help us make leaps forward on our path of evolution.  Feeling the intensity of this time? Let the excitement of growth into new arenas be your guide.  Feel more, resist less.

Looking at the New Moon more closely, Pallas Athena is within one degree of the Sun/Moon gifting us with access to our creative intelligence.  She is the queen of the ability of the mind to create reality by reaching up into the cosmic realms and pulling down to Earth visions, guidance or solutions of what to create.  Pallas Athena has gifts to offer you at many levels.  She can access cosmic intelligence, she rules the energetic healing systems of the body where acupuncture, Reiki, cranial sacral work, sound and color, etc. work their healing magic, she uses her high frequency intelligence to think strategically, invite justice, wield truth, and she is patroness of arts and crafts that sustain and develop culture.  A true powerhouse of gifts that we all hold and are reminded to strengthen at this eclipse time with her prominent position.

Mercury in retrograde is also in this tight Leonine group of Sun/Moon/Pallas, so as you can see, the mental, thinking and perceiving functions are opened and poised for a reset and a download of new inspiring, high frequency energy when paired with Pallas and rocket fueled by the Sun and Moon in Leo.

Jupiter in Scorpio 14º squares the ‘Leonine group’ suggesting the power signs (fixed) can precipitate crisis or unexpected behind the scenes opportunities to gather power.  Despite Jupiter’s (think Zeus, The King) challenging confrontation with the Sun/Moon group, it is also trining Neptune (15º Pisces retro) for the second of three times ~ Notably big medicine of the spiritual, imaginal and artistic type.  Leo is about our radiant hearts, courage to sing our own song, and be the leader and focus of attention when called on, but it is equally about our ego selves and how we act out our needs for love, recognition and attention.  Jupiter is empowering us to ask the big questions of our Leonine aspect. Namely, are you strong enough to keep your ego in service to your wide-open heart? Or, is your ego compelled to get love and recognition in all the wrong places?  Self-aggrandizement, vanity, pride (camouflaging your true needs).  Jupiter’s trine to Neptune is our opening to draw down our most compassionate, loving, conscious, and fluid self into our emotional circuits from a soul level.  Can you hold more courage and more love?

Mars at 0º Aquarius (retrograde) has it’s own questions to ask.  Mars is our warrior energy and likes to have a task or mission to accomplish.  Out of bounds and retrograde is an odd predicament for Mars who likes to ‘only go straight’ and doesn’t get into this situation very frequently.  Ask yourself,  “Just why did I choose to incarnate in these challenging transitioning times?  What are my gifts?  What am I here to do?  What is my mission?”  And since you chose to accept the assignment, get on with it!  Avoid getting distracted by the drama that surrounds you.  We are all spiritual warriors for the good of the whole now.

With Black Moon Lilith at the exact same degree as Mars, 0º Aquarius, forces working at the subliminal levels, the hidden and mysterious, are finding a voice through Mars.  With Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and now Uranus all retrograde, we are being called deeply inward.  Perhaps we are to heed Black Moon Lilith’s feminine beaconing to seek what is below words and images, to tap into our body wisdom, our centeredness, our wildness.  Mars and Black Moon Lilith meet now at this eclipse at the exact degree of the potent conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on Solstice in December 2020 triggering our preparation for that shift point in our collective soul.

Leo is our natural inner leader, performer, and guide to pure joy and pleasure, ruler of our inner child and free expression of who we are in our divine essence, and teacher of generosity and sharing and ruler of the heart that most magnificent center of our beings.  Use this medicine to guide you through this last eclipse of a truly potent season of transformation and call to be all we can be.

All times are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

08/18 Mercury direct at 11º Leo until 11/16

08/22 Sun enters Virgo 10:08 PM MDT

08/26 Pisces Full Moon 3º 5:57 AM MDT

08/27 Mars direct 28º Capricorn until 9/2020

09/09 Virgo New Moon 17º 12:02 PM

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com



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