Contacting Beings of Light 20120914 A Message From MAX The Crystal Skull



Greetings, I am MAX, the Crystal Skull.

If you do not know me, I was mined and created as a joint effort between the Pleiadians and the Acturians many thousands of years ago in the Pleiades. I have come to be a part of the cosmic event now taking place on your planet.

I have asked my channel, Donna, to speak for me. This has not been easy for her since this is a skill she does not know she possesses and thinks she might not be good at. But we have much information to cover and discuss, and time is growing short. 12/12/12 is rapidly approaching. Preparations must speed up. So I have pushed her a little toward this experience.

In this first message I want to address the concern that my own channel feels about being in the perfect place for 12/12/12. She is a daughter of her times and upbringing, still concerned that she needs to be in the “right” place for the Divine Activation to take place, or at least for it to take place at its optimal level.

I am here to tell her and all of you that this is not true. You are all in the right place and will be in the right place on 12/12/12. Please only follow your inner guidance, as always, and you will find that wherever you are on that date is the perfect place for you. If you are guided to go to a Sacred Site location that has been noted or praised or suggested and it feels right for you, then please go there. But if you are not guided or are not able to go to a Sacred Site location, do not worry. Do not be concerned that you will in any way inhibit or reduce the level of activation for you personally or for the Planet. Everyone must follow their own guidance on this issue. As our dear friend Beth says, “the ascension process, the Divine DNA Activation, is an exquisitely individual process”.

This activation will happen, and will happen for all beings on Earth and for Earth herself. With the grid now in place it will be instantaneous. All beings will receive this impulse.

You have been trained to think that you do not know — that the best advice and information will come to you from outside yourself. The guru, the latest book, the newest trend, will be the avenue for your advancement, and if you cannot go there and do that, if you do not read the right book, if you do not sit in meditation for 2 hours every day, if you do not attend the next big event, you will not make it. Please do not buy into this, this is old paradigm thinking. Old paradigm training.

Your Higher Self will guide you to where you need to be.

Remember also that you are surrounded with support. We have all come to be here at this time, to experience this monumental event together. If you question, ask, and you will be given your answer.

In Divine Love and Light,


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