Messages of Light 20130608 ~ Anna Merkaba ~ Pleiadian High Counsel of Light – The Ascension Process


Pleiadian High Counsel of Light – The Ascension Process

Anna Merkaba 

Let us explain to you dear ones, that in order for your world to change, you are not to wait for anything but to look deep within your hearts. Yes indeed it is so that we are standing by you. Yes awe are in the sky, yes we are circling the globe and yes indeed we are ready to swoop in and assist you in any way that we possibly can, as we have already done numerous times. However, please understand, even if we rush to your aid, we will not be helping you quickly reach ascension just by seeing us, for the process of ascension is called a process for a reason.

It matters not which planet you reside in, it matters not which physicality you find yourselves in. For the soul goes through many stages of ascension process, and the point for you to understand is not to rush into it.

The reason that we are all here now, is to guide you.. but YOU are the ones that are sitting behind the controls of your destiny and your light and your s ascension process.

What we are trying to explain to you here today, is that the masses of you the ones that come from “heave to hearth” so to speak the ones that are here to anchor in the new light , are also bound by the rules of the planet earth.. for yes indeed dear children of the light, you are still bound by the rules of the planet earth.

When we say this what we mean is that you are still finding yourself having to work on your ascension process even though you have already gone through this process before! You find yourself having to work on your ego, having to work on your dark thoughts as you perceive them to be, and the reason? The reason for all this is because you are to go through each and every step with the rest of humanity to make it easier for them to relate to you… you are the leaders and you are leading them by example… that is why if sometimes it seems that time is standing still and you know in your hearts that by now you should already have ascended… you are still walking hand in hand and foot in foot with humanity.. for you have chosen to do so.

And yes indeed the point of you being here at this present moment is to assist humanity in any way shape and form that you possibly can.. However, it does not make you immune to all the ways of the human life and existence.

You are fast rememberants dear ones, and by that we mean that you remember how to go about ascension, and you lead the others.. lead the others through your doing and the way that you live your life.. for only when you have mastered yourself, will you be able to master the world around you, and by mastering we mean understanding, understand that there is always going to be black and white, dark and light, for none can exist without the other.. to be in balance always.

Channeled by Anna Merkaba –



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