The manuscript of survival 20120911 Heavenletter #4302 Like a Sun to the Earth, September 4, 2012


Heavenlettersâ„¢, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:

Babies when they smile and coo are not thinking: “At this moment I will show love.” They are not thinking at all. They are simply radiating love. Love is where they are. Of course, a baby’s tummy is full. He has had some good sleep. He is taken care of. All is right with the world. How easy it is for a baby to love. They simply love.

You, too, can love. You, too, can know you are loved, that all your needs are taken care of, that you don’t need to think of today or tomorrow. You can know, as the Great Ones do know, that all is well. All is taken care of. Furthermore, even in the midst of woe, all is taken care of.

The Great Ones were not blind to the woes of the world, yet the woes were not what they put their attention on. Like the babies of the world, they were not thinking: “I will give out love now.” They loved. They did not think: “I will give out love to this one today.” They were not thinking: “I will give out love to another one tomorrow.” They did not think about it.

If it could be said that they were thinking about giving love out at all, then they would have been thinking: “I give love, and that’s what I do. I give the wisdom of love, and I give the heart of love. I am someone who loves. This is what I am. I pin no medal on myself for giving the love that is mine to give. It is mine to give. It is as natural for me to love as it is for me to breathe. I do demonstrate love, yet the love I give is not a demonstration. It is like water from a well. I pull up a bucket of love from my heart, and I simply share it with all.”

Love loves. And your heart, left to its own devices, loves. Imagine what it feels like to just love, to just beam out love without thinking about it. It is like going down a street. You just walk on the street, or amble. You do not have to think: “I am walking down this street.” You simply walk. And that is how you love.

You love the way the sun shines. The sun only knows how to shine. The sun doesn’t have to think: “Let me shine my rays today.” The sun simply shines its rays day and night, and all on Earth receive its rays. It is so simple for the sun to shine. This is what the sun does. It shines before all. The sun lets its light so shine before all.

Somehow, on the planet Earth, an idea grew. The idea that it is dangerous to love grew. The idea grew that love can be cut off, that your love can be cut off, that even your love must be cut off for self-preservation. This is a great illusion that grew on Earth. To preserve yourself, your equanimity, you created a shield around your heart. You allowed your heart to come out only at certain times and under certain conditions. You limited love. You contrived love. You gave it directions. You attempted to make love safe when love itself is your safety, beloveds.

The thing is that you don’t invest your love. You don’t apportion it. You love without a bank statement. Love is your statement. It is your Being. Love is what you are. Free yourself from hampering love. Love instead. Love like the Great Ones Whose love is still shining. It shines on you. Simply radiate love and be like a Sun to the Earth.






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