Time for Change 20130913 Suzanne Spooner: God & Gabriel on the Understanding of 9/11


 Posted by Steve Beckow on September 11, 2013    

A Message Channeled By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK September 11, 2013

Suzanne Spooner, TAUK Messages, Sept. 11, 2013


[Hi God & Gabriel.]

Hi Suzy. We would like to address this anniversary of 9/11. In your concept of time, twelve years ago a tragedy occurred on U.S. soil. There was heartache felt not only on Earth but throughout the cosmos.

In the hours after the attack, so much changed in your world. Inadvertently, those who instigated the attack, created a ripple of love and forgiveness that echoed throughout every universe in the cosmos. For every soul that passed that day was instantly Home with Source and in the experience of Divine love.

Now, we know for those family members and for the family of humanity it was the experience of the deepest sadness and grief. In all the experiences that free will brings with it, the emotion of sadness makes the heart weaker. The emotion of grief closes one’s connection to inner knowing.

However, let Us state here that those who instigated the attack also did a great service to humanity. For as the world was processing the magnitude of this event, within the very first seconds were heroic examples of humanity’s greatness. Every person that assisted those in need, every person that sent a heart felt prayer, every person who gave instant forgiveness ~ and there were many, lit your world up with love and light.

It was an expedited lesson in believing your own truth. Prior to this event, humanity and in particular, citizens of the US had a pollyanna view of their reality. It was not that this was a ‘wrong’ view but this created a shift to question authority.

In this questioning, a path was formed to find ones own truth and to question what had previously been accepted as truth. This path has allowed the awakening of millions of light workers. So, as the world remembers those souls who exited on 9/11, know that you all are teachers and students of the greatest free will experiment anywhere. We love you and are with you in all times and ways.

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