Archangel Michael 20140703 Push off into mid-stream and allow the current to carry you ~ channeled by Ron Head


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Michael and The Councils

Llama triple peq We have told you before, more than once, that you were in    the thick of the changes, the awakening, the increasing light and energy. Still many continued to say that nothing was happening. Many will still say that as their focus is not on their internal life, but on the external. Let us confirm for those in the forefront now, however, that, just as they are beginning to suspect, their own evolution of being, of consciousness, is now in full force. Abilities are coming online. Plans are changing. Opportunities are not only knocking, but are in many cases leading you by the nose. Things you always dreamed of, but which were considered ‘impossible’, are becoming your reality.

We want to give you a picture now of the best way to handle this if indeed you see that we are describing your current life events. You have heard of the flow. You are familiar with the ‘vortex’. We have used the image of waterfalls. All of those ideas picture what this is going to continue to be like. In fact, it will only increase. You have become so good at surfing this wave, however, that you may be experiencing this as a smoothing ride now. And in fact, the largest and most uncomfortable of the changes are over for most of you. Now the ‘good stuff’ will begin to unfold.

There will still be an occasional bump in the road. That is called life. But in order to move what around the bend for yourself, we ask you to surrender. That word troubles many of you, but you interpret our meaning incorrectly. We mean for you to push off into mid-stream and allow the current to carry you. And we do not wish to give the image of an uncontrollable current, but of a huge inner power, a power that is you.

We have taken great pains to get you to understand that whatever you have been used to seeing as external force is actually power intrinsic to yourselves. It is not that the power you observe outside you is not there, but that it is also your power. You are a part of it. You are beginning to understand that, and as you do, you learn how to use it. We have called this an “E ticket ride”. Have fun. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

One last thought. As your newfound abilities begin to surface, and even the most able of you will have some, please do not forget to develop control of these as well. As an example, if you become able to hear things you have not heard before, be sure you learn to turn it down or off when you require it. Do not be overwhelmed by it. This is also true of all the rest. You have filtered these things out of your consciousness for quite a long time and they will take some getting used to.

Blessings of love and light to each of you this day. 


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