Greetings from Sirius 20131109 Give Yourself Room to Grow ~ Elohim Lumina via Julie Miller


 By Ascension Earth

It is well established, in order for any method, even goal to be successful it is paramount that you are fully engaged, ensuring each step a success – meeting any challenges head on without deviating from the outcome you have envisioned. Maintaining absolute focus is its own challenge, yet when you undertake a new goal, and you wish to achieve a great outcome, you not only demonstrate your whole-heartedness, but your actions are also merged with your entire mind and body in full concentration and every ounce of effort that is derived from your heart and soul. When you are able to move through each step without being derailed from external distractions, and maintain your focus fully without wavering, then the outcome you wish to see manifests into not being just probable but actually happening. 

Just as you pray, the best prayers that are felt within you and touch all that you are, are those you have been fully engaged in, where you hold nothing back, your mind is unclouded and your heart is full of yearning for God to shine His infinite Light above and below you. Such surrender to your prayers will always bear productive fruit that will show you a new road to take in life, one that will enrich every part of you. Permanent surrender in any endeavour dear ones ensures your success and it also aligns you to the never-ending power and energy of the Divine. Some of the experiences that you will encounter will be indescribable but will provide you with incredible information for your journey. 

All around you dear ones are prime examples of people that demonstrate in their work complete engagement. You see this from the many brilliant composers and musicians that fill your Earth, you also see this complete dedication in athletes, and you see this dedication in many other fields that require such engagement in order for a dear soul to succeed in their field of interest and choice. When we are able to witness any of you completely absorbed into what you are doing, even for a few precious moments, what we see at its purest is freedom and joy. 

It is essential to be working from a present mind frame, while maneuvering through any project or goal. You are able to seek and attain complete all-embracing engagement on your own for the sheer purpose of being able to demonstrate that your actions are completely within the moment you are in. When you are able dear ones to enter the sacred space where your body, mind, heart and spirit flow seamlessly you are accessing powerful energy that is deeply profound that will further solidify your stance in the present moment, bringing all your focus to what is in front of you that you are aiming to accomplish. 

In order to get the most out of your journey, you discover ways to live your life more fully within the depths of your Inner Being through the strength and devotion you willingly and consciously apply into all you do. Every action that you undertake when you apply your full concentration provides the fullness you have always sought and when you feel that your life has become full, then you are able to relax and find comfort, peace and happiness. Applying full concentration into all you do within each action, even with your thoughts and words will always provide you will successful results. When you interact with others and you are totally engaged and actively listening, that gift of communication becomes that much brighter and more enjoyable. By demonstrating to that person whom you are interacting with through verbal communication that you are listening and are completely in their presence you will gain respect and reach a certain calm that will settle deep down within your being and spread throughout your entire self. When you give yourself unconditionally to another person even for a few moments so they may share with you and you are listening to every word, you are also giving yourself unconditionally the means to reach and attain compassion and love for yourself. 

The more you are aware of your total self, the more you will question what you feel or think to be real or just something your Ego has created. As you waken to the Light of your developing and growing of your own awareness you come to realize that your mind, heart and body do not always act together in unison. You will also discover that they often cross each other and bring about inner conflicts of what is the Right choice. It takes great discipline to motivate each part of yourself to work together as a unified team in harmony with each aspect. Inner conflicts and a lack of flexible coordination from every inner and external faculty of your being can result in your endeavors being ineffective and unsuccessful. When you are not completely together and engaged in the goal or project you are aiming to accomplish it is best to be honest with what you are doing as quickly as possible in order to correct what is not working out and bring in the necessary changes that will bring you to a successful outcome. Each action you undertake dear ones can only be achieved by you, from the energy and effort you apply. You cannot expect great outcomes if you haven’t applied complete concentration. 

Imagine dear ones if you will, how much better the quality of your life would be if you could always act within the wholeness of yourself – your life as it is would be dramatically changed. Any amount of damage done to your self-worth would become healed and your confidence would grow as you realize just how effective your efforts are when they are met with your full concentrative powers. Even from the simplest task to the most challenging ones, you will find a dynamic energy take hold of you that will empower and inspire you so much that your path accelerates into regions and areas not experienced before but you will have next to no fear as you enter the new territory because you have also acquired at the same time a great sense of peace and calm. All this dear ones is achieved when you apply yourself completely. 

If your concentration is weak, you are able to make it stronger through constant practice each day. The best way dear ones to bring your whole self working together simultaneously is by envisioning what it is you wish to achieve when your heart, mind, body and spirit are working together. You also need to observe what you wish to achieve when these aspects of yourself are not working together. By envisioning both reveals to you what is needed that will bring about the changes you need in order to make your goal a success. It is true sometimes what you envision when your mind, heart, body and spirit are not working together is disturbing, but we encourage you to not lose hope or faith in yourself. This revelation is necessary for the growth and development of not only the goal you wishing to attain but of you. Seeing your truth in all you do is very humbling, yet at the same time enlightening. Don’t be dismayed by what you see, learn from what you don’t like and make it Right. 

Transforming your whole self to work together in unison does take time; there is no over-night procedure. You must give yourself room to grow from any misunderstanding you stumbled into and seek forgiveness in order to heal whenever your emotions have taken over your rational thought. Comprehend dear ones; authentic integration of your mind, body, heart and spirit stems from conscious energy working together in harmony not from instinctive operations. When you consciously practice being more sensitively more aware of each part of yourself you are able to move towards each aspect of yourself not separately but all at once, and this simultaneous action becomes the foundation for your ability to bring fullness into your heart, mind, body and spirit. You will not only be able to sense each tendon of your body, but you will a deeper awareness of your emotions and of your thoughts and be able to nip any hurtful word or action in the bud. The more you are aware of each part of yourself, the more able you are to bring harmony into everything you do simply by the sheer force of your concentrative powers. 

Bringing each part of your total self into harmony will not be easy. It will require conscious effort, but as we have discussed anything you truly want to accomplish is reached when you are able to completely engage yourself. You will have moments where you will be tempted to stray from your course of action, but because you have trained yourself to be more aware, these moments will have no lasting power. You will be able to intentionally cut their attempts as soon as they begin. 

It is always possible to live in unison with yourself through conscious practice of awareness and this practice can be applied in all that you do. The more confident you become the greater your ability to reach successful outcomes. By training yourself to be more attentive to your emotions and by having your heart, mind, body and spirit working in unison you will dear ones be able to act within the wholeness of yourself. 

A delight it always is to shine my light upon your path. Peace will come from unexpected places, welcome the peace your heart deserves and flourish as a result into a perpetual state of calm. 

I AM Elohim Lumina through Julie Miller




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