Alpha Spaceship 20120911 Blossom Goodchild – September 7, 2012


Good morning to you. Hope this works, as yesterday’s attempt did not. So here I am … giving it another try.

We would say that today’s attempt will be successful. Yesterday’s was due to stillness of the mind on your part that couldn’t quite keep still.

I’ll buy that. So … what’s been happening with you lately?

We have been as we always are. We are in PEACE and when one resides in such a disposition there is little that shakes the system no matter what takes place. We wish to reiterate that we are the ‘Overseers of the Overseers’ therefore would we say … that what we do is ‘oversee’. We make sure there is smooth running of plans and alter courses should they need to be adjusted due to happenings all around that may insist we do so.

Ok. So have you been kept busy this week with that?

Not particularly. For all is in alignment and running smoothly. Consider that we rarely underestimate those of your planet and their antics, so more oft than not we are one step ahead. Although we must say that there has been more than once that we have been utterly amazed at the lengths they will go to … to have their own way. These lost souls although in power … as they assume … live in fear. Do you see? They are afraid of losing all they have … they lost who they are a long time ago … and now it is only possessions that make them feel at home.

 Imagine this dear ones. Losing the self … the ‘FEELING’ part of you. These souls can no longer FEEL for they have travelled so far down the path of greed that it came to a point where they had to turn feelings off because their reality of who they were becoming … and what that involved … became far too painful to acknowledge. This is how they are able to continue as they do. They have no FEELING that is ‘on’. They turned ‘off’ emotions and found themselves in a void of darkness and will allow nothing to get in their way.

 Yet we say to you … WE are in their way. YOU are in their way. For who is the strongest? Some of you ask how the Light could possibly win over such atrocities that they control.


Now that you have found your Lights and your flames burn ever brighter … these lost souls KNOW that their days of ‘ruling’ are coming to an end. They know that there is nothing that can destroy the strength of LOVE … And LOVE is what you are … who you are … what you are waking up to … who you are becoming once again …




You are still waiting for something to happen are you not?

Of course. Don’t get me wrong, I am not hanging on every moment for it to happen. Not at all. I am doing the best I can in my thought training to BE HAPPY… to BE LOVE … and allow whatever is to unfold to do so. Yet, naturally as the days draw closer and closer to the end of the year … I cannot help but wonder what is going to take place.  Those who are awake surely must think about this now and then.

This we understand. For there is expectancy in the air. All around you. Like awaiting for the contractions of one who is about to give birth … any day now you think … surely any day now.

Well, yes and no. I feel I have become so used to the way it is … and learned not to get too excited when I hear about something that ‘may’ happen. There really seems nothing new to report from your end … and I would have thought there would be so much by this stage.

Yet there is so very much taking place.

That we cannot see right?

Yes. Do you not Trust us on this?

I choose to. Although many would say … ‘This is all we are ever told. When will we really experience TRUE evidence?’

And this is where we would ask with the deepest intent of KNOWING … for you all to remain in LOVE … and TRUST your instinct. Go deep within and ask if you TRULY KNOW that you are here for a reason … and that reason is so very very close to the finishing line.

We say ‘finishing line’ for we look upon it as reaching a pinnacle position on your time line and when reaching that place … it is as if the race is complete and you step over the line into a different ‘mode’.

We say to you that you will not be disappointed. Do not allow your psyche to consider disappointment … keep your spirits high. Keep the vibration high. This is the part at this time that you have come to play.

Choose to tap into ‘the sunshine’ of IT ALL.

Choose to be the strongest part of yourself that you can find.

Choose to be HAPPY.

For we say to you … if you knew what Truly lies ahead … there is no reason to be otherwise. You are reaching your destination. You are almost there.

Now you see … when you speak like that … ‘almost there’… at our destination’ … that could lead one to thinking that we are almost home. Yet if you are talking about ‘Ascension’ as I believe you to be … I thought you said that we would be moving up with Mother Earth and that we create this New World into being as we go … so how can we be ‘almost there’? Seems to me we still have quite a way to go.

We would express it like this. For we have learned that words can be so misconstrued and taken to mean so many variables … depending on the thought level of each individual who reads them. So, we would clarify this particular matter by saying that by crossing over the finishing line you have reached the destination that you were aiming toward. Because from that point … things will be so very different and so very much easier for you to RECOGNOZE WHO YOU ARE.


Because of the influx of energy that will ‘white wash’ your planet at a given time. We have spoken to you of Mass Awakening. We have spoken to you of a Big Event … This ‘white wash’ is part of this Big Event and TRUST us when we tell you that no amount of interference can prevent such a happening taking place. Yet it will be intertwined with other ‘happenings’ that will coincide to uplift ALL in a way that cannot and will not be ‘avoided’.

I was questioning you on the word ‘avoided’… did I pick up on that correctly?

Indeed. One can choose to react in many ways to this … yet avoidance cannot be avoided.

 So I am FEELING that by ‘white wash’ you mean a pouring of Love energy like we have never known onto our planet. (I am seeing a large bucket …pouring white wash over the Earth).

You are seeing it being poured to show what happens to Earth  … yet at the same time we are showing you that your Earth moves into a HIGHER place of ‘atmospherics’ … for need of another way to put it … As if SHE has reached a point where SHE is able to ‘slip’ into the next phase .

I am being shown here of Earth slowly spinning into ‘a place in a space’ and as it does so the ‘white wash’ oozes over it … (like custard on ice cream …. Mmm … very basic Bloss) So … this would suggest to me that Earth is actually going to Ascend into a Higher place … or new place.

Of course … and yet we wish you to know … as we have stated before … it is gradual … in that … when you are traveling on a journey … to a particular destination … you take a while to get there … enjoying the scenery along the way … stopping for a bit to eat etc.  You continue to travel …. until you reach that destination. You are not ‘suddenly’ at one restaurant … you get in your car and next minute … you have reached your destination 500 miles down the road. You ‘travel’ into it. In the same way … Mother Earth is travelling that journey NOW … and so are you. Yet you will reach a ‘landmark’ whereupon the ‘white wash’ will begin to ‘trickle’ and as you continue to travel towards your ‘current destination’ more of that ‘white wash’ will cover you.

So would you call this ‘place where the white wash appears’ … a new dimension?

We would call it a ‘halfway house’. For your Earth … as it is … could not enter the fullness of Higher dimension without travelling for some time engulfed in this ‘white wash’. As SHE continues to travel … the ‘white wash’ is absorbed by Her and all life upon Her. It cannot help but transform … as it is of this nature.  The Earth shall continue to travel deeper into that place … for as in ‘your world’ there are many layers of it.


You are travelling to your NEW WORLD …. Creating it in/as/through/Love as you go. Enjoy the ride dear ones. This is the freedom of choice you are given. You choose. Enjoy it … or fear it.

This is the most important decision of all … YOU DECIDE … YOU CHOOSE … do you want to travel first class or … chained up in a railway carriage?

Far out … As those words came through …’chained up in a railway carriage’ … I was a bit taken aback as I got a visual also. Purely because it connected for me with the camps that the dark ones have prepared … And I am surprised you used such an image to be honest.


Whoa … Hold the phone a minute … That’s a bit heavy. I thought you said the darkness has lost .

We did … and we mean it. Again … look how words are interpreted by the individual … depending on what one is aware of. For those who are unaware of such things … their mind would not have ‘travelled there’. Look at that sentence again …..

This is the most important decision of all … YOU DECIDE … YOU CHOOSE … do you want to travel first class or … chained up in a railway carriage?

Ok … on looking again … If we were to be chained up in a railway carriage surely we wouldn’t be going to the place where the ‘white wash’ lives?

Yes you would. Because no matter what … your Earth is going there.

This has been decided.

So it is up to you as to how you choose to get there.



YOU CHOOSE … The happier … more Trusting … more Loving … more Allowing … more Joyous … more Appreciative disposition you choose to BE … the smoother ‘first class ticket’ you’ll encounter .


Think about this. Think about this ALL THE TIME… and as you make your choices for the betterment of yourself and all mankind … you recognize more and more the soul you are becoming … and each blade of grass you step upon FEELS more and more like the green green grass of home .

God bless TOM JONES!  This was a nice Bridge Over Troubled Waters. In Love and thanks.

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