Ascension Earth 2012 GREG GILES: 20120914 Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/13/12 ‘Passion for All Things Great or Small’



Zooming towards a new day are those among you who have found the keys that will unlock the door before you. It is this key that has been hidden for many long eons of time, but it could not be hidden forever as there were many of you who searched for it, who searched deep within and searched deep without and sooner or later there were those of you who would discover its resting place, where it has hidden for so very long. We say to those of you who have discovered this key that it is yours now, it is no one else’s, and no one could ever take it away from you. You have found it because you have earned it. There is no other way.

There are none that are lucky or none that are fortunate, none that are rich or none that possess power or influence that have found a way to steal this key, to pilfer this key, no. There is only one way to find this key and that is through the doorway which you have walked. This doorway is the doorway that many of your brothers and sisters have walked through in times past, and is the doorway that many of your brothers and sisters will continue to walk through behind you for so many long years after you have swept through its entranceway. This doorway is the doorway that leads through the heart. It is through this entranceway that many of your world refer to as the heart chakra. This is the secret doorway. This is the hidden passageway that is the magical tunnel that will take you to a realm beyond your current illusion, to a realm that is breathtakingly far removed from your current surroundings.


It is not just a new start for you with some new technologies and even some new friends and a new career and a new home, no. When we describe for you that you will be exiting one reality and entering a new reality what visions are conjured up in your minds? What is it you picture, what is it you are imagining and dreaming, thus creating? For this will be the realm of your new home. It will be as beautiful and no more beautiful as you can imagine. This is the only limit to your new creation. It is your fervent imagination, it is your unlimited vision, scope and dream that are the new parameters, the new borders, if you will, of your new home.


Here in the place that you call home now is limited in so many ways. It is limited in size, it is limited in beauty, it is limited in freedoms and limited in its prosperity and its reward and in a way its value, although its value can also be perceived as priceless, for if it wasn’t for this home that you created for yourself today, you could not have created for yourself your home of tomorrow. We wish you to always remember this, for there is beauty and value and reward in all things, even in suffering. In suffering comes the clay for which your hands that are tired and worn and wrinkled and scarred can model. You cannot model without this clay, you cannot sculpt without this clay, but you cannot also possess this clay until you learn how to model and shape and sculpt.


Do you see we could not have given you this modeling clay, this creational gift, until you have shown that you have learned what to do with it, how to use it and how to use it fairly and responsibly, honoring the boundaries of all other beings within this universe and this goes for far more than other sentient beings? In other words, other beings that clearly demonstrate an intelligence and a physical vessel, for there are far many more beings in this universe than this. There are also many non sentient beings. There are beings who exist only in consciousness, and you must respect and honor their rights and their wills and their boundaries as well.


We also include here all of our Creator’s creatures, even if they are the ones that you call animals or even insects, yes. We value the lives of each and every creature in this entire universe no matter what anyone considers their value or their worth or their standing or their importance or their relevance. You see we, your brothers and sisters who have gone on before you, we shall refer to us as this for today, for this is who we are, we are simply your brothers and sisters who perhaps, but not necessarily are a bit older, maybe a bit wiser, and it is through this experience that we have gained that has allowed us to refer to ourselves as ‘those who have gone on before you’, because this is just what we have done. We have walked through the door a few days, years, or even eons before some of you, that is all. So here it is we are, on this side of this great door. So what is it we do here, what is it we do here that differs from what it is you do there?


Well, there are many things that we do differently, but let us just speak of one of these things that we do differently today, for this is the topic of our discussion. We honor and value and put no price on every single being, animal and creature and even object, yes, in this entire universe and every universe as well. We do not hunt and we do not fish. We do not swat flies, we do not step on ants, we do not shoo squirrels from the trees and we do not cut down these trees. We do not harm her roots or her branches or her flowers. We honor and respect and love each and every being, animal, fish, insect, flower, plant, tree, rock and piece of dirt in this entire universe.


This is what we may do a little differently than you, for we have learned these things through a long history, through many experiences that have gifted us with such knowledge. We have made mistakes in our past just as all of you have. We all have, for this is how we learn. We too at one time in previous lifetimes may have picked up a rifle or shotgun and hunted down and destroyed the life of another living creature, but we have learned from this and none of us, and that is absolutely none of us that have walked through this door and call this side our home would ever do anything like this ever again. We have learned this, and we wish to see you learn this.


There are many of you that will be ascending in the days ahead, but there will be none of you who will be ascending that will have any want, desire, need or tendency to pick up a weapon and point it at any other living creature and that includes trees and rocks and the soil as well and fire it. This includes all kinds of your weaponry no matter how technologically advanced or primitive in nature. There will not be any of you who will ascend who desire to use in this way a bow and arrow, a slingshot, any kind of laser or pulse weapon or even to pick up a stone and throw it at another living being and again that includes nonphysical, non-mental, non-emotional and even objects that you may today feel are not living, conscious beings but they are, and this includes trees and flowers and a river and even a rock, for all of these things, all of them, have a consciousness structure.


Does this surprise you? Is it surprising to learn that even a stone has a consciousness, has feelings and has emotions? He lives and breathes and thinks and feels and he cries as well when he is hurt. Do you see this now? Do you understand that a being does not have to walk on two legs and talk and smile for him or her to be a living, breathing and conscious being of creation? We wish you all to remember these words today, for there are even those among you who are reading these words that will not ascend because they have not learned what we are discussing today. Some of these individuals feel that they may even be able to continue their hunt or their fishing and any of their destruction to other living creatures even after they ascend into the higher realms, into our kingdom, into our homes and gardens and our forests and our fields where our children, yes, these animals and even insects are our children, play and work.


Yes, they work too. They have jobs. They have tasks that they carry out every day. Have you ever seen an ant when he or she was not working? Have you ever seen a beaver build a dam? Do you call that recreation, or is he or she working to accomplish a certain task? Your penguins and your dolphins and your whales and your deer and your bears and your crocodiles and your birds who build nests, they all have jobs, don’t they? Well, let us put it this way; how would you feel if a man or woman walked into your job today with a shotgun in hand and decided for some reason, perhaps just for sport or entertainment or amusement, to fire it at you, squeezing the trigger and squeezing out the breath of your life? You wouldn’t like that too much, would you? Well neither would we, and neither would any of the creatures that exist in our beautiful kingdom.


So you see we must protect them and protect them we will from those of you who take joy and pleasure in this killing, this murder, for it is no more and it is no less than this. It is murder when you take the life of another living creature and we mean every living creature, and we suggest to all of you today who wish for ascension for yourselves to think about this the next time you roll up a newspaper and you are going to crush out the life of a spider, ant or even a fly on your wall, for they are all our Creator’s children, so they too are our brothers and our sisters and they are all protected here.


What to do you may ask when there is an insect in your home, God forbid? We say to you if you do not wish to share your home with this beautiful little mouse or a spider crawling on your wall or an aunt foraging for food, we say to you find another alternative means to relocate him properly and give him a new home, not take his life away. We see that many of you do just this. We see our channel Greg patiently and very painstakingly sometimes chasing all kinds of insects and mice through his house, for he will not hurt them or harm them in any way. He has found very clever methods to round up these little critters that sometimes he feels may be best to play and work outside. He has even found a place where he can relocate some of these, what others may call pests in a home, and he takes the time to relocate them there. What do you think about that? Do you think that is crazy? Do you think that is a waste of time and effort and care? Or do you think that maybe you too would like to begin to do this in your home. We say to those of you who make this effort you may be wonderfully surprised at how this will make you feel inside, and we think many of you will not even be surprised how happy this makes all the little critters that may crawl into your house feel.


This is something we feel all of you can begin to work on, and we feel even though we are so close now to seeing the first of your shining faces and your big bright smiles grace our threshold, we say to you it is never too late for any of you to begin to make the changes within yourself that will change your world and your universe and your entire reality around yourself. We say to you that change begins within, and it is within that change begins in the chambers that you know as the heart. We wish to speak to you a little today about what physical changes you are experiencing and will continue to experience throughout this ascension, and even for those of you who are not, let us say, ‘scheduled’ or expected to ascend, in the coming days anyhow, as this door will be available to them for quite some time after the first of you walk through. How long we will not say, for we will make you discuss this amongst yourselves if this topic interests you, for again, we do not wish to furnish you all the answers. Where would be the fun in that our dear friends?


We like mystery and surprises and challenges as well, and we know that many of you too love to play these games, so we do not wish to take from you any chances for you to play sleuth, and play researcher, and scientist, and philosopher and even archaeologist and try to figure some of these things out. You may find that you are far more capable to solve some of these mysteries and answering some of these questions all by yourselves with absolutely no help from another whatsoever, although we will say we see no shame in accepting help from another. There is beauty in this, for if you for a moment swallowed your ego and allowed another to assist you, you would not only be assisting yourself, but just think of what you would be doing for that other soul who may take such great pride in this accomplishment, for they too wish to help and be of assistance in service to others and goodwill toward man.


That’s what that saying means, by the way. Goodwill toward man is simply the words that we chose way back then, thousands of years ago when there was a group of missionaries, of men and women walking from town to town to preach their messages of love and light, of peace and hope, of prosperity and tolerance and understanding. This was their ‘service to others’ that today is your creed, but then they chose other words and they said to each other ‘Today we will work for others, goodwill toward man’, they said. We wanted you to know this, for we feel there may have been some of you who read yesterday’s message but missed that very subtle clue. It was only lightly hinted of for a very good reason. We wished for those of you who wished to think about what those words meant and perhaps felt those words might have some connection, some relevance to your world today and to your work as a Lightworker, and indeed they do. Goodwill toward man, in service to others, not to one’s self. These are your creeds today, just like they were yesterday. The feeling hasn’t changed, the meaning hasn’t changed, the essence hasn’t changed, just some of the words we may have used have changed, that is all.


Some of our faces may have changed a little too. You see, some of us have received new physical vessels since that period of time, after all, it has been a couple of thousand years, has it not? We age too, you know. We do not know if all of you understand this, but we do, we age. Our skin may get old, our bones may get a little weary, let us say, so from time to time it comes a time when we simply upgrade into a new vehicle, just like maybe you would purchase a new car. Some of us choose the sporty model just as some of you may, and some of us choose the compact model as some of you may, and some of us choose the grand luxury model or the very large sport utility, rugged and strong.


What do you think of that? Do you think there will come a day when you can literally pick and choose the new physical vessel that you will use to explore and to journey forth on your adventure and your nature walk and your schooling? We say that yes, this is very possible for each and every one you, for each of you has a physical vessel at this time that may have ‘reached its peak’, let us say, and even through the use of our advanced technology that can in many instances restore any body of any age or damage to a youthful vitality, we say to you that this is not always the best approach, this is not always the most suitable solution to your aging vehicle and, let’s say, it’s wear and tear or miles or damages.


So let us suppose for a moment that there were alternatives, and we say alternatives in the plural, for there are more than one that you may instead choose, deciding for yourself what is the most appropriate way to proceed and ‘put on a new pair of tires’, to use another automobile metaphor. So how would we install these new tires around you? Well, this is where our technology comes in quite handy. You see, what we will do is first have you select your new model right from a showroom. Yes, from a showroom, just as if you were picking out a new car or a new gown or suit to wear to the office. Yes, you have this right. You are picturing just what it is we are describing for you. You will walk into a little showroom where we have for you a very wide ranging selection of physical vessels of all kinds, styles, shapes, sizes and colors.


Some of these are human-like vessels. Yes, just like yours, and you would not be able to tell the difference at all except for maybe they are mostly a little taller than you are, for we all want to be a certain height and feel more comfortable at a certain height, so we have not designed and sculpted too many models that are much shorter than what is overall less than popular. So you will have many different human-like or human-looking, we shall say, vessels to choose from, all almost or above six feet tall. You can choose between a blonde haired model, a brunette, a red head, blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, speckled eyes, you can even choose gold or yellow eyes. You can even choose red eyes if you’d like, for it does not matter, we can make these small alterations anytime we wish and at hardly any trouble or expense of time at all.


You of course can choose between a male and a female body. Yes, you do not have to be one or be the other. You can choose either one, and we say to you after a certain period of time if you are not one hundred percent pleased with the gender of your physical vessel you can always change. That’s right. You can change from a male to a female vessel or vice versa at will. We do not mean ‘at will’ as different days of the week go by, but we mean after a certain period of time and this will all be explained to you in greater detail at the appropriate time, but today let us just focus on this initial selection process and your, let us refer to it as shopping experience, for this is what it will be like and we wish for you to enjoy this experience to its fullest, for we feel it is one of the more exciting and enjoyable experiences of your entire ascension process.


So let us continue with your shopping trip shall we? What else can you choose? Well, there are different body styles that we shall call shapes, if you will. There is the burly muscular build for a man or even a woman as well. There is the sleek and slender look for both genders too, and there are many subtle variations in between and you will have great fun and take great pleasure and we hope great care in your selection until you find the most suitable body that matches who you are inside, for who you are inside really must match who you are outside, because you see, you do not wish if you were, let’s say, a female with a very soft and gentle demeanor to choose a large, burly body covered in muscles, would you? It doesn’t go. It’s kind of a mismatch, but we say to you that you are entirely free to select and to wear any physical vessel you choose, but we do advise you to choose very carefully, for there have been occasions when someone has chosen a body type that they had found they were unhappy with, for it was a mismatch to who they truly are inside, their essence, their glow, their ‘soul’, if you will, as we understand that you prefer to refer to what is within as your soul, and we like that expression too. We find it very beautiful and very fitting; soul. Because it is at the heart of who you are, it is what is at your core, your singular, or the one thing that defines you, your ‘sole’, or soul as you say. This is why we find it so beautiful, and we are sure many of you do as well.


So it is your soul, what is within you, your essence, your divinely unique spark that will wish to envelope itself in what is also your divine spirit, your soul, only on the outside as well. So you see how this match, this fitting, if you will, is so important? It is important, and you will certainly learn how important this is after you have begun to ‘wear’, let’s say, your new physical vessel. So this is why we wish for you to start thinking about this already. Start today. Of course, we do not wish this to be on your mind all day around the clock, as you say, every day, for you have much more work to do than this and we do not wish to add to your workload, not at this time anyway, but we say to you this is a very important choice and we wish for all of you that expect or even hope to ascend to begin to think about this, think about it long and hard and carefully. What is the physical appearance that you wish to portray to others and your entire universe around you?  


We see only what is on the inside of each and every being and creature in this entire universe and you will, in time, only see what is inside as well, but we do understand that many of you do take great notice of what a being appears like on the outside at this stage of your development, or journey, we shall say. We completely understand this, for again, we walked in your shoes at one time as well. We have just walked on a few steps before you, that is all. There is really nothing that you are experiencing that we have not. We do not wish to say that we’ve done it all and we know all. What we wish to convey to you only is that we understand what you’re going through and we understand what you will be experiencing and we wish just like you wish to help others, and this is why there are those of you who will be ascending.


Remember, this is all about helping others, in service to others, goodwill toward man. We will leave you with this thought today dear ones. It is not who you are on the outside, for there is no ‘you’ on the outside, it is only a shell, a costume, a suit or a dress, if you will. What is on the inside is only what is you. It is everything you are. It is your essence, it is your core, your divine spark, your twinkle, your glimmer, your glow, your soul that is you and that is only you, and it is everything you are. We love you all so very much and we look so forward to our little chat again with you tomorrow.


Until then, we are those of you who have gone on a few steps before you, but we have not gone too far from this doorway that you will be walking through and we will be there holding it open for you and helping you through.



As channeled through Greg Giles






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