Contacting Beings of Light 20121219 High Council of Orion Ascension Channeling 27 of 30 – SEPARATENESS. December 17- 2012.




Channeled Ascension Message from
the High Council of Orion
December 17th 2012.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

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“Greetings Dear Ones.
We are the High Council of Orion.
We have spoken to you many times about the future concept of Oneness. The future being lived from that place of Oneness where each individual Soul’s identity, or uniqueness, is held as sacred as the collective. All really are truly living to uplift the individuals as the whole is uplifted. There is a synergy and a flow, a respect, a harmony and an ease with life being lived this way. The key here, that we’ll speak about today, is the opposite of the Oneness and it’s this idea of separateness. This idea of separateness that is pervasive in your culture at this time. There is such tendency to look at the differentiating factors. This can be as simple as one person thinking they’re better than another because of education, point of view, perceived moral or religious or spiritual standing. Coming from the place of Oneness that we exist and we live, all of those issues of separateness are external to any reality that “IS”.
So we ask you in these times that as you find yourself feeling and thinking those thoughts of separateness which can show up to terms of jealousy, comparison, criticism, wishing that you were like someone else and see it as all external to who you are in your essence. As you catch yourself making those comparisons of criticism, such as not liking the way somebody is thinking or behaving, or judging yourself superior because you think one way and somebody else doesn’t think that same way, or because your media feeds and pumps things into your consciousness that creates separateness.  Become aware of this.
In your awareness you can begin to make shifts and changes to allow those experiences of separateness to fall away. At first you might just see yourself bringing forward the energy of separateness: perhaps in a critical thought towards a co-worker, perhaps in relation to a neighbor or stranger on the street in terms of what they’re doing or how they’re behaving. Once you begin to become aware of it and catch yourself in those moments we ask you to flip it around, in whatever way you can, and find a more positive thought, or even a neutral thought, or even as simple as take your attention away from it. For as you all know, as you’ve all evidenced in your life many times, your opinion is most likely not going to change the other person, is it? Yet your opinion, good, bad, or indifferent, creates this sense of separateness.
So once you get past the awareness, and maybe even to the point of bringing your thoughts to neutral or shifting your focus to a positive place, perhaps you can then go one step further and go within and really look at the situation that you’re feeling critical or judgmental or separate about, creating those boundaries, that separateness. See a way that you can bridge that separateness, or dissolve the separateness, so it doesn’t exist. So that you can truly get to that place of understanding that that soul is doing their absolute best at that moment in time; that that Soul is acting, behaving, thinking, speaking, reacting in the way that’s best for them at the moment. It’s the way they know how to do their life the best at that moment. Nobody said it had to be just like yours. Nobody said it had to be in alignment with your opinion either, did it?
Just taking that moment for yourself and breathing inside and understanding that there is up to Soul motivating and animating and guiding that life to be exactly who that person is, whether or not a line up with you. That way you are starting to continue to dissolve that separateness. Even allowing your self to find a connection point between your Soul and theirs. Then we’ll take it even one step further, to turn that looking glass back on yourself and say “Why do I need to create that separateness? What is within me that feels that it needs to create separateness with this other person who’s a Soul doing their utmost in this moment in time, regardless of my opinion?” You might find some answers there that can allow you then to have that compassion back towards yourself as you would for the others and lovingly understand that you, as your Soul, are doing the absolute best you can in your moment. You would love for all the people around you, witnessing you in your life, whether they’re loved ones, co-workers, family members, or strangers that you meet, you would hope that they give you that benefit of the doubt, that they see you as doing the best you can, as they see you as the Light Within.
It creates almost this figure 8 of flowing energy between yourself and others. As you give this out to others and you give it to yourself and you give it out to others and bring it back to yourself with this love, this compassion, this understanding that you extend to others and you extend to yourself creates this beautiful figure 8, this infinity symbol, that allows the separateness to dissolve and that allows you to move closer to this concept of Oneness. As we dissolve barriers within our world, to see and know and live from the place of the Heart and the Oneness of the Souls, we will find that Oneness exists everywhere we look.
Be Blessed.
We are the High Council of Orion.”
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