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The Transcript:

We are ready to begin this conversation … although, we my say, that most of it … naturally shall be on our part. We have considered that which we may speak to you of in this moment of your time. Shall we speak of sporting results? We FEEL not.

So then, what would you have us speak of? Is it not, time after time, we reassure you that LOVE is the only worthy subject? Of course, there is so much that your inquisitiveness desires to have fulfilled. Yet, much would only confuse … if we were to delve into deepness regarding certain matters.

It is our choice to speak this way.



LOVE IS EVERYTHING. … and how many times have you heard us say of this? Yet, for you … it seems LOVE is not always at the forefront of your mind, or indeed your FEELINGS.

This is what we come to impart. To encourage you Dearest Ones …to change your patterns of thought. If you were to see a graph on a computer … that was measuring your Vibration every time you had a thought of some form … You would see how differently the graph moves up and down … just by a very thought and its content.

You are understanding more and more, to keep your thoughts on LOVE. To come from LOVE in every thought … in every action.

You are saying to us Blossom, that you are getting there … yet, still so much could be considered to be of lesser intelligent thought pattern. You are in human form … returning to the Highest human form that you were designed to Be.

Look at the marvels. The wonders of your working physicality. A whole world … an entire system encompassed in the one body. Its battery, if you like … is your soul. Your spirit self. Is it not that when you are FEELING full of LOVE and Joy … that your Energy level rises more and more?

In the same fashion … when your thoughts are downcast, is it not that your battery is low … and therefore, not able to infuse your physicality with so much Energy?

This is why, Dearest Ones, we emphasize the importance of recharging your batteries. Plug yourself in to above and allow the Highest Energy to fill you from head to toe.

It is spoken of the body being your temple … and we are aware, Dearest Blossom … that sometimes you FEEL that … that which you feed your physical being with … is not always to its Highest benefit. And this concerns you at times.

Think to yourself, about the Goodness that is put in and when done so … how your body thrives. By being given its needs.

What a miraculous invention this human form of yours. Carrying on through … carrying you … under the most difficult circumstances at times. Yet, it serves you on and on. As a pet animal will always be loyal … no matter how you treat it, your physicality strives to do the same.

It is important for mind, body and spirit to be in harmony. How may this be accomplished? By uniting the three. By convincing all three that they work as One … For the Highest Good of self.

By LOVING each component. By visualising Energetic movement … FEELINGS bursting forth of LOVE … and from your very soul … to KNOW Peace and contentment and that all is well.

There is talk by others from our realms … regarding what you term ‘rejuvenating’ the physical body. By awakening what it KNOWS with inside of itself, in order to do so. We are aware of financial profit made by those concoctions that promise to remove all ageing.

They promise this and they promise that. We promise … and we do not wish to charge an amount of money to give you this knowledge … that your bodies … your miraculous form … was not designed to wither … We would like to say …’ to wither and die’… and yet, Blossom is questioning us on this.

May we say, that upon other planets … when a soul has spent enough valuable space within a physicality form … it simply chooses to leave and go elsewhere to experience something new. Something that its soul can gain in another place … another form. It does not age as the human form does. It simply … when the soul is removed … ceases to be activated.

What kind of thought would have been of value … if it was that you were created to be these stupendous human Beings … if it were, that as you moved through this experience … things rapidly degenerated? It is only, Dearest Ones … through the poisoning within your atmosphere and within the food that is processed and also poisoned … that absorbs into your body and therefore, begins a battle.

Many now, have cottoned on to this. They are creating fresh grown sustenance that is Pure in its evolving. The food that is grown from the Earth is there to serve in its Purity … and the more that learn to plant and LOVE that which they intend to consume … the healthier your planet and your Good selves shall become.

Switch off … remove the mindset that you grow old … you become in constant pain … and then you ‘die’ as you call it. Yet, as you know there is no death … ever.

Turn on to the knowledge that your youth … physically … can be reinstated. If you half-heartedly believe this … it cannot take place. Yet, if you KNOW THIS IS YOUR TRUTH … as your years continue on … you will notice not only the difference in the outside of your form … but the workings that take place inside, also.


So many of you are aware of conditions that are presented in/as/ through/of you … that take you down a pathway that is so off track …that you sometimes wonder which way to turn.

This is your indoctrination. These continuing bombardments are there … they are designed to keep you ‘off’ track. It is up to you Dearest souls in/of/through/as LOVE to get yourself back onto the road which takes you into the world of sunshine. A world of Truth and only Truth for Each One … is there waiting for you. Waiting for you to arrive.

All you need to do, is keep walking toward it.

You can sense it now … You can almost taste it now … and you have moments of the FEELING of it … so often these days … that your yearning to get there can sometimes FEEL quite frustrating … and would we use the word … painful … in the waiting of?

Each individual must walk their path to this world. Many, many pathways lead to this One New Wondrous World. And as you draw nearer to it … you can FEEL the impetus urging you on. How would we describe that impetus?

LOVE ENERGY in its Higher form.

Giving you encouragement … Giving you the desire that burns down deep within you … to become who you are … in reality. Not in this illusion … but to walk out of this illusion … to BREAK FREE … to BREAK THROUGH this pretence …and find YOUR TRUTH.

And, when you get there … Dearest Family … for WE ARE ONE … FEEL NOW as best you are able … what it would be like to reside in a WORLD OF LOVE.
No wars … No deceit … No starvation … No greed … No poverty …



A Golden hue shines all around … It is the Light in which you shall reside and the Vibration of it is of a High resonance.

Eye contact with Each other shall speak volumes and the heart shall swell … just by this acknowledgment to One another. Thought as to how to assist The Whole is the forefront of your reasoning and your purpose. Laughter shall resound through the air and blend with the music … and create harmony that pleases the ears … which then reaches the soul.

Then, Dearest, dearest, dearest souls … that are being challenged time after time, we say to you … When you walk into this world … and you are getting ever closer … then shall you FEEL that you are home!

We thank you for taking charge of your lives. For discovering who you are … by yourselves … For going within and LOVING yourself.

This is your ticket.

This is how you enter into this new Golden Age.


The Federation of Light: April 25, 2015, channeled by Blossom Goodchild at

Source Link: Blossom Goodchild: Federation of Light







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