~ A Higher View ~ 20 Years Ahead and the Equality of Multidimensionality



~ A Higher View ~
20 Years Ahead and the Equality of Multidimensionality

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Greetings dear ones, I am the Keeper of Time.

I have come this day to take you on a journey. Many of you have already journeyed through time in some unique ways. In truth, you are now traveling and there is great excitement from this side of the veil as we watch your entire game evolve to the next level. Dear ones, we have given you information about the future of planet Earth and what is going to take place in the next 50 to 100 years. However, we also wish to remind you that you are very magical. We would like to take you on a little journey today, to share with you some of the beautiful things taking place that are also truly magical. We tell you, dear ones, there is nothing to fear here. Your whole spirit knows its way Home and we are going to help you re-member that, so take a breath with me for just a moment.

Breathe in . . . and as you release it, release all the tensions of the day. Let go of all those thoughts for just a moment. You can reclaim them on the other side of this journey if you wish, but for right now let us take you on a journey.

Twenty Years into the Future

Twenty years from now dear ones, you will have a mix of energies you will have the ability to experience it in a number of different ways. Why? Because there will be the possibility of more separation than you have on the planet even now. That separation will have a lot to do with basic ideals, such as where you see yourself, how you present yourself, and how well humans can change. Yes, that is one of the biggest challenges right now on planet Earth. People become set in their ways and defend their choices by never choosing again; minds are closed and unable to perceive a wider picture. We tell you that 20 years from now, there will be ample opportunities for people to choose different paths and roads. There will be numerous ways of thinking and an array of abilities. So, let us tell you that you have some beautiful things on the horizon. On our side of the veil, we are witnessing things lining up for you that you may not see coming. Understand, dear ones, that some technologies and ideas have been dropped on your planet. Even many of your medical advances are ideas that have been channeled by medical experts on your side of the veil. All the ideas are from the same place, for creativity comes from the same place. Many of you who call that “channeling,” which is what we call it. That is the word that the Keeper has chosen to use on this work. Yes, it all comes from the same place. Now on planet Earth there are many beautiful channels lining up to bring you very valuable and important information that all of you are going to be using in the near future.

No More Secrets

Twenty years from now many forms of channeling will be honored and used in daily life. Yes, there will be those who try to misuse it for personal gain. You are seeing the rise in no more secrets, which is a natural evolution that is causing people to be more connected heart to heart. Humans on Earth are experiencing this as many secrets from the past being uncovered. Witness that sexual predators are no longer able to keep their actions hidden, as more and more people are speaking out. It is time. This is a natural evolution and leads to an era of “No More Secrets on Earth.” As that progresses, motivations will be seen more clearly. Watch for the motivations and especially the flow of money, as it has been a large contributor to the secrets that still are so prevalent. As secrecy continues to lessen humans will begin to trust their hearts more than their heads, which opens the opportunity for more information to come from Home.

Twenty years from now you will have several new and exciting technologies. Some of these have been put on Earth before, but could not take hold in one way or the other. Nikolai Tesla is one of the channels lining up on this side of the veil to bring in information, and there are many who can begin to hear this channel. Some may think these their own ‘ideas’ but spirit does not need to be recognized, for there is no ego on this side of the veil. When the receivers are ready the information will be given freely. One of the ideas that this channel is dropping right now has been known as “free energy,” which is the science of extracting energy from the ambient energy that is all around each one of you right now. This technology drop will first be seen in the areas of battery technology but will quickly begin to evolve into larger discoveries.

There are also many channels opening that will work in harmony with the Earth in an entirely different way than you have been accustomed to before. As we have previously stated, this can greatly extend the timeline of planet Earth and help all of humanity evolve. Those of you with a spiritual bent who have worked with spirit more than technology have some great movements coming as well. Spirit does not segment information into categories such as technology, medicine or spirituality. That is strictly a human action.

As new ideas, approaches and technologies land through channels it will cause a shift and you will see a winding down of many things that are no longer needed. These new channels opening will cause great change for all humans. Twenty years from now there will be many who resist this change and wish to return to the good old days. Between now and then there will be more conspiracy theories surfacing than ever before. The way humans have received news has been eroded on Earth, which has caused a shift toward receiving news in untraditional ways. Twenty years in the future humans will have found a way to resolve this mistrust by removing money from the equation. Just as today, there will still be many who hold tight to the idea of big conspiracies. Between now and then it will be become more evident that fear has been used to direct misinformation, and that will be the cause of much of the separation still seen on Earth.

Mastery of Earth Harmony

We have told you before that there are certain cycles already in motion which are no longer reversible at this point. Everything that can be mastered between now and then will not have to be experienced at the next level. Well, dear ones, you are not leaving. You are simply changing form and that will become evident about 20 years from now. Ten years from now there will be no discussion nor argument about what you call “global warming,” or the changes that are taking place on planet Earth already. It is not just about global warming; the ice age that will follow will be a huge change. Ten years from now very few people will dispute the timeline of your game on Earth. Our hope is that this information will help all to start working more in harmony to reach a level of mastery with the Earth.

Power ~ Harmony vs Force

The feminine energy will continue to rise on Earth over the next 20 years, at which time very few will doubt the equality of feminine energy. With a closer connection of all humans, a new form of power emerges. Harmony will eventually take the place of force.  Of course, there will be throwbacks who still think they are in power in some way. They believe they must try to hold up the old ideals, so they will actively fight the changes until they are exhausted.  Yes, change will be difficult for many. We also tell you, dear ones, that spiritual advancement of humanity can create many opportunities to view things from a larger perspective.

Returning to Lightbody

Twenty years from now many of you will hold parts of your own lightbodies and be able to work in them in conjunction with the physical body. That will open doors for many to see the possibilities and opportunities to create a new expression of humanity. It will bring hope to all who can recognize it changing. There will be less need for leaders and politicians, who will take on a new focus. After several strong attempts at dictatorship the general public will see that for what it is, then head it off before it can fully form. Equality will once again become important. As people start moving into lightbody there will be fewer illnesses; harmony with Earth will bring better health and longevity, as even a small portion of people move into lightbody. This will not happen all at once but in increments, slowly increasing how much light your body can carry. That not only means bringing light into the body, but also exuding light and being able to reflect it in different ways. This is starting to happen to many of you even this day.

When this first begins to happen, you will have a tendency to hold back your light. You will see the effect it has on other people and you literally will try to hide it, which is a natural reaction of a human. However, 20 years from now you can all start walking more consciously in this light because at that time it will be a common practice where people start moving in various stages of their lightbodies. It can literally start to incarnate an entirely new dimension, and then you will start making up the new game and deciding how it will be played out. You will start stepping into it very similarly to the ways that you did here on Earth. You have been here before, even as the Earth was forming. Yes, it was a hot ball floating in space starting to cool and gain density but you were there, not in physical form but in lightbody. You were there as the ethereal creatures that you sometimes refer to as angels or ghosts. Although you have many descriptions for them, they are basically bodies of light and not so they can house your spirit in different ways. They can take you back Home again while you are still separate and playing that game.

Technologies and Spiritual Advancement

As we mentioned earlier, your technology is also advancing. Only a dream for many until now, colonization of what you would call Mars is one of these advancements. You will also start to discover other places throughout the universe. Right away you begin to realize there are many more planets that could support life in some way. Working with your technologies can even help you to reach and even live there. But that is not the most important part, it is simply one of the exciting things that you will see as your technologies catch up with your spirituality. There will be a major spiritual awakening in the next 20 years and this spiritual movement will open the doors for technological advancements to grow. These two elements are connected. There have been many times when technologies were dropped onto Earth through what we call channels, although they may not have taken hold. These technologies have not been able to take root or grow because the spiritual advancement was not high enough to support it.

About 20 years from now your spiritual advancements will open the doors for some of your technologies.  This will work in harmony with the Earth to help her in natural transitions. Does that mean that everyone will be on the same page at that point? No, dear ones, it does not look that way at this point. Humans have a challenge: they support the decisions they make, no matter what evidence to the contrary is right in front of them. Humans are learning those lessons right now. The next few years will be turbulent and filled with these lessons. There will always be some who decide to stay behind and choose the old ways. We ask you not to judge them, simply let them go in love. Move forward in your own way, for you will be opening the doors for many. You have the ability to create a path Home even into the next game, which you are now starting to develop.

What if you were able to create an entirely new game for your spirit to pretend to be separate from the whole? Well, that was actually the purpose of this game. When you are Home in unity consciousness, you are part of everything. You feel everything and everyone; you are in balance naturally. It is quite exciting when you see it all from our perspective. There are many inside jokes that all of you will start finding humorous, and we hope that you can laugh at yourselves. Play this game of pretending to be human in a different way. Understand how much you are alike, and how much you are part of everything. So, when you play this game of pretending to be separate you leave your memory, your spirit. Then your spirit incarnates into a body and you see yourself as a human, separate from each other. This is very exciting because it allows all of spirit, what you call god, to evolve and become self-aware in a physical body. Although seemingly you feel separate from the whole, when you are all connected you cannot see yourself. That is the one thing that god cannot do; God is not able to see its own reflection. So, here you are pretending to be separate and having an incarnation. When you were born you knew who you were, so you basically had to forget your true self. You learned how to play this game by pretending to be separate. Many have actually learned to play the game from their parents, often learning what has been passed down generation to generation. You can see this playing out in your politics on Earth right now.

This is the new way of pretending to be a human, because now that the game is reaching a conclusion. You will be stepping into another game. What is that game going to look like? Where is it going to be played? What dimensional realities are will be present? We cannot tell you, dear ones, because you have not yet decided these outcomes.

Twenty Years from Now

Yes, the magic has begun. Twenty years from now there will be a balance of density and light. You have a choice as to where you wish to be. However, 20 years from now is when you will start devising the new game.  You can start today by laying out potentials and dreaming.  Take a look back at all the things that happened on planet Earth over the last few million years that you have been doing this. You will start to develop new ideas, set  goals, and establish different boundaries so that you do not experience the same traps that you once did. Humanity will have new opportunities, then at some point you will start an entirely different game. No, it does not have to begin with some little creature crawling out of the ocean, even though you did not exactly do that yourselves anyway. Instead, you will be able to create something very magical that can bring together many different places throughout the universe which are playing games very similar to yours. You are already aware that you are not the most technically advanced of all the creatures throughout the universe. Yet humans have moved the dial further than any. There are some that even know how to travel through time, using the orthogonal matrix. We will start working with that and planting some of those seeds now.

The Future Is Bright – Wait Until You See What Is Coming!

Dear ones, the future is much brighter than you imagine. We wish to share that with you and let you know that you have not done anything wrong. Just wait until you see what is coming 20 years from now! Magic and the excitement will be in the air, and many changes that will take place. Yes, there will also be many technologies to help you make these transitions and to help balance the Earth. You will be able to master many things even before you start this new game. I am the Keeper of Time, and I can tell you that time is circular. You have a tendency to repeat things over and over again, even as you are playing this game of pretending to be human. You do not have to repeat the next game and that is an exciting possibility for all of us to watch. We are so incredibly proud of you, dear ones, many of you have placed yourselves even traveling through time to be here right now. Even though you may not know it, you hold many of the keys which are very critical for this transition. We are very proud of you for listening to yourselves, for playing the game of pretending to be a human and knowing that you first are spirit, not simply a bubble of biology. Keep up the good work, dear friends. Above all, do not forget to enjoy the journey.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you and ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play well together.

I am the Keeper of Time.

The group



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