Messages of Light 20120911 Magatha from Agartha ~~ The big climax has almost been reached ~~ 10/09/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont


Greetings, brethren of Earth. I Am Magatha of Agartha and I greet you cordially. You are all most welcome! Today I wish to step forward with a message about yourselves and about your worth, your impact on the coming huge process called Ascension. Let me tell you that you all are, each and everyone of you, of the utmost importance in this process ; you are the ones who are playing a key role in this process of Ascension. This implies that there can be no Ascension without you nor without the key role that you represent, do you really understand the scope of that statement? It is so unspeakably important for you to persevere in those rather chaotic times, and to continue to be strong.  The last mile is the longest; You are nearly there.


The big climax has almost been reached ; actually it is now underway meaning that afterwards it will become more and more normal for you, something common. You will get used to the new and intensifying energies which already contain higher frequencies pertaining to the higher Lightworlds. But even that has now come to its climax. It is advisable to grant  your physical bodies plenty of rest as they need this just as they now need plenty of sunlight and lots of Love. Take good care of your physical bodies : they find themselves in stressful situations and they need the proper attention and care they so deserve after all the adjustments that had to go through for your own Self.

We strongly advise you to put your own physical needs in these times in the forefront whereas all other daily duties, based on illusory rules and regulations, are now best left in the background. They do not matter and soon enough they will prove to be no longer important for the way of life that is now emerging. All those habits, rules and tasks will no longer be appropriate in your new world. This fact is becoming more and more apparent for many souls amongst you. The awakened souls really comprehend what this means and what it is all about. It is quite obvious for us that a lot of hard work goes into it, to cope with this as it is extremely difficult to bring this into practice within your existing daily life here on Earth. The old systems have not yet fully collapsed so it is very difficult to find the way herein. Have faith and persevere! You are the waybuilders, the wayshowers and the Lightbringers on this planet. And all your efforts have started to make a way through the old and dilapidated system, which is but an illusion after all.


The unawakened souls also sense and observe these new changes which make them feel uncomfortable. They lack the understanding of what it means nor where they originate from. Can  you imagine how it must feel for them if it also for you, the open-minded ones, feels not quite comfortable. These unawakened souls really get restless and this brings up lots of negativity and disturbances, sometimes leading to outright restlessness, agression and a total loss of self-control. Stay always calm when confronted with such dire scenarios. Rest, love, harmony and Light will function as peace bringers in those kinds of circumstances. Bring peace first and foremost in your own life, in the life of your family and in the life of your loved ones. This will in itself reflect the peace out to Mother Earth firstly and to the restless souls afterwards. Remaining calm and centered is the key in this phase of your evolution and we really would like to emphasize this fact.


We, the Agarthans, are working tirelessly on your Ascension process together with our Beloved Mother Earth, since we also dwell on the Earth together with you, but not on the same frequency and depth. Very soon now we will come to the surface to share and to show you what we were able to build as a civilization and how such a new world could look like. Your new world will certainly not be an exact copy of ours because you will create on your own as per your specific dreams and desires you hold in your mind. Nonetheless, there will be similar traits. What will be undoubtedly similar is that your new world will know no fear, no disease, no death, no evil, no hate, no jalousy, no envy and no ego nor greed. And all that your new world will display is Love, Light, happiness, harmony and sunlight. All the other details will be your creation, so create well my dearest brethren of Earth! Create for yourself the most beautiful, the most cute world you can imagine, the world you’ve always dreamed of. It will all be possible, you have the power, you are the force! Make the best of it.


As an Agarthan, I really look forward to your Ascension and our Reunion. We have always sensed and seen you : and now the time has come for you to see us and to work closely together. In the not too distant future we will be able to show you our most beautiful city as well as our energetic equipment and ships. They all consist of beautiful light and they carry a higher frequency than yours. Just a little while longer before you too can sense these higher frequencies as warmth in your heart, as love in your heart for love can also be experienced in that way.


We greet you most heartily.

Magatha of Agartha.

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