Messages of Light 20130512 ~ The Sun Shines Today ~ Heavenletter #4551


The Sun Shines Today
Heavenletter #4551

Published on: May 11, 2013

God said:

The sun shines today, and so must you. This is your privilege, this is your joy, and this is your destiny. You are to shine the world in all its glory. You are to reveal the world in all its splendor. We can say that you are the chosen human being whose job is to polish the world’s windows. The world’s windows are other people’s eyes. And so you shine the world so that others may see as I do see.

And, so, this is the way you reveal the world to yourself, and, then, as easily as you say, “Jiminy Cricket,” the world goes up in golden light. You are the revealer of the world to the world. You are the One I have sent.

Although it is true that you are an onlooker on the world, you are not a spectator. True, you are an observer of the world, a witness to the world and, yet, you are, further, the lifter of the veil that seems to cover the goldenness of the world. Yes, you want to see the world as I do see the world, and, yet, your purpose in seeing the splendor of the world is so that you may shine it on others. What good is it to you to see a beautiful world unless you reveal it to others? Who wants a beautiful world except to share it? A beautiful world for you alone, what good is it to anyone? What good is it even to you? There is no first and there is no last in all of Heaven. There is the One, the One of you.

What star in the firmament wants to be the only one shining? What fun is it? What is the use of it?

You may say in rebuttal: “What then is the use, God, of Oneness in the first place? What good is it in my being One with You? I know this Oneness is valuable, and yet I also know myself as one of many personalities on Earth.”

Well, now I must say that on the level of Oneness that you doubt — on this level — you and I and the stars are also One. This is the magnificence of Creation. One looks like two. So, speaking on the level of Earth, while you play on it, there is good value in your knowing your Oneness. Oneness isn’t even an attribute, you understand. It is the One Truth. It is the basis of the whole Creation. It is your basis. In Truth, you are One, not many ones.

So I, in courtesy, rephrase My question:

On the level of Earth, what good is there in being the only star in the firmament? The Truth is that stars are a reflection of something greater than themselves. The many ones of you living on the Earth level alone would be bereft to be the only ones. The many ones appearing to live on Earth would be bereft if the One Big Sun in the Sky did not have other suns to shine when the One Big Sun is hidden by the presumption of the Earth.

In other words, during the span of your belief in the collective illusion, you want company, and you want light shining always. I am telling you that you, under the illusion of many, you, would weep to be what you call alone. On this level, One is rich and full. Alone is empty.

So, yes, One is the most wonderful Reality, and, yes, when I say One, it is from where I live, and when I bring up your sentiment of loneliness, I switch levels at will to make a point. Yes, you and I are True Oneness, while you are under the guise that you are a seeming spattering of individuals on Earth who require other bodies to keep each other company. I do more often than not speak to your human consciousness even as I encourage your allegiance to Oneness. Yes, of course, to Me this is something like the Battle of Jericho as I wish to knock down the walls that block your vision and acceptance of Oneness, the True Reality.

I juggle the two seeming realities to make My point.



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