Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120912 Through Every Waking Day ★ You Bring in HOPE Channeled Message from Archeia Lady Hope Channeled by: Julie Miller September 10, 2012



Beloved Children of God, how pleasing it is to come through and communicate to all of you. 
Hope is in each of you dear ones. Each and every day you wake, you are renewing Hope and creating positive power to move forward no matter how small or big your steps are. You may not see your often ritualistic steps that you perform each and every day as being optimistic, but I do. No grumbling dear ones, “Oh it’s just another day” or allowing yourself to wallow in despair created by no one other than you. 
Yes you often go through the same steps every day, but you still do them. You could choose to do absolutely nothing. There is always a choice, but you allow the Hope you wake with infiltrate your very being and you keep going into each phase of your morning into your day then night. And through it all you are always presented the choice to stop, but most of the time you do not. Looking at your routine with negative eyes, it will be easy to see some redundancy, but look with fresh positive eyes and see that each day you do something different even if it slight. Your inner belief in Hope even if it does not register helps you move through your day, offers different choices when you address each part of your day with joy and enthusiasm instead of the under-the-breath complaints I often hear. 
I have stepped forward today beloved ones to encourage you to take a brave step and change your thinking, and turn despair into positive action. Even during the worst possible situations that cause you great havoc on your own belief system can be calmed through Hope. It is through such adversity that I make myself readily available to each of you. By allowing me to guide you during the worse possible times of your journey, I will be able to support you beloveds and direct you to positive choices that will help you propel into a more favourable outcome. You must believe beloveds not only in me, but in yourself. Believe dear ones that you will always persevere no matter how stormy your predicament becomes.

Hope is an energy beloveds that is ALL-EMBRACING and persistent in its purpose. It does surround you all the time. Hope is part of your connection to God dear ones. What you have that works together in a unified collaboration of energy for each is of you is Faith, Love, Charity and a few more divine complements that help to nurture and guide you on your journey. Understanding beloveds that there is so much working inside of you know and they all work together to bridge this connection between yourself and God in an all-encompassing infinite flow of love. Whenever you feel this connection is shaky or lacking in strength, you only need to look within for your answers. Sometimes what is only required is reconstruction of your spiritual foundation that is based on the tremendous and divine Threefold Flame. You will learn through experience from the precious moments you allow yourself to reflect on what you need to do that will enable you to carry on, or stay where you are and focus on correcting something that YOU feel is out of place. You may turn fellow light workers and trusted people who share the same belief system, but the one that really knows you best is you. 
I will always help you move forward and up through higher levels of consciousness. By working together, you will discover a renewed fervour to grow and improve which will illuminate paths and choices for you to consider that will bring you the desired achievement you have been HOPING for. I will remind you here and now beloveds, do not give up your Hope, always believe – even through the darkest of days, bring Hope into your thoughts and allow the despondency to drop. If you can truly bring yourself into believing your own self-worth and in the path that is in front of you to continue you, you will be greeted by Joy dear ones as Joy and Hope are very good friends. Through your renewed Faith in Hope, you will notice something more change that might have crept in when you were not looking – and that would be contentment. 
Hope beloveds provides you the energy needed to bring forth fulfillment in all your endeavours. And when there is contentment, your soul is at peace and when your soul truly feels peace, then there is true happiness that is known and recognized by your soul dear ones. And it is happiness, true soul happiness that I want for all of you. Unfortunately beloveds, there are many that walk among you that are always filled with despair, some feel as if God has played a mean trick on them, or other negative thought forms they may have. There are precious souls like these who have temporarily lost Hope in themselves, therefore they have lost Hope in ALL things they once found relevant. Believe in your beautiful hearts through what you know to be true and that some people just take a little longer to find understanding. We of the divine ask, if you know someone who is down on their Hope and inner Faith to love them and accept them. Their feelings are theirs and they must work through their unique situation their way. This does not mean you cannot offer support – you do through your love and compassion, letting them know you are there for them when they need you and that you will never condemn them or judge them. Your gentle presence that is not pushing will help instill Hope dear ones. It may take time, but time really has no schedule. 
As we prepare to close my message to you beloveds, remember to focus with your purest of intent when you align your energies in all you do, not only in your spiritual endeavours but in all you do. The understanding you are able to gain from the teachings of the Ascended Masters, angels like myself and other Divine deities are able to be utilized throughout your daily routine. You not only will be able to demonstrate your spiritual knowingness through your written or spoken word, but you will also illustrate through your actions of your understanding as sometimes, many times words are not needed when your actions can have more demonstrative effects. 
Believe in yourself beloveds as I believe in you. Your very presence is a gift, honour yourself and don’t begrudge yourself a little Hope – after all a little Hope does go a long way.
And so it is, Archeia Lady Hope through Julie Miller






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