Messages of Light 20130512 ~ Bless This World ~ Heavenletter #4552


Bless This World
Heavenletter #4552

Published on: May 12, 2013

God said:

How lovely is a day that, by virtue of your being in it, you have planted love. Unto this day, you have added. Unto this day, you have blessed the Earth and all its inhabitants, every creature, every mineral, every person. This is how you enter Heaven every day and capture some of Heaven to give to everyone. This is at My behest.

Today, bless this world by your being in it. Bless with good-naturedness. Bless with your desire to bless. Bless this day with good fortune. Bless this day because to bless is uppermost in your mind.

Let Me hear now what you like to bestow upon this day with your every breath:

“What do I will for God’s beautiful Earth this day? What will I bestow? I would like to sow good will in this world. May I, with my DNA, sow good seeds. May I sow love. May I sow gratitude. May I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. May I sow blessing after blessing in God’s Name. May I be one who blesses.

“As for reaping, all that I want to reap upon this Earth is growth in giving. For every blessing I give or witness, may I gain the grace to give twice more and up. All I ask is that I be a humble blessing to the world. I wish to uplift the world and everyone in it. And so may I uplift the world. Why not? I wish to rise above all my thoughts of what I want because I know now that what I most want of all is to be a blessing to God, and, so, I bless His children, and I uplift.

“Whenever there is an occasion for me to find fault or to be upset, I will uplift, for when did disagreeableness ever serve my Father’s Will? When did my venting my selfishness ever help anyone, least of all myself? From now on, where I feel disapproving, I will find something to like and I will radiate that liking. And, oh, how will I like myself for being closer to God and closer to His Will. Oh, may I convey His blessings to all who crave His blessings. Now I realize that everyone craves God’s blessings, the confident as well as the unconfident.

“I make a choice now to be a blessing to all I meet, the frog as well as the prince. May I shine light on all God’s Creation. All I ask God is that He help me to express my love, all of it, and naught but love. I want to be God’s love wherever I am and whatever I do and with whomever I am. I would like the steps I take be the steps that God would take. Let me carry the concept of “made in God’s image” to its fullest. Let me fulfill every intent of God’s.

“How is it I never thought to bless God and all His creation with my every breath before?

“From now on, I make best use of my allotted time on Earth. My best use is to serve God. And, so, may I fulfill Your Will, God.

“From now on, I nourish what is highest and true in me, and that is You, dear God.

“From now on, I am a full-fledged messenger of God’s Will.

“From now on, I listen to what God’s Will is for me.

“From now on, I will make up for lost time, for all selfishness is loss.

“From now on, I am a willing servant of God’s.

“From now on, God’s Will is uppermost in my mind.

“From now on, I am Yours.

“From now on, I no longer belong to myself.

“From now on, I am God’s Will.”




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