Lauren C. Gorgo ~ 8:8 Lion’s Gate & the hidden doorway

The tide is rising to another major culmination point as we move into the annual Lion’s Gate passage (7/26), followed directly by the full (blood) moon/total lunar eclipse in Aquarius (7/27)…and with Mercury turning retrograde to boot. 😬
Where the first partial/solar eclipse acted as a somewhat aggressive activation/trigger point for the triad, the second (lunar) eclipse will serve as a release point…releasing the karmic bylaws that we have lived by for multiple incarnations.  This is the really deep, lifetimes-old stuff that has kept us bound to the wheel of reincarnation and we now have a solid opportunity to lay these illusory storylines to rest. For good.
Releasing these karmic storylines, and the template that housed them, not only enables us to release the real life circumstances that were created out of that template, but it also offers us an opening to activate more of our (higher dimensional) DNA…the higher genetic material that sustains us in light-body form.

With Mars retrograde all summer (winter in south), Mercury on his way, and three life-changing eclipses, we have no choice but to dedicate ourcellves to this thorough and comprehensive process knowing that as we unhook ourselves from the past we free up necessary life force reserves needed for our reconstitution. This has meant withdrawing our life force from our external lives (yet again 😞)…projects, relationships, activities and environments…in order to reroute our reSources inward.
Barred from any forward movement or external progress, we are internalizing/concentrating/building up our life force in preparation to enter into a new vibrational state…which means cultivating new space within, opening to receive a brand new/fresh infusion of life force next season when we we turn outward again.  NOTE:  An important new life cycle also begins in early November when Jupiter enters Sagittarius (his own sign) which will def put the motor back in our Honda 🎶, propelling us more fully forward into our True Lives. 🙌🏼
Until then we remain steadfast and committed to our realignment/reconnection where, courtesy of Mercury’s retrograde cycle (and 5 other retrograde planets) we will clearly dissolve into nothingness go even deeper within than we currently are 😳…BUT with the purpose of shutting-down in order to hook-up the New Human circuitry that connects us to the central mainframe of New Earth.
Certainly this celestial lineup of events has its challenges…like unreasonable exhaustion or chronic fatigue for example…but all this inwardly directed life force at one time is serving to recalibrate us to the new Template, to realize a whole new (ancient) mind-body program born of our divine (M-F) union.  The final two eclipses (in the trinity) will propel this process even further as we continue to complete the embodiment of the divine trinity within.
To make that a reality we are also entering (by way of the Lion’s Gate) a secret passageway never before accessed by humanity…more on that below ⇊…in which those prepared will gain access to some important new codes needed to live the light-body experience in form, and all in preparation for greater/higher level Service.
Ultimately we are moving into an experience of life that is purposeful to our WHOLE reason for being, not just our higher/spiritual aspects OR our lower/human level contributions to society…but where our spiritual & material/divine & human worlds meet.  This next phase is everything we deeply long for but likely nothing that we think it is…the revelation of which takes an enormous amount of trust and patience to witness as it unfolds, to collect the puzzle pieces until a clear picture forms.
For some this has meant moving missions aside so that a brand new, or new-level mission can be birthed from this new space.  And in the process, life is rearranging itself…we are withdrawing ourselves from the things that used to matter to us, things that we thought were important, in order to redirect all our energy to the new and True.
It’s a tenuous, taxing and confusing time replete with substantial uncertainty.
And of course, it’s all perfect exactly as it is.

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