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Presence in Waiting 
Message from Archeia, Lady Patience
Received by Julie Miller
July 2, 2014

Do you remember how waiting was such a terrible problem? How difficult was it to ignore your boredom? Were you prone to look through the tabloids at your grocery store if the lines were long, or did you begin thinking how unlucky you were to find yourself in such a long line? Did you know dear ones that within waiting there is a glorious opportunity? Of course you can make use of your high tech devices while waiting, but high tech gadgets doesn’t always provide you with the most advantageous way to make use of your time. The more you turn to your electronic devices such as your cellular phones, tablets and other devices you help to decrease the opportunity of inner productivity. What can be done dear ones instead of turning to your electronic distractions every time you have to wait, you can focus exclusively on the NOW moment while waiting. 
The next time you are in a situation where you must wait, take a look dear ones carefully at these precious moments, these gaps in time where you must wait. The feeling of being bored can be quite powerful yet at the same time it is also a reminder that you have been given time to focus on presence during the time you are waiting. The work you do while waiting will help remove you from the idea that having to wait is a waste of time. It’s only a waste of time, if you make it so. You can easily fill that space with meaningful, productive and nourishing inner work that is necessary for both your heart and soul. 
We have had noticed a few dear souls turn the waiting inwards, when their outer activities have not gained their full attention. You, yourself may do this. You might be doing a certain task, knowing it has to be done, but your passion or energy to do it is not quite there so you looking forward to it being done. Inner waiting is a perfect time to focus on the NOW moment, on presence because it signifies that your inner resources and knowing energy is overflowing…you have plenty to spare. At that moment dear ones you can turn that into beneficial use by practicing waiting presence right at that moment. 
What do you wait for? You wait in line, you wait for the bus, you wait for the ride to be over, you wait for an appointment, you wait for your food, you wait for the concert to begin, you wait for the day to be over, for the week to end and so forth. Within all the waiting, you have been given so much incredible opportunities to work in presence, so much time has been given to you to put into constructive, beneficial use. 
Unfortunately many of you tend to equate waiting with boredom and impatience, which are emotions of rejection, rejection of life at that precious moment and while you are rejecting life at that moment you are also rejecting the opportunity of just being. So many dear souls are uncomfortable just being themselves by themselves, they have an innate need to be entertained, to find a way to help fill the time of waiting. But does not silence help fill the time as well? Mindful silence, helps to turn a dull moment into a moment of deep inner healing. Silence is not a waste of time, it is beautiful time with one’s self. Unfortunately, while waiting many dear souls find themselves rushing to be onto something else to fill the void of boredom, yet the busyness of the mind does not help heal any part of your inner self, it simply covers up any problem you are avoiding during the silent moments. If you are living without presence, even during the few moments you must wait for something or someone, you missing out on some of the richness in life that fills every single moment of your life. 
When you are waiting, you don’t just have your common, ordinary time, you also have inner time to make use of. Your outer time basically is the outline of your actions while in the physical world, whereas your inner time is basically is of the outline of your actions in your inner world. Within the inner action, you are pursuing a particular form of practice that is deeply spiritual and that dear ones it remain present while waiting. Waiting gives you this gift of inner action. 
Waiting provides you with the opportunity of moving into presence as completely as you possibly can. With enough conscious practice you can easily become able to enter full presence immediately. Until you are able to do this, it is important to step wisely and raise up your presence. To do this dear ones, you begin with your body, being aware of your body, being able to sense each part and when possible the entirety of your body. This is a time you focus with loving intent to strengthen your direct intuitive connection with your body, and raise its sensitive energy. Once you are able to successfully reach this impactful sensory state, next you can become more aware of your emotional state, of what is occurring within your heart and of your solar plexus region. This is a good time to tune into your chakras, as they always have much to teach you. Then, once ready you can enhance awareness to your thoughts as they come and go. It is here when you have given your focus to your body, emotions and thoughts that you are able to enter mindful stillness that is behind all your thoughts, your open consciousness…where you can easily determine that you are not your thoughts nor are you your emotions. To all that you add of yourself, you enter that moment as I. You are here now…”I AM here, now.” And you are able to uphold this fullness, this completeness of presence as you continue to wait. This dear ones is known as waiting presence and each of you are capable of turning any wait time into a time of presence. 
You know much of your life is made up of choices, bud did you realize that you also spend a lot of time waiting for something? The circumstances of life often restrain you: traffic on the way to and from home, slow moving governmental changes, too many people in one place, or a schedule or meeting that cannot be accelerated. What happens dear ones is mostly you accept you have to wait and try to make the best of it by entertaining yourself, or  you will find yourself gripped by heaviness of boredom and frustration. 
Your inner life also has waiting time, but it is not quite the same as what you wait for in your outer life. The inner you is waiting for the right moment to practice being present, to have a free moment not taken by some form of busyness. In addition, if you sense something is off in your body, you can tune in to this through extrasensory intuition and wait until you feel better. Your inner self can also help you determine if your immediate situation is not going to be beneficial or advantageous, suggesting you wait for another time that suits you better. Waiting provides with a lot of insight that we know many dear souls have taken for granted. 
During your day, you might remember the importance of spiritual practice, you might think to yourself, “After I am done work today, I’ll practice sensing my body, or my emotions and thoughts,” or “When I get home, I’ll practice inner work through stillness and solitude.” But on your way home you are confronted by the busyness of others just trying to get home or to the next place on their busy agenda and whatever kindness and acceptance was inside of you soon becomes swept away by anger or frustration as you get pushed around by fellow commuters, or on a busy highway or train station. By the time you get home, you forget the plans you made with your inner self and begin waiting for the perfect moment to arise again, when you have been given that moment every time you were waiting while commuting home or wherever you were going. Sometimes dear ones, you can’t always work on your inner self where you are most comfortable, sometimes you are given pockets of time during a time of waiting to practice presence and many times these are not recognized as opportunities, which they definitely and divinely are. 
You can easily look within your own inner self and inner life and be judge and jury for how much unnecessary waiting time you placed between you and your path. Or you can begin making the change to see every moment of time, even the time you are waiting to be an opportunity for awakening your spirit, for creating your soul, to serve your higher consciousness…we encourage you to stop with the waiting and start being in presence and start living your life more deeply and more spiritually sound. 
And so it is…
I AM Archeia Lady Patience, also known as Shekinah…
…through Julie Miller






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