A Few Hastily Compiled Thoughts on 2018

A Few Hastily Compiled Thoughts on 2018
I find myself wanting to quickly share some thoughts about 2018. But saying anything at all about 2018 is going to be a really tricky business, so I have taken some liberties. One of the short hand methods I use to get the flavor of the New Year for myself is to cast a chart for Midnight, New Year’s Eve.
Often, when I am looking for validation, or simply to find a recognizable, or unfamiliar pattern in a new chart, I also use the “to all objects” option on astro.coms chart selection page. The result is often a chart like the one attached. There is a superabundance of lines.
The “to all objects” option, multiplies the number of lines in a chart. This makes patterns that might be faint, or invisible, in a normally drawn chart, plainly visible. In this case, several formations that are not otherwise apparent, show up clearly.
Another astrological shortcut is to completely ignore the text book and articulate themes in a free, intuitive, and accessible manner. This approach almost resembles what is called ‘ad libbing’. It means speaking freely and spontaneously, rather than from a prepared script. That is what I would like to do here.
I want to call the reader’s attention to several structures apparent in the chart as I have drawn it. There is a partially formed Grand Cross (red). This spells major blockage and obstruction.
The blockage caused by the Grand Cross are made more serious by the rash of squares scattered throughout the chart. With the Grand Cross in the chart, it is about major blockages. I am tempted to say that people will find themselves reaching profound – and profoundly – dead ends. They will find themselves trapped in existential blind alleys – in existential cul de sacs.
There is also a Kite (blue) formation centered on the vertical axis of the chart. By nature, a Kite takes oppositions, conflicts and blocking energies and, through an often prolonged exercise of will and intention, gathers them into a new, purposeful unity.
This new unity will take shape at a higher level and allow us to manifest greater, higher levels of potential. In some ways, a Kite is a great stepping stone, or stepping up, to a higher level of potential, or actualization.
There is also a concentration of powerfully disruptive and transformative forces concentrated at the base of the Kite on the cusp of the 4th house: Mercury/Lilith/Venus/Sun/Vega/Pluto form a close grouping around the cusp of the 4th house. (I discussed the fixed star Vega at length in my most recent previous post.)
This is a potent, varied and very transformative blend of forces and they are very powerfully placed. The 4th house marks our psychological and spiritual foundation. It is one of the most sensitive and portentous locations in any chart.
The Mercury/Lilith/Venus/Sun/Vega/Pluto grouping is powerfully disruptive and transformative. Lilith insures that the impulses we feel will penetrate the boundary between mind and body. Our motivations will spring from deep within us and affect us on a mental and a physical level.
Be sure to notice that the Sun, very close to Pluto and Vega, is exactly conjunct the cusp of the potent and highly sensitive 4th house. The Moon, another body crucial to personality formation, is in Gemini. It is roughly opposite the Mercury/Lilith/Venus/Sun/Vega/Pluto grouping. These energies will affect the whole chart and just about everything that makes us who we are.
And if all that energy isn’t enough, the Midheaven is in the middle decan, the Pluto decan, of Cancer. What that means is that the whole chart is even more essentially destabilizing than it already seems (Google “decan.”) People might gripe about the instability and the blocks and such, but somewhere inside, they aspire to and celebrate the spreading instability.
The 4th house cusp and the vertical axis are affected. They are tremendously destabilized and disrupted. They are made so by powerfully the transformative energies that pulse through every area of this chart. These energies will affect us on the level of personality – affecting who we think we are and who others think we are.
More basically still, the chart for midnight on New Year’s Eve of 2018 is about a shift in the origins, the nature and the exercise of power around the globe. All of this energy is directly affecting our identity. It is heavily concentrated near the psychologically and spiritually important cusp of the 4th house.
The placement of these transformative energies suggests that rather than, or in addition to, changing the world around us, we will also be motivated to change ourselves and our life styles. And at a very profound level, perhaps the most profound level possible.
The structures in this chart constitute a major, complex set of blocks and rechanneling, reshaping energies that will affect people very deeply. Most likely, people will decide to alter their personalities significantly.
There will likely be a shift in who people think they are, what their goals are, how they want to achieve these goals and whose guidance and direction they will accept. These psychological, philosophical, spiritual and practical changes will change whose leadership they will accept – who they will obey and why.
To me, this looks like too deep, too powerful and too transformative a chart to be only about a shift from, say, Republican to Democratic political preferences, or vice versa. It looks a lot more like a chart that will demand the formation of new and perhaps radically different political parties. Any politician or political party who realistically wants to exercise political power will be compelled to change accordingly.
Imagine all of the above transpiring on a global level.
So, yes, if all of this is sounding a little scary, or just a little bit too much, there is also a Mystic rectangle (green). A Mystsic rectangle provides guidance and protection from serious error or mishap. So, in addition to what will often seem like pervasive chaos, there will be a lot of fortuitous, providential positive synchronicity.
And this is only the prelude to changes that will come as major planets cycle through Capricorn and then Aquarius, among other things, in the years immediately ahead.
And, oh, yes. Happy New Year everybody.
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