Ascended Masters 20120911 YOU are LOVE Melch​izedek’s Weekly Mess​age ~ September 09 –​ 16, 2012 Channeled ​by: Julie Miller​


The speaking of death for some is morbid and unacceptable. But death dear ones is not to be feared. Death is not always when your physical body expires during this lifetime freeing your spirit to move onto your next phase. Death is often looked at as an ending of something old in replace for something new, vibrant and light filled. Death and rebirth occurs more often than some dear souls realize throughout their lifetimes. And this death and rebirth is not the physical action, it is the spiritual growth and development of overcoming past wrongs, fears, clearing and cleansing and so much more. The shedding of your former old beliefs systems is a death that requires little mourning because as you let the old go, you are already prepared for the new. There is no sadness, only rejoice and love.
With each new phase you enter through your growth from developing your ability to understand more detailed concepts and to use those concepts in every aspect of your life can sometimes bring further need of correction of Self as you are always progressing forward perfecting your many characteristics as you go – bridging the gap that at one time caused any kind of imbalance in your thought processes and peace of mind.
There is always hope dear ones as you enter any new phase of growth and development that will always affect your personal life and you expand your spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The hope is your ability to shine God’s love and light through all that you say and do. Through every phase you enter, you are reinforcing your hope and faith in yourself and in God. And even if further judgment crosses your path, the faith you have in yourself and in God’s love will enable you to react without being hurtful through wrongful use of words that have a habit of causing more pain than any stick or stone. You will notice a deeper calm has settled into your entire being dear ones and it is this calm that people will feel and sense. This does not mean you will not come face-to-face with people who are envious of you achieving such peace, and who will try to dislodge this perfect state of mind. Your faith does get tested and as you ground yourself through prayer and meditation you will not falter no matter how difficult the test. The faith you carry in your heart will persevere.
Through the death and rebirth of your spiritual journey dear ones; this is your ultimate opportunity of understanding and restoration of your mind, body and spirit. Once you truly believe in the Love of God and of His word which is Love dear ones, then your true salvation begins and what a glorious journey it is. Once you accept God’s love you will possess in a sense an eternal protection through His guiding Light and unwavering Love. It is through all your choices that you now face every day that delivers you to the outcome of the future you are aiming for. You may see many possible futures dear ones, but remember only one can come true. The gift of Free Will was bestowed upon all of you, providing you with the ability to choose one way or the other in everything you do or say. You may seek the guidance of an Ascended Master, a spiritual teacher, or even from God, but what remains as truth dear ones is that no matter what you are told or directed to, it is you that must decide to accept and follow through or not.
There are many souls upon your Earth that want answers now for what their future entails. They are in a hurry and have not developed the patience required to meet the knowledge they will face when they have learned all that is necessary before moving from one phase to the next. Given that, some want to know what is needed to secure them a place in the Divine Kingdom with God. Dear ones, there is no exact criteria. You know how to choose good from bad. And each of you has a different understanding of what that is depending on your culture and upbringing. What I will say dear ones is to maintain your faith in God and always make an honest effort to be as God as you are reflection of God in ALL action and word. Let your love that is pure and unconditional shine through all you do dear ones, do not hesitate – be all you can be through the Light that shines through you.
I am positive that there are many who have a different view of God and how you relate to His unmistakable energy. There are some who insist on calling him by YHWH, Creator, God, the Great Spirit, the Source, the One and many other names and titles. The bottom line dear ones are that all these titles all represent one being. How one person identifies with God is not wrong or right when they only know Him by a specific name. Respect dear ones those with different beliefs and values. Harping negatively because they use the term God that is not what you believe only represents the Ego side of your nature and not the Light that is ALL loving and accepting.
As through any opportunity to grow and to remove all discord and old ways that are no longer serving you in the highest of good, you are also eliminating all possible quandaries and irrational thought patterns. As you develop your ability to comprehend your own change and seeing the world around you change as well, you will have little problem identifying any discord that is likely to develop. You will have acclimated with enough confidence to be sure of your intuition and what feels true to your dear heart that your trust in yourself becomes unwavering.
This trust is important dear ones. Just as being able to love and heal others, you must begin with yourself first. There are many dear souls out in your world that require universal love and healing that you have the ability to provide, but first you yourself must love yourself and have healed yourself from all past wounds that have affected you emotionally and mentally causing at one time a great imbalance in your growth and development. Care of YOU must come first dear ones. Once you are satisfied with your own growth and progression, follow your own directives and heal others through your acquired wisdom through the many experiences you have weathered.
Each of you has so much to offer each other. As you guide another you are also learning dear ones. At any time you offer to help another, you are also helping yourself; it is never one sided. You don’t need to preach what you know, you only need to love and through your own actions that are pure and love filled; you will demonstrate all your wisdom and all the peace you have gained. Never think for one moment that you have nothing to offer because you have only begun or are having trouble understanding and trying to rush your journey. No matter how old you are dear ones, or how long you have been climbing your path into the Light of God, you are necessary and you have a purpose that is divinely chosen by God and agreed upon you before you came into world. Love is what you are dear ones.
God does hear you dear ones. He sees and hears more than many realize and often forget that He is right there inside your precious hearts. He has never forgotten you, even if you have had moments that were filled with doubt. Any rebirth you experience throughout your journey dear ones is your chance to shed negative thoughts and behaviours into positive love filled actions. The choice is always yours.
I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller




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