Saul through Johhn Smallman 20130213 For most of humanity, bodily needs have become the main focus of attention


Humanity is on the verge of a big breakthrough that will lead to its awakening. The strongly held intentions of the Light-bearers and wayshowers over the last few decades have drawn the divine energy field closer and closer to Earth, until now it surrounds and envelops it completely, influencing all sentient life forms in the most positive of ways.  This influence is showing up in many places as new creative ideas for dealing with social, economic, religious, philosophical, and political issues, which have long caused concern.  The World Wide Web has an amazing number and variety of sites offering information publicly which previously was almost impossible to access.  This alone shows the effectiveness of the new energies enveloping you all, indicated by the flood of new information that people are now willing to share openly with one another.  And these energies are constantly increasing their effectiveness as more and more of you turn inwards for guidance and receive it.

You all know that you are here with a divine, a spiritual purpose, although what that is has been difficult for you to see with any clarity.  This is due to the fogginess of your environment in which so many unforeseeable variables have to be taken into account when contemplating even a simple action like crossing the street: Should I do it here or further on? How fast is the approaching traffic? Can I see far enough down the street? That motorcycle is going too fast. If I don’t get a move on I shall be late.

A lot of your energy is expended in resolving these minor issues which always seem to demand your immediate attention, leaving precious little time for investigating and coming to an understanding of your life’s purpose, if any, because the process of just living as a human takes so much of your attention.

These intensifying heavenly energies can no longer be ignored because they are bringing into your awareness thoughts and ideas that have long been hidden or forgotten as the stresses of daily living occupied your minds very fully.  Many are confused and surprised as these ideas — ideas which they believed only the unearthly or the deluded paid any attention to — start to demand their attention: Am I going mad?  These ideas are fascinating but there is no one with whom I could possibly discuss them unless I want to be thought insane?  I need to focus on the job in hand, but these ideas keep intruding – and yet they are strangely comforting. And so on.

Well of course they are comforting!  They are drawing your attention to the fact that you are not just little automatons in service to the system, but something much greater and more interesting.  Your higher self, your true Self is urging you to awaken, by slipping enticing ideas and thoughts into your mind — thoughts that you find you are no longer able to dismiss as the childish imaginings of an undeveloped mind.  And your attention is also being drawn to news items, or studies by scientists, psychologists, and philosophers that are addressing the ideas that keep slipping uninvited into your mind.

Humanity is being prepared to wake up as these divine energies stir up the creative aspects of your minds, which, until very recently, have been focused almost exclusively on your egoic needs and desires, which really do not need the energy and attention that you have been giving them.  You do have egoic needs; these are requisites that keep your bodies healthy by bringing them to your attention so that you can honor them – hunger, thirst, tiredness, pain, etc.  But what has happened is that for most of humanity their bodily needs have become the main focus of their attention, and those who have no real bodily needs, because everything is already being most adequately attended to, use their creative energies to find new ways in which to please and stimulate their bodies.

Your bodies are just vehicles that enable your spirit to have a physical experience. They need to be looked after, but not obsessed over.  But all over the world, whenever basic needs have been provided for, people are engaged in creating ever more ways to amuse and interest their bodily senses because they have forgotten that they are spiritual beings.  The new energies are rekindling awareness of this — the big missing aspect of being alive.  And for many it is very unsettling.  But once that awareness stirs, as it is doing, it will not be silenced because its very purpose is to get you to look inwards, to seek a much deeper meaning to your lives, and that meaning is the rediscovery of your spiritual essence, your inseparable oneness with each other, with all of Creation, with God, your divine and infinitely loving Father.  He wills only your eternal happiness, and He knows that you can only find that by dissolving the illusion and returning to your divine Home.  You never actually left it, but you did fall asleep a moment ago, and you are about to wake up.

With so very much love, Saul.





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