Contacting Beings of Light 20120911 Accessing the inner planes — the source of pure communion with the God-Self and the source of manifest Creation



Judith K. Moore

tr. by Sean & Sandra, ed. by M.
JKM 08-24-12 Communion with the Inner Planes of Universal Order that Sustains Right Action and Sustainable Manifestation of Oneness
(Judith in Denver)

J: I was awakened with intense ringing, signalling the need for a communication to come through. So I opened my heart to the infinite wisdom, the compassion of Infinite Creator, divine truth.
I open to the inner realms, the archives of the knowledge of the mechanisms of Creation. I tap, now, into the force of Universal Oneness.

We are the guardians of the inner planes, the source of conscious relationship between the realm of manifest Creation and the pure source on the inner planes that supports Universal Order and the cohesion of consciousness and form.

The present physical realm is a field of great potential. It is also a field of energy that is unconcerned with the quality that is manifest in what you know as the physical realm. The connection that is being made now is the connection to deep space, the inner realms. This is the source of pure communion with the God-Self and the source of manifest Creation.

Tapping into this inner plane illuminates the highest and purest communion because, on the inner planes, there is pure undisturbed or distorted harmonics, vibrations and energies that are cohesive. This is the place of deep peace, the sound of the root of the source, the center of all that manifests in the realms and in the dimensions.

The inner planes is a source that the Ascended Masters commune with before they determine right action, purpose or direct course that the manifestation that they align with takes. This connection is a communion with these powerful energies that are subtle and deep and are at the very core of conscious relationship with Universal Order.

Mary Magdalene is an adept at communion through this space, and as such, the manifestation of her consciousness in the physical realm was pure grace, an action balanced with coherence with Universal Order and the pure delineation of form that evolves from the space of clarity and order and the consciousness of the infinite God-source. The outer realms are fraught with incoherent cohesion patterns with chaotic energy forms and fields of relativity that are incongruent with Universal law and therefore cannot sustain eternal consciousness.

Eternal consciousness can only be sustained from the inner planes, the source of pure manifest Creation without intellectual interpretation, judgment or thoughts that are out of harmony with the truth of the Infinite Oneness and Universal law. The inner realms, the inner planes are accessible to the seeker who has truly released any need for self-affliction and any need for authority that controls manifestation for the purpose of self-gain. Thereby these inner planes can only be accessed through a field of generosity of spirit and kindness of the heart through compassion and dedication to the principles of Universal Oneness.

The chaos in the outer realms has reached such a peak that it has effectively disturbed the stagnant fields of energy in the collective, the formed patterns of regimented, repetitive behavior patterns that are generated from a less than pure principle of Universal Oneness, but yet became a lock in the psyche of the holographic earth. The chaos factor has created a disorientation in the collective reality that has effectively disrupted predictable order — predictable order being manifestation from discordant realities of polarities in adversarial realms.

The extreme ‘acting out’ of these forces has, in itself, disrupted the reliable manifestation of distortion patterns from these incongruent belief systems that are out of harmony with Universal Law. Because time has accelerated, the illogical outcome of those incongruent systems are also coming to finite patterns and conclusions that are illogical, and the evidence of this chaos is everywhere.

But in itself, the chaos makes room for new hologram energetic planes and a space for manifestation from consciousness to form that is balanced with Universal order. The purpose of the dynamic energetics of the 2012 continuum is just that: to disrupt stagnant energy through high velocity chaos fields which affect the emotional discharge of thought forms because there is a lack of certainty, predictability and probable outcome.

Now certainly, not everyone on the planet has been locked into artificial regimentation of conscious manifestation that is not aligned with Universal Order. But there is a dominion of that factor, a dominance of that order of cause and effect that has truly been manipulated to the limit, the power of manifestation of the God-Self and spiritual communion with the deep realms of peace and wisdom of Universal Order that manifests not out of greed and certainly not out of agendas, but manifests purely from the form of consciousness that is balanced with the law of the Universe, which is love.
(Long pause)

The purpose for this communication is to enhance superconductivity for those souls on the Earth that are ready to experience co-creation with the divine elements that manifest form from the consciousness of Universal Oneness rather than from artificial structures that are self-replicating manifestation patterns generated from unsustainable consciousness, false doctrines that have been a dominant force from the extreme polarity of disharmony which is manifest as violent sociological tendencies and behaviors in the human community.

And the word “violent” is used for any action that violates the sustainability of life. The way of Universal Oneness is the pathway to the inner realms. This transmission is a bridge for those who are ready to cross over into relationship with the God-Self that manifests as harmonic creative potential in the realm of physical manifestation.

This transmission opens a widening in that field, and that which you’ve known to be the narrow gate opens wider now. That field is vastly more accessible. This widening in the accessibility planes to the inner realms is a dimension of light that sustains harmonic relationship between the inner planes and manifests reality. This transmission itself is an exercise in consciousness, fluidity and form, and, in itself, opens a space of consciousness for the dignity of the soul to be coherent with the purpose of manifest consciousness in the psyche of human existence.

The words “dignity of the soul” is used because, with this form of self-dignity and alignment with balance of universal form, the psyche of the human is in right relationship with the Law of One and is less prone to guilt, shame and fear, and more inclined to higher levels of manifestation that uplift the quality of reality and the harmonics of life, order, and the patterns — the patterns that illuminate the world with the absolute potential for blessed existence.

The time for the opening of these planes is now. These planes open, and the invitation is communion with the highest principles of the God-Self. The invitation is to manifest from the pure source of Universal Oneness rather than manifesting from stagnant planes of chaotic energies that ultimately bring demise and sorrow. And faith is the way — faith and dedication to the higher principles of conscious relationship to the Infinite Oneness mirrored, mirrored in relationship with all that is.

The purpose of this transmission is to open this field to sustain the living hologram because the chaos will continue to be effective in disturbing the old unsustainable patterns; and the opening of this field nurtures the high consciousness and supports wholeness of action, word, thought and deed. And you who are ready will tap into this field naturally and find comfort and peace here.

Blessed be, so be it and so it is.





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