Greetings from Sirius 20130913 Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner


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Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. Channelled by Valerie Donner, September 5, 2013.

Greetings, I am Mira.

As most of you know I am still serving full time on the Earth Council as the Earth moves closer to her Ascension. There is much at stake these days and there are frayed nerves. The events that are occurring are monumental and we believe it is imperative that tensions not be provoked in the Middle East.

We can tell you that as we survey the pulse of the American people as well as the rest of the world there is a desire for peace. We call forth laying down of arms and a cessation of assaults against the people and life itself. It is truly a time to step up for what the people want, not what those with military might want to invoke upon the populace for their own benefit. People must speak up loudly and begin to re-create the world in which they are choosing to live. The empowerment of the people is what is most important.

I am not advocating any type of uprising or tyranny. I am simply stating that if enough people make their wants known, those who rule with might and armaments will find themselves disarmed. It is time that the people have their word.

There are numerous stressors and tensions within and upon the Earth that we are monitoring closely. We go to places where help is needed and watch over humanity and the Earth. We have the resources to assist with a myriad of things. Our Galactic forces are numerous. We have only the welfare of the Earth and life on the Earth in our hearts.

We suggest you lend your support to us by praying and meditating. Be the new leaders that you are intended to become. Hold in your hearts the energy of Peace and Love. This is partly how you will go about creating Heaven on Earth.

We must instill the importance of you working together as part of the forces of the Legions of Light. You are the ground crew and we count on you. Even if you are personally challenged for one reason or the other, we seek your assistance and your wise counsel that we glean from your consciousness and from working with you in the dream state. We need to know what is in your hearts and in your mind. Trust that what is in our mind is only for the highest universal good.

We have a lot to accomplish together in the next few years. We will stay with you as we begin to communicate more in our own ways and rekindle our old friendships. We love you and admire you for being a part of the ground crew. We will achieve our goals for the Earth’s Ascension as well as for yours.

I am Mira in loving service to the Earth.




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