Heavenletter #6233 Why Am I Here?, December 18, 2017


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Heavenletter #6233 Why Am I Here?, December 18, 2017

God said:
Because time does not exist, there is no hurry. Therefore, there is no urgency, no emergency, no rush. There is nothing depending upon anything. In terms of Life in the World, there is no depending upon a whole lot anyway. So where does your sense of urgency and breathlessness come from? It comes from your attention on depending upon certain conditions.

You intend your rented sense of urgency as a condition to bring you what you want. I too want Life to bring you what you want. At the same non-time, I don’t desire you to insist upon Life the way you exhort it, for it is the have-to that entraps you. Free yourself from your attachments, and you free your Life. Sometimes you want to tie Life hand and foot. You want to make Life your slave. No, you are not to entrap Life, do you see what I mean? Do you get it now?

Of course, you think of your Life as yours. You play out your Life, yet your Life isn’t all yours. Your Life is in your hands even as Life is out of your hands. Even as distance doesn’t exist, for there is no space the same way there is no time, how can it be that you possess anything? In this way, your Life, your individualized Life isn’t yours to define anyway. It is said you live it. You do play it out on stage while you also live a Life beyond the daily one you go through the motions to perpetuate. You are more alive than you attribute your Life to.

There is more to Life than you realize even as there is less to Life than you realize. It feels to you sometimes that you have no clue as to what Life is about. It could be that Life isn’t even about anything at all.

In the world, Life is about activity. At the same non-time, Life is all Being, you are out of the factions and fictions of time and space and you exist in Infinity which you may see as high above the clouds.

Are you in Infinity or are you Infinity Itself? You feel like you exist as another dimension whereas you gather you are not a dimension. Surely, Infinity is higher than any dimension even as the word dimension means something set in place or time and the word higher may have non-dimensioned meanings as well.

You are not sectioned into any dimension, yet what is Infinity and what are you? Do you even exist? And if you do, where do you exist? If there is existence, does it exist somewhere?

Or, can you exist out of time and space? What is all this dimension business and what is all the fuss about existence and non-existence and shape and form, you wonder. Can a void be full? What is all this talk about Fullness of Nothingness then? Is nothingness fullness? What is this jabber anyway? Is this gibberish?

You might ask: “Did I just happen to fall out of the sky?” And then you answer yourself: “Well, I might just as well have.”
It is all the same mishmash to you. You ask Me:

“God, I believe You say there is Oneness. In my terms of understanding, You and I exist as One. I am unable to follow this. I can’t put a handle on it. Is this what You mean?”

I answer:

“Beloved, I won’t say that you are out of your depth just because you are from Greater than you can grasp and hold onto. The point of Our talks is to remind you to let go of boundaries and enter into Existence as apart from anyone or anything including all the questions and discourses. What is it exactly that you have decided you must once and for all know as well as you must know the alphabet? What? Anything?”

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