Messages of Light 20121219 Heavenletter #4408 Soldiers of Fortune, December 19, 2012


God said:

Thoughts flit in and out of your mind. Your thoughts are like angels who fly in and out of your sight. Is not an angel a spark of light? And are not thoughts the same? More and more your thoughts are growing to be as sparkling as angels. I pronounce you an angel, so why would it seem surprising that your thoughts serve the Universe? You have hidden your wings from yourself, or, you have not looked. I have looked, and I have seen.

You may see yourself as a struggling human being, waylaid with the sundry matters that human beings are waylaid with. What you see as weighing you down are triumphs, beloveds. I take your arm and raise it and say: “The winner is YOU.” Will you hear Me?

All that comes to you is a splendid opportunity. You’ve heard that before, and you shake your head. You shake your head vehemently, for you have been attached to suffering, attached to calling your growth suffering of one kind or another. You have held yourself under a dark umbrage, and, now, you are setting yourself free.

You have always wanted freedom, and now you are setting yourself free from the past. You have often lived the past in what is called the present moment. You have brought your old self along with you. You have brought your old thought patterns that have long outlived their usefulness. You have dug your feet in the way a stubborn mule would. You have somehow thought you could not live or live through it without your past way of thinking. You are unloosing all those chains from the past right now as you go through what you have captioned as suffering.

Golden airways are presented to you, and you call them defeating. That which is your liberation you call your penance. A paradise of an opportunity has been presented to you, and you call it some form of tragedy all because you have held past thoughts dear to you. You have made a poor trade, My beloveds. What you call failure may be a great success, for it nudges out of the catacombs of the past.

Even illness is freeing. You don’t have to know what illness is telling you. It is not your mind that has to understand. You don’t have to understand anything. We are talking about what is beyond the realm of understanding. Just know that by whatever path, regardless of your interpretation of it, you are being blessed mightily by all the agencies of Heaven. What you may see as wounding is putting you together. Do not form scars, and you will not have to remove them. Even that which you may presently see as devastation is manna from Heaven. What you may presently see as punishment is a call to love, a call to My love.

You do not retreat to Me. You rise to Me.

One way or another, it is for you to rise from the Earthly coil. Soldiers of Fortune always move forward, and you are a sentinel of Good Fortune and blessings. A blessing by another name is still a blessing. You are one who is blessed. You are blessed in thick and in thin. You are blessed. You are a blessing who is blessed. Bless yourself.

What road do you travel on? What would you call it? Whatever name you may give it, it is the way Home, and you are being carried to Me. Let your thoughts uplift you. Let go of tears and all your kicking and screaming. A blessing has been visited upon you this day. You know there is no death. There is no tragedy. All paths lead to Home.

The Prodigal Son stopped his protests. He resigned from his forgetfulness. He resigned from his self-rule. He sacrificed suffering for release to Me. Choosing love, he gave up nothing.

The world is an avenue, and The Prodigal Son always makes it through what he calls the roadblocks. The stars are lighting his way. The stars are lighting your way. There is no valley of death. There are no pitfalls. There is you rising, rising, rising, seeing yourself through what you only imagined. Beyond what you imagine lies Truth, and you are, in truth, love. So love.

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