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 Reducing our carbon footprint is not only trendy, it’s mandatory. With only two degrees separating us from catastrophe (theoretically), we should be doing all we can to lower carbon emissions so we don’t negatively impact our environment. What better way to do that than to modify how we build our homes by using a little liquid engineering.

This concept takes using sheets of metal and glass and adding water in-between so that the home is able to store and release its own energy for keeping the home a comfortable temperature year-round. They have used non-environmentally harmful solvents to add to the water to lower its freezing temperature in the application of this method in colder climates. They have also engineered a way to partition the water in the event of a leak, so the entire dam of fluid in the walls does not come out onto your floor.

Liquid engineering: Meet the man who builds houses with water By Phoebe Parke,  CNN

Matyus Gutai has already built himself a home using this “technology” to see how well his application works. So far, he’s been quite pleased with the results. This concept offers to take more cities “off-grid” with self sustainable homes. It should also use less energy and less materials as that is the goal of this design.

It sounds like a great idea to me. I am really enjoying these new home building ideas that are more self sustainable or use recycled materials. I was recently obsessed with the idea of using shipping containers to build my home in the middle of the woods. If only I had the capability to build and design for myself I’d have done it already. The downfall to this new amazing and emerging housing market is that it’s hard to find someone who can do it for you.

If there are any home builders out there, this seems like a good niche market to get involved in. Who knows, it may be mandatory in the near future that all new homes incorporate material reduction and self sustaining capabilities. If you have a couple years experience before it is mandatory you have a leg up on the competition. Or maybe that’s my selfish plug of the day because I can’t seem to find anyone in the Buffalo area that can make me a self sustainable off grid home for less than a small fortune.

Quest for Alien Life

As exciting as our quest for sustainable life on other planets may seem, one has to wonder why all of a sudden are these quests emerging now? There was a budget cut for NASA when Obama took over as President and government funding was reduced for all exploration outside of this planet.

I’m not the only one looking at this with a lifted eyebrow based upon the current push of the “carbon footprint”, 2 degrees of temperature elevation, and dun dun dunnnnn….climate change. It almost seems like I am a spectator on life itself watching it all play out like a few different movies I’ve seen in my life.

I know I just posted about our carbon footprint and self sustainable housing, because yes it’s always good to be kind to the environment that we live in. It’s common courtesy. The Earth takes care of us, we need to take care of her in all of her beauty. The point I’m making here is we live in a throw away society where there are more people who will throw away and buy new than reuse and salvage what they have.

Does this mentality pertain to NASA, the government, and some scientists in regard to Earth herself? It’s funny to me that climatologists are among the panel of exoplanet seekers. Are we looking because we are on the brink of using up what we have here and the “Powers that WERE” are now looking to populate other planets or surrounding star systems because we’ve just used and abused this gorgeous planet we call home? Or is this just planning for the future so all the cabal, “white hats”, or “elite” have an exit strategy if their underground cities don’t work out?

Or is this just another ploy to make us fear the future of our world? We have to always ask ourselves what the motivations are behind groups like this. Though it’s incredibly interesting, this story comes from NASA and the mainstream media…which I always question. It’s my nature.

So, I present you NASA’s “initiative” for signs of life elsewhere. What do you think the motivation is behind this? Are we really looking for life on other planets because we have no idea it can actually exist? Not likely. They know it exists. Maybe this is the avenue they are taking for the route of formal disclosure? Possibly. Dooms day scenario…not in my reality, but it could be an aspect of an agenda that is being pushed. What does your discernment tell you? What is the purpose for this post?

 NASA’s Bold New NExSS Initiative Will Search For Signs Of Life On Other Planets By Ed Mazza, Huffington Post

Airline Passengers Faint 

SkyWest Airline had to make an emergency stop in Buffalo, NY as three passengers pass out and many more reported feeling dizzy and ill. New clues have begun to emerge as to why this transpired. The probable cause is that there was a dip in the available oxygen levels on the aircraft and some people are more sensitive than others.

This could be caused by a variation in cabin pressure. Though the airline did decent to accommodate for the cabin pressure factor, it maintains that it may not have been the cause. They suggest that maybe the three people who lost consciousness over exerted themselves, didn’t eat, or just were stressed about flying.

The nurse onboard the aircraft reported that the first person she attended to looked gray and did not look very well. As soon as oxygen was made available, she became alert and her color returned.

I’m sure they are just making excuses for a maintainers oversight with making sure they were flying with the proper oxygen reserves or perhaps it was actually a change in cabin pressure. Suggesting that three people that lost consiousness one after the other after the other was because they had “crowd mentalities” or just didn’t eat their breakfast doesn’t add up.

I urge the airline to be accountable for what really happened. Making excuses that don’t make sense is only going to cost you business and public trust. Be accountable, apologize, and move on. Hiding mistakes and not being transparent when you make an emergency landing only raises more questions and scrutiny.

Clues to Why SkyWest Airlines Passengers Fainted in Flight By Gillian Mohney, Good Morning America

We are far greater beings than we have been told, far greater beings than most of us realize.

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