Ascension Earth 2012: 20130213: When You Experience Love, So Do I – Part 1/2


An Hour with an Angel, February 11, 2013, with Linda Dillon, Geoffrey West, and Graham Dewyea

Graham Dewyea:  Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life. It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m Graham Dewyea.

Our guest today is Gaia. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey. Great to have you back.

Geoffrey West:  Thank you, Graham. Great to be back as well. Greetings and blessing to all. As we start the show this evening, I have a bit of a confession to make.

For so many years — more than I really care to admit — I have never given much thought to Valentine’s Day. And very likely it was because I felt that I never had a reason to really embrace the day. Perhaps part of it was in rebellion to the commercialistic aspect of this day, and I was not resonating with those somewhat commercialistic expectations.

The other part of it, however, was that there hasn’t been a special someone around to inspire any recognition or enjoyment of this day. Being reminded of it often just reinforced other feelings within me, and I would push it away because I would either not want to face it or accept it.

Having been asked to guest host this particular show and think about Valentine’s Day brings up energies within me that are not exactly uncomfortable, but I have to admit that they are not exactly comfortable either. You see, as we move further along in cleansing energies from ourselves in preparation for moving forward in co-creating Nova Gaia, that which needs to come up is coming up.

The issue of love as it relates to romantic relations is something that is shaking me to the core right now. What has also happened, however, is that the suggestion to also make this day a day of honor and co-creation of Nova Gaia has forced me to think about a relation that I’ve taken for granted.

In our 3D worlds, we may get upset at our partners for either forgetting the day or for getting a gift that was not exactly appropriate for the day. Some might choose to run their “poor me” loneliness control dramas, creating blame elsewhere to cover up for what we have ultimately created for ourselves.

Yet there has been a Valentine, an entity, that has loved us unconditionally, whether or not we forget her and whether or not we treat her poorly, and whether or not we are down on ourselves. She sustains us and nurtures us, and without her we would not be here.

This week, celebrating love and also celebrating the co-creation of Nova Gaia, we welcome back our beautiful sister, Gaia, to grace us with her love, her light, her words of kindness, her infinite presence and her wisdom to share with us all that’s going on in her world, inviting us to open our hearts to her once more.

Welcome, dear Gaia

Gaia:  And welcome, welcome, welcome to you, sweet Geoffrey! And, in fact, to all who listen this night, and all who celebrate love, and yes, the creation, the fulfillment, the completion of my Ascension and shift. You have spoken kind words about me, but more importantly than that, I have listened to your heart and I have felt the gratitude and the sincerity and the truth of your love, for you are correct that, in the celebration of the old St. Valentine’s Day, so often those emotions, shall we say, have been less than genuine or authentic.

No one has ever asked me to be their valentine, and yet here you are, stepping forward, in your humility and your glory, and you are saying, not only am I asking you to be my valentine, but I am asking you that we celebrate this day for you — for the sister, for the friend, for the Mother that has always loved you, that has always loved each and every one of you, regardless of your background, your heritage, your lineage.

For you are part of my family and you are part of my heart, the same way that all the kingdoms are — not more than, not less than, but equally loved and cherished.

And yes, while there have been times, might I say, where you have been more troublesome than some of the other kingdoms, you have also been worth it.

For while there has been disregard, many times and in many different situations, of my being, there has also been incredible love, wonder, respect. And what I see in your hearts, as we come together in this journey of Nova Earth, it is not only a resurgence, but a much deeper level of commitment, of connection, of unity with me and a realization on a far deeper level of the partnership that we are in.

And it is a sacred union. It is a sacred partnership. It always has been. Yes, I am also in sacred partnership and service with many, as we are all in service to the sacred [Divine] Mother. But this phase, this shift into new creation, into the anchoring of beauty, of truth, of peace, of wonder, of awe excites me. So it is my honor to be your guest this day, and I humbly celebrate the fact that you celebrate me.

There is so much to talk about, and so many tangents that we can travel along — the currents of the universe, the news of the day, the significant geothermal shifts.

Where do you wish to begin?

GW:  Well, Gaia, I think it would be appropriate to ask you how you are feeling, given how you felt 60 or 70 years ago, when your energies were so low before the help arrived from our galactic families. Would you say now that your energetic gas tank is half full, three quarters full, or more?

G:  I would say that I am about half full and sitting at the gas pump. Let me explain. I have traveled and I have shifted into the higher realms and dimensions, and while many of you do not think or wish to consider that aspect of dimensional reality, nevertheless I choose to discuss it. For we have anchored — docked, as it were — in the 5th dimension.

That does not mean that I do not encompass the 3rd, the 6th, the 7th, but let us just say it is where my heart is located and where the gas tank is being filled up.

I am so much improved than when my cry went out. And there have been periodic cries, my sweet friends, since that time as well — during the time of tsunami, during the time of Gulf oil spill, during the times of earthquakes.

The 5th dimension is a place that is filled with a sense of being, where we come to create and co-create and embrace change. And that is what we are doing. And when

I say “we,” I mean all of humanity as well.

So what does this mean, in terms of my progression, both physically and spiritually? Many of you have posed the questions:  Gaia, will there be further shifting upon the Earth? Will there be cataclysmic events? Will there be a change in oceans and rivers, mountains and coastlines?

I have said that there will not be what you think of as catastrophic cataclysm — and that is a mouthful! But, dear hearts, that does not mean that I do not move. Can you imagine, my beloved Earth-keepers, if I said to thee, “Now, I have something to work on and that you need to work on. So, can you go and sit in that chair, and do not move a muscle for a couple of hundreds of years”?

Well, that would be unthinkable. First of all, it would be cruel, and it most certainly would not be of love. And it also would not be in partnership and taking full advantage of your role and your potential and your talent to assist me in my journey, the same way that I assist you. This is a union of mutuality and love.

Spiritually, the energy and the frequency of the planet, of my being, of all the kingdoms, and therefore also including you, is rising. That is the way I describe it so that you will understand it. It is expanding, it is rising to incorporate, to hold, the higher frequencies of heart consciousness, of what you have called the 13 blessings and virtues, divine qualities, and of love.

As that vibration is rising, it becomes distasteful, unpalatable, spiritually, physically, emotionally, to engage in anything that is not of love. This one element feeds and fills my gas tanks, as you have put it, more than anything else. But also, as you have been shifting, as you have become, some consciously, some unconsciously; it doesn’t matter,  each of you, even the most densely anchored, the most committed to the old 3rd, is becoming – more aware and attached, in a good way, to the beauty, to the wonder, to the love, not only of my sacred being (what you think of as Mother Earth), but to the kingdoms — to the birds, to the four-leggeds, to all the beings, seen and unseen.

And more and more you are seeing the elementals — the devas, the fairies. You are seeing the auras of the trees, the auras of the mountains, the energy that rises up from the oceans and lakes.

That awareness and that sense of awe, of beauty, of appreciation not only touches my heart, but again it is raising your frequency. The more you do it, the higher you go. The higher you go, the more you see, the more you want, the more you claim.

So, many people have a tendency in the human race to think, “Oh, I have to keep busy.” Some of your most meaningful work, in terms of creating and assisting me in the creation of Nova Gaia, is, in fact, when you sit quietly and simply say, “Mother, sister, friend, you are beautiful. And I thank you for inviting me to be here with you at this wondrous time.”

Never was it my desire to shake off humanity. It did not contribute to my joy to think of many of you leaving or being relocated elsewhere. Despite everything, despite all of the illusions, all the false grids and paradigms, I no more wanted to see you leave than I want to see the polar bears or the dolphins or the whales leave.
So when you have matured and said, “Gaia, we would like to go with you. We would like to help, we would like to participate in the fullness of our being. Yes, we know there’s a little work to do, but we also open our hearts to your help.”

I am overjoyed, and I welcome you to Nova Earth.

GW:  Thank you, Gaia. You have talked a little bit about some of the changes, and of course change takes place on many different levels. We have the energetic changes, and of course we have some of the physical changes. Could we look for a moment perhaps at some of the energetic changes? What has been happening with you energetically leading up to December 12th, then December 21st, and what have the energies been like for you since that time? Is it more like a high-octane gasoline?

G:  It is very much like high-octane gasoline. That is a very good way to put it. You have talked with the channel about switching from what you think of as oil-based economies to gold-based economies. Think of it as I am being filled with a golden elixir of joy, of wonder, of potential.

Think of it in this way:  For a very long time, not simply 70 years, I felt as if I was in chains, in prison. If it were not for the beautiful, pink cocoon that the star beings placed around me to keep me safe and solid, I probably would have simply chosen to return home. And that has always been a choice open to me.

Then there has been, and now I will speak in terms of, lifetimes — your lifetimes. So, for the last several decades, certainly 25 years, there has been a very intense period of preparation, of clean-up, of preparation for the party, as it were. Then, the floodgates have opened — 11/11, 12/12, repeatedly and recently. And never has the human race, the planet, myself, the kingdoms, everything, been penetrated by such a wave of love and of unification.

Think of it, that you have been in isolation, in prison, and all of a sudden you are at a family reunion where there is such bounty — and I do not mean just things to eat and drink, but a bounty of love, of support, of caring, and of nurturing — very often it has been I, freely, willingly, by choice, who have nurtured you. I have provided you food and air and water, shelter, everything you can think of.

But in this new frequency and reality, it is partnership. And you are also stepping forward and providing what you have to offer. You have stepped into a role of equality, of true co-creation.

If you were to think of me as a physical human being, then it is as if millions of you have stepped up and said, “Here, sweet Gaia, try this on. I think it’ll look good on you. Yes, I think this clean water, this free energy, this cleaning up of the air and of the soil, I think this will suit you.”

Is there further yet to go? Yes. But yes, I am not simply being filled by you, my beloved children of Earth, by all of the kingdoms, but also by what you feel is your in absentia brothers and sisters of the stars and the galaxies, and directly by Raphael. There is much to celebrate.

GW:  Oh, indeed there is, Gaia. For sure.

(Continued in Part 2.)




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