Greetings from Sirius 20140704 ArchAngel Jophiel Message for 30 June-6 July 2014




  Llama triple peqYou started to dance with the new energies   you have received, the vibrations you have risen to. This week this orientation period continues; even one person working on self, remembering one’s own truth my dear ones is enough to make all dreams come true. 

Yet, you multiply in numbers day by day, holding each other’s hands and your light is dazzling. This week slow down a little to experience the new energies you have received, to take look from above. Whatever you are feeling in the air right now has started to take root in your space, for the roots and for you to be nourished slow down a little and meet with your own nature/self in Nature. 

As you push your roots deeper, your branches higher, you will meet with your new gifts. You are uniting with your gifts you have not noticed until now, your magic you suddenly remembered. What is happening is You, embrace the gifts offered to you. Breathe a little to take them, experience them and to give your gratitude, and surrender to the flow that is in no hurry. 

Feel the day and the night that moves effortlessly. This week, give yourself time to watch all this new stuff, rise up and look down from the top. See the big picture, see how each piece completes the other in that picture and notice how it is divinely placed. All you need to do for this is to listen to yourself and meet with your heart. Remember your options and instead of moving forward taking decision this week, experience the beauties that are offered to you, rise above and watch what is Being/Happening.

Love and Light




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