Ascended Masters 20120912 Lady Nada and The Ascended Masters of light, All Is A Great Tapestry Of Light


Channeler: Ray Dawn

Dear Ones we are here to be with you in this way and at this time to speak to your living essence, yourself, as the living essence of love that you are in truth!

You are this living essence of love that is as well your divinity. This divinity is your presence, as a being of Light; a true knowledge that you are Light, you are from Light, you are made of Light. Light is living essence and it is all knowledge, all wisdom and all creation. In everything that is it is made of pure Light and the filaments of this Light create your reality.

In this reality that you deem as very real to you, it is quite moldable for in it’s essence Light is continuous and reflecting. It is Light that is moving and changing as reflected Light and sound moves like the breeze. It is flowing and alive in its true essence and it is awake and alive as you are. All matter is made of this Light including all that you perceive and all that you are.

As this Light is all that is, and is all creation, and as well must be you. Why does it feel that you are not truly seeing this or knowing this in your reality?
If we could stop time with you- in this moment- to help you to see what is truly real, we would ask you to come into this knowledge by allowing your essence to know that this Light is you. Give yourself this moment to come into this awareness that you are this divinity of Light; right now, where you are… Light, you are. Light you are made of; Light you are from. There is no separation from the Light and from you… are your shadows also made of Light? Yes, the shadow is made of this Light for it is also resonating as Light- but in your knowledge or awareness you are not able to see the threads that make up the darkness. ALL IS A GREAT TAPESTRY that is connected so intricately to create all reality. All is connected… All is Light.

We speak to each of you to come into this resonance of knowing this Light from within, to re-awaken the knowledge within you. A long, long time ago you were this Light, you helped to create this Light from the darkness and you breathed Light or life-force into this Light to form reality which brought forth new experiences. New creations.

This time now is the return of the Light, the knowledge of the Light and the Light within you, it is all one and the same, the Light out there, is the Light within you; it is your divinity. We ask each of you to acknowledge this Light, to honor it, to allow it’s awakening; as it is who you are. These filaments of Light are your consciousness that is awakening within each of you, coming alive again to the memory of All Light, of the tapestry of Light, of how intricately connected each particle is… For all Is You!

We love and honor each strand of awareness that is all the fabric of creation; we are all creation for we are you.

Remember this message and align with the knowledge within… you are Light, you are this essence of divinity… this divinity is your consciousness and it is infinite.

We love you and greet you in this resonance of home. We are… as are you.

We thank you.

Lady Nada and the Ascended Masters of the Light, your true family in one resonance of home, we sing with you forevermore…

Of the Light, for the Light, in the Light, we are the Light, in truth we are One…

Ray Dawn








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