Hilarion’s Update – January 2018


I received the following email from one of the members of The Rainbow Scribe back in 2009 when this website came into being… They kindly gave permission…I am reprinting it below:

“With the excitment of being present at a beautiful birthing I feel honoured to be invited to this lovely site. The last time I was here I saw a portal. This time I have connected into this portal and am experencing- as the words came to me “ time immortal”.  As I was thinking I would like to stay here forever, this portal changed into the most magnificent array of vivid rainbow colours swirling at the top and moving down to form a rainbow funnel or vortex. At the bottom appears to be a huge faceted diamond or diamond shaped crystal. The rainbow colours also appeared to be crystalline and the crystal appears to be slowly turning. I see this rainbow vortex now as one funnel going up joined to another going down with the crystal in the center, I also see a beautiful Temple and am feeling Atlantis.

There seems to be an activation of energy occurring that I had not anticipated when I started writing to you. I would like to say for whatever reasons I was strongly drawn to your site, I love it.
Thank you Marlene”

I then received further information from the same member later that month…

“Dear Marlene,
What an amazing site. I felt such an excitement and joy in discovering this site. Something wonderful is happening here. I can imagine people lighting up all around the world in response to this site. It really is incredible and a credit to you.

I use my vision for planetary and personal clearing. So I am accustomed to seeing both the divine and the massive clearing of the Earth and other times. However, I was not prepared for what I experience at this site or saw the internet as a way to connect in. What a lovely and exciting surprise!
Other than when working together with others assisting with planetary clearing, I do not usually talk about what I see.  However, it did feel right to talk to you about this magnificent portal that is there every time I open this site that looks more magnificent each time I see it.

Sometimes my experiences are personal here such as while assisting in clearing a massive event that took place on another planet and not feeling so good with what was being cleared and healed in myself in association with the event, I saw myself like a tiny speck sitting in the rainbow portal, so huge during this healing time.  On completion of the clearing with a starburst of  rainbow colours,  I saw myself whizzing around and down the rainbow lights like an excited and happy child. Rejuvenated.

There is something else I see each time I visit that I didn’t mention before with my focus being more on the portal. First a very excited dolphin in a pool of divine water/liquid in a place with pillars that had the feeling of Atlantis.

On the next visit there were more excited dolphins. With the one I’d first seen keen and excited to take me somewhere on a journey. What occurred next was unexpected and amazing. I saw another vortex of clouded white energy and like a doorway to go through it opened up completely through to a place with the most glorious of Temples. Different from the other I had seen up above. More elaborate in design.  Perhaps of crystal. I was struck by the energy emanating from this exquisite Temple. I then saw Beings in white robes walking around.  I have seen these vortexes of energy before, however this was the first time I had seen one open. I couldn’t put words to how I felt at this magical moment. I think I was awe struck.

I certainly have had a few surprises at this site. Another being confirmation from Master Hilarion. At the time I wrote, I was having difficulty describing the rainbow portal with the colours having a crystal clearness to them.

As soon as I saw the word ‘lights’. It was like, Ah! Yes, of course that’s what they are!

What inspired me to write again was what I have been seeing recently from the Rainbow Portal and wished to share with you.  Big brilliant rainbow rings ascending up inside the portal, one after the other with space between, each time I look there are more and more, so many, that they now look almost joined together as they rise up. I cannot say what is occurring here. Other than it being a glorious sight to see. Perhaps each one of these beautiful rings represents each Light Being coming to this site.
I give thanks for all that is given here by you and through you at this amazing place and gathering of Light Beings.”….

Iris: “There is a Higher Purpose to the website that you have created and this shall unfold in the days ahead. Many who can see clairvoyantly such as ‘S’, understand that there is something greater happening. Those who come are just coming back because they feel good when they come and they read the information and it is not immediately that they will recognize that they have been activated to a higher frequency, that this is a portal that blesses them each time they come.

S: I walked away from the computer and immediately saw Iris.
If I may be so bold:
“Standing with hands held out on either side of her, palms turned outwards, energy of soft rainbows emanating from her and through her, pouring through her arms and out her hands.
A thick Gold band of what looked like flowers (though not sure) around her head.
I then saw in one hand, a very large rounded violet (don’t know what they are called) looks a bit like a large activated crystal light. From it was radiating strong, vivid rainbow colours of light.  I felt this rainbow energy being directed at me. First, straight down to the ground, then back up towards me.  In softer hues I saw the rainbow colours go through me – I give thanks for this healing.”
Love S (name withheld to protect privacy)

Thank you to all who have been persistent in the Decree Focus. I have found it so personally helpful each day that I am making it a focus for the next six months of 2018!

May you all be blessed beyond measure in 2018!


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