Ascension Earth 2012 Greg Giles: 20120911 Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 9/10/12 ‘Family Portrait’


Perplexed of many of these changes are your brothers and sisters who may not have access to the same level of information as you and some of the rest of you. We understand, and we wish to share information with more of you, more of the ‘general public’ as you say, for we feel this kind of information is very liberating, very freeing, very calming and reassuring. We feel, like roughened seas that may be calmed to a still quiet, we will be able to calm the fears and the concerns of many of your populations if they understood better our mission, our motivations, our reasons for being here, who we are in relation to them, where we come from and even what we look like, for there are many of your world who possess the answers to these questions, but there are far many more who do not, who have not any idea about us and it is they who we are concerned for, for we feel there will be quite a lot of unrest, worry, concern, fear, panic and yes, even a certain level of what we can call chaos, as there will be those of your world who will see our presence here as an invasion, for this scenario has been ‘fed’ to them, if you will.

They have been conditioned to believe this is possible through the cabal sponsored media of your films, television, books and magazines and all of the media outlets of your world, even radio, who portrayed extraterrestrials as invaders way back many decades ago when your radio was in its infancy. That too was a trick of the cabal. They were conditioning you. That was their intent even as long ago as the 1950’s, as they knew we would come here, they knew we would attempt to free you from their icy grip of control. They portrayed us then as ruthless, emotionless killers, for that is what they are. That is not what we are.


We are kind, we are gentle, we are loving and we are caring. We are concerned for you and for all of the beings throughout this entire universe. We do not conquer, we do not steal, we do not kill and we do not manipulate. We do not come where we are not invited. This you must always remember, for we would pack up and leave here immediately as soon as today if we felt we were not wanted here, if we felt unappreciated here, unneeded here or unwelcomed by you. You must understand this and you must believe this, for this is the truth. We need to feel welcomed by you and we don’t mean feel welcomed here to appease our feelings or our emotions or our ego, no. What we mean is we need to understand clearly that there are enough of you who want us here, who feel our presence and our assistance is needed and is beneficial to your people and your planet.


This is one of the reasons we share our messages with you and ask you to comment beneath them, for we need to accurately gauge your responses to our presence here in your world. We have been doing this by monitoring your online networks for quite some time now, far longer than you may believe or understand at this time. We have been here longer than you may understand as well, as we have always had our monitoring services here, and part of their duties was to monitor your online social networks and your online communications that are publicly accessible. We remind you we have never and will not ever access or read any of your private communications such as E-mail, or even your messaging in social networks that are sent through the private route. We only read what you post as publicly accessible messages and content. We wish to be clear about this, for we are not ‘Internet burglars’, if you will. We do not violate rules, laws, policies or any beings rights within this entire universe.


This is one of the things that separate us from the cabal, as they monitor your Internet and they do violate all of these things we have mentioned. They read your E-mail, they read your private messages and they share this information with others in their organizations and other organizations as well such as secret agencies, government agencies and intelligence agencies. They compile dossiers, reports and profiles on you, and they stamp them with approved or disapproved with a big red colored stamp. Disapproved means that their plans for you is to pick you up and incarcerate you into one of their many ‘internment camps’ as they call them, or as we call them prisons or concentration camps, for this is what they truly are. You would not be interned temporarily; you would be incarcerated until death, for that is their plans.


They do not wish for freethinkers roaming loose in your world, and they compile lists of who they think is a freethinker and who they think is a thinker like them, a thinker that is easily controlled, manipulated and frightened into ‘toeing the line’, as it were. We have access to these lists, yes, we do. We have our own counter intelligence methods and techniques and ours are severely more sophisticated than theirs, we can assure you. They cannot cross a ‘t’ or dot an ‘i’ without us being fully aware of this. They are fully aware of our capabilities, and so they plan and scheme to improve upon their intelligence gathering, their spy networks and their entire cabal infrastructure and they squeeze more money out of you, the taxpayer, the citizen to pay for all of it.


We have been monitoring this too. We have rounded it down a bit roughly, but we can surmise how much of your money has been stolen from you throughout the decades and even centuries, and we will say this money is not in the billions, is not even in the trillions, but beyond that. Yes, this is how much money they have stolen, pilfered and extorted from you, your family and your friends going back generations. We have plans for this money too, and it will not be given to us and our members, it will be taken from the members of the cabal, from their institutions and organizations and from private bank accounts onshore, offshore and secret, and it will be re-deposited in the accounts and the pockets of you, your friends and your family and all of your loved ones, all of your neighbors and all of your citizens who are the rightful owners of this property, this money. Yes dear friends, this is one of the surprises we have for you.


There are countless funds available for this redistribution program. There is so much of this money that has been taken from you, and since it has been taken from you it hasn’t disappeared, it has been reinvested, you could say, in one way or the other. In many ways, it has been turned into properties, gold bullion, sometimes diamonds and precious gems and stones, but mostly it has been taken from you and spent on labor forces and on weaponry, to better and more completely control you, the people of Earth. It is those funds that cannot be adequately recouped, for what are we going to do with a mountain sized arsenal of weaponry but evaporate it, cause it to vanish and disappear from your world, which is precisely what we are going to do with this mountain of junk, of rubbish, of energy stolen from you and turned into vicious destruction and monsters of death’s machinery. That is our plans for all of the weaponry of your world and this includes my dear friends, the personal arsenals that many of your people possess.


Yes, we must tell you this, for it is the truth. Your new 5th dimensional world will be a world where the citizenry is not armed to the teeth, for they do not need to be armed to the teeth. They will not need any weapons at all to defend themselves. We have ways, methods, techniques and technology to protect the citizenry of the planets that we assist, and we will share these means with you in the days to come when it is the time for that particular program to be implemented in your world. What we will be requiring is every single citizen of your planet to willingly hand in all of the weaponry they process. This includes rifles and automatic weapons, semiautomatic weapons, handguns and other kinds of weapons as well including tasers, swords, knives and bludgeoning weapons and whatever it is that you possess in your home that has been made, bought, sold or bartered and is used or is to be used as any kind of weapon, offensive or defensive, we will be requesting these of you.


The reason is simple. A world without weapons is a much more peaceful and safe place to live, for weapons are only used for one thing and that is to hurt or injure or even kill another being, whether it be human, animal, or any other creature on your planet, and this will not do. Not if we are going to share with you our technologies, our knowledge and understandings, for what we have to offer you is so precious, is so valuable, that we feel you have to do your part as well to turn your war zone into a peaceful and harmonious, prosperous and rewarding, fun and enjoyable paradise.


We hope we are going to receive your assistance in this particular program we are describing, for we will tell you that we have visited other worlds before who refused to hand in their arsenals, whether they be large or small, military, governmental or private, and we tell you today for this is the truth, we packed up our bags, our spacecraft and all of our personnel in the form of incarnated Lightworkers and we left, and until this day we have not returned, for they have not changed their ways and they feel possessing handguns and rifles in their home is more important than the projects and programs and gifts of knowledge and technologies that we offered them. Can you believe this friends, that there are worlds today that are suffering through calamity and chaos, pollution and destitution, hunger and violence, financial instability, corruption and war just like your planet is, a world just like your planet is today, and they chose instead their weaponry, no matter how primitive it may be, over our assistance, our gifts, our efforts that could have changed everything for them for the better?


This is the choice those of your world will also have to make in the days ahead and we will make this very clear. As you can understand, since everyone will have to hand in their weaponry no matter what size or shape or kind before we initiate certain of our advanced programs and projects for you, we will have to make suitable announcements through your media outlets, for we cannot just share our messages to you in this way as there is such a small number of you reading these communications. We will, when it is the time for this, access your major media networks for these types of bulletins and announcements that must be made, for it is a necessity to be heard by all of the people of your world, no matter if they live in a big city or a small village alike.


This is just one of the programs that will necessitate the need for a major announcement. As you can see, the people of your world are going to learn of our existence and our presence here one way or the other. There is no way that we can continue with certain projects without the people of your world learning of our presence. This would be what many of you refer to as ‘disclosure’, so yes, disclosure will occur in your world, you can remember these words, for all of the projects and programs and changes that we have in mind to assist you with cannot take place unless all of the people of your world understand who we are, why we are here, what we have to offer and what they need to offer in exchange for these gifts.


Now that we have made ourselves clear on that we feel many of you who have wished so much and demanded for so long and have worked so hard for disclosure can take solace in knowing it will happen, there is no way it will not happen, for we are not leaving here until we make our offers clear to all of the people of your world and this cannot happen unless there is some type of communication between us and between all of the inhabitants of your planet, not just a handful. So even though we do not foresee governmental announcements happening all at once or any large major event that commands the attention of all of the people of your world, we do see other methods to share our communications and announce our presence here in your world with all of the people of your world.


Do not concern yourselves with how we are going to do this, for we have seasoned methods and techniques that we have employed before throughout our many travels and missions in this universe and we have several methods to choose from, and right now we are deciding which method, which technique would be most suitable for your world and the people within. We will say that our methods are severely more complex and sophisticated than landing at the 50 yard line at your Super Bowl or flying overhead one million ships at a time or even having your presidents or your leaders of your countries announce our presence, for these individuals would only ‘stir the pot’, as you say, and cause more fear through their slanted and distorted lies and propaganda.


We cannot trust them with these announcements, so we will not even ask them or offer them to make these announcements. This has been widely misunderstood in your world, where many of you are waiting with bated breath, as you say, for your world leaders to make these disclosure announcements. This has never and will never be part of the plan. Your world leaders, almost all of them, cannot be trusted, for they are merely employees or even members of the criminal cabal. Yes, even the leaders of your most popular countries. We will not mention any names here, for we feel you know precisely who we are talking about and we say to you right now and we say this clearly and we wish you all to listen very carefully;  he is not a Lightworker. He is one of them. He is a paid minion of the cabal. That is all we will say about him, although we will add one more thing; he will be going to prison. He will be taken into custody for his crimes, upon which time he will face a panel of judges who are not his judges, his hand-picked judges. They are not his appointees. These are not federal judges who are also just members or associates or paid minions of the cabal. You do not have any of these federally appointed judges who are not minions of the cabal, we wish to also make this clear and we also wish to say that they too will find themselves in front of our judges. This is the way it will be, for this is the way it must be, so we say on this day.


Now that we have straightened this matter out about a few of the individuals in power in your western world, we will continue our discussion today where we left off yesterday. We had promised you that if our channel Greg wished to receive descriptions of what we, we who send him messages on a daily basis, look like or appear like, we would do just that and provide you with these descriptions. So without further ado, let us begin with what we feel will be a fun exercise for all of us.


We are many. We are not just a few beings or individuals that share our messages to you through our channel. We are many, we are several dozen. We take turns in a carousel, if you will, where each of us takes turns sharing messages through Greg to you. We often times work in groups, as our energy is more powerful coupled with each other, collected with each other. To say in other words, we form small groups of us and we read to Greg our daily messages together. The more of us the better, as the signal of our communications to Greg is strengthened in this way and he can hear us, or more we shall say, feel us, more clearly, more strongly, more confidently, and his messages will be very accurate as we wish them to be and need them to be.


We have been doing this since the beginning. There has not been just one voice or one being speaking to you, as many of you have very intuitively perceived, our messages change somewhat from day to day. They do not take on the same personality or the same persona or feeling. Yes, naturally this is true when it is not the same being sending you a message every day. We hope that many of you see now clearer and understand clearer why our messages are not written in the same tone, presented in the same manner, do not use the same words or speak of the same subjects every day, for you see, our messages are written by individuals just like you are individuals, and none of us possess the same exact personalities, the same vocabularies, the same writing style, the same poetic style, if you will. Some of us are a little sterner, to say, than the rest of us. Some of us are more serious. Some of us feel this is not playtime and it is work time, and as such there is work to be done and they cut right to the chase and they may tend to push a little harder than some of us who have more of a softer and gentler approach.


This is why some of our messages feel to you rougher or stronger or more urgent than other messages. It is not Greg, our channel, who is shaky at his task, and it is not his personality and his moods that are swinging wildly from day to day as so many of you believe and so openly criticize him for. It is not his personality, he for the most part is ‘steady as a rock’ as you say, and he simply receives our messages and quotes them to you verbatim, not changing or altering any of the words or writing style to suit his mood or his choices, but he simply shares our words that we send to him to you. I hope you all understand this, and perhaps you can, as you say, get off his back a little bit. Give the man a break. Day in and day out he shares these messages. He sits down at his computer and feels our energy, reads our minds. That is precisely what he is doing and he transcribes what we say to the letter and shares them with you. He asks for no compensation and never asks for a thank you, and what he gets for his troubles is slandering, slamming, insulting rhetoric day in and day out, over and over by so many different individuals in your world for so many different reasons as well and not all of them are cabal paid minions.


All we will say is there are a growing number of those of you who are cabal paid minions who have been attacking him and his work, for they fear something happening here, they see something happening here. Their leaders see that there are those of you following the words shared through our channel and they are growing deeply concerned, for they see what is happening here. They see that we are beginning to reveal more and more to you and they see that Greg’s work is growing a larger and larger following and they are scared and they want to do something about it, and do something about it they will not be able to do, for we will not allow them to stop this, to slow this snowball that is now rolling fast and growing larger down the slope.


Greg is protected. We have ships in his area and nothing will be permitted to happen to him. The cabal has been warned about him time and again and we will continue to warn them that if one hair on his head of very thick hair is touched we will retaliate and we will retaliate with everything that we have and there will not be a cabal member or a minion that is left unscathed and unpunished for this deed. We have been clear about that and we make ourselves clear once again. Now let us continue on with our discussion today.


So there are many of us with many different moods and shades, if you will, of our personalities, and we each take turns writing our messages to share through Greg to you. So you see why the messages change from day to day. Their tone, their manner, their demeanor, their writing style, the words and language used and the topics discussed. There is no conspiracy here. Greg is not making these messages up. There are many of us and we proudly share our messages through our channel to you, so this is why so many of our messages have a different make-up to them, a different feel, a different personality, are different in many ways. So now you understand who these beings are that write these messages and share them to you.


We are many different forms of sentient beings. We are beings from many different galaxies and many different planets. We all come from this universe, as this project here is a universal project, meaning it is not traversing the multi-verses, as yes, there are other universes besides this one. There are many actually, and this may surprise many of you. Your universe is not the only universe; we wish to make that clear, but this project, this mission that we are on concerns only this universe. It is a personal matter, you may say, although how personal can it be when this entire universe is involved and is affected? Nonetheless, this is our universe and our task and so all of the beings that are sending you messages through our channel are from this universe. That is all we can say that connects us in this way, as now we are talking about many, many different galaxies, star systems and planets where we are from.


So where is it we are from exactly? Well, we are from galaxies near and galaxies far from your galaxy, which you refer to as the Milky Way. We love that name, by the way. We have a different name for your galaxy, but now that your planet will be joining your galactic community, if you wish to change the official name of your galaxy to the Milky Way, then we will honor this decision and change our official records and the name of your galaxy. What do you think about that? Again, we love the name Milky Way, and for those of you who do not understand why it is called this, it is because there are white or ‘milky’ colored wisps of ‘cloud structure’, which we shall refer to it, that run all throughout your galaxy even to its farthest edges, thinning before it reaches the outer limits of your galaxy. So it has a milky white haze or fog or texture to it, so this is why you call it the Milky Way. We find that a beautiful name and so well fitting, and so we would love it as well if you decided and voted amongst yourselves if you wish to change the official name of your galaxy when it is the time for this. So again, let us move on to our discussion.


There are many of us from many different galaxies, some so far away that they would take eons of time to travel from their galaxy to yours if it were not for the very advanced technologies that we possess. We can ‘thread the needle through time’, let’s say, from one galaxy to another and across this entire universe in a matter of, yes, minutes. Think about that; minutes on a trip that would take your modern-day astronauts millions of years. This is true, and this is why we say when we share our technologies with you your lives will change drastically. Your world will completely change from the way it is today.


The means in which we travel and move ourselves and our equipment around is so advanced that many of you will perceive this more as a magic trick, for indeed, it will appear as magic. You will be able to travel all across your planet from point A to point B and all the way back within seconds. Yes, seconds, in many cases. How is that dear ones? Do you find that exciting? Do you find that useful and productive? Do you find that life changing, for we do, and we feel you will as well when we share and implement these technologies with you.


Again we remind you, that there will be certain concessions that your people must make and one of these is the forfeiture of all your weaponry, as we cannot have people zipping around your planet fully armed with intentions of hurting another. Do you see how we cannot share with you our technologies which will assist you in travel if there are those of you who are going to possess guns and rifles and grenades and bombs with you? We hope you understand this, and we will make our proposal official and clear to all of you in the days ahead. Once again, back to our discussion.


So what is it we look like? This is a question that we offered to answer yesterday and the public opinion expressed throughout your comments fields throughout your Internet was a very enthusiastic yes, you would like to understand better what our appearance is or what we look like. So here we go. There are those of us with scaly skin, green scales you could say, yes. There are those of you who will immediately conjure up an image of a reptilian-like being. Yes, there are reptilian-like beings among us. Does that surprise you? Does that frighten you? Does that scare you and lead you to believe that this is some sort of invasion, for we read so much through your Internet about these evil reptilians bent on conquering your planet and we say this is hogwash, as you say, this is nonsense. It is all a lie. It is propaganda. There are no evil reptilians here wishing to conquer your planet.


We hope we have been clear on this. We have let this charade go on for a while, for we felt there would be a wonderful lesson for you all to learn here, and we hope all of you who have helped propagate this rumor, this lie, this disinformation and have bought into this tale for quite some time have learned something, which is not to just go along with what others are saying or believe what you are reading on the Internet or even in books, no matter who is saying this. Go with your gut feelings, your intuition. Do you really think that we, your own brothers and sisters would allow some evil race of beings who wish to conquer you come here? No, of course we would not. You are safe, and the beings that you may see or describe as reptilians are here amongst us.


They are scaly skinned, for they live on worlds where their sun is very damaging to their under layers of skin, so over the course of an evolutionary period their skin began to harden a bit to protect them, that is all. The color of their skin also changed a bit, as density means color. Meaning the denser an object, the color will change. So over the course of hundreds of thousands or millions of years their skin changed from a lighter color, even a beige color just like many of you, to a darker color with a bit of a green hue, for green is not the color of evil. Green is the color of plants and trees and flowers and crops. Green is a beautiful color, and green is a very natural color, one of the more natural colors that exist on all planets. Green is the color of life, is the color of food and is the color of water in many places. It is the color of love and is the color that some of those who share their messages of love to you wear, and that is all this color is to them, it is a color they wear. It is not who they are or where they come from.  Who they are is loving and caring, considerate and kind, generous, forgiving and poetic beings that share their beautiful expressions and their messages of love and light, understanding, tolerance and guidance with you.


So let us move on now to another type of being that shares messages to you, and this type of being is tall, he is gray, he is thin, and he is just as kind and loving as all the rest of us are and even you. He is what you may refer to as a ‘gray’.  Yes, there are those beings that you refer to as grays among us. Remember, it is not what a being looks like, it is what a being is inside, and we tell you there are no beings among us who do not possess love inside, who do not possess kindness and gentleness inside. These beings that are here with us come from a world where it is common for their people to have gray skin, for they too have an atmosphere not entirely suitable for habitation and it causes their skin to turn gray. This is why their skin is gray. They are not born with gray skin, this may surprise you. Yes, those that you refer to as grays have white skin. This is why there are so many reports of people seeing what appear to be gray type extraterrestrials but are the color white. Now do you understand this? These are not different types of beings from different planets. These are beings who are simply different ages, for the ones that are older have gray skin due to the harmful effects of their sun.


So now you have it. Now the secret is out of the bag. The taller beings with the gray skin are the older beings, the elders of their planets and of their people, and the smaller in stature beings with the white skin are younger. We also have kept this secret from you, for we wished for you all to think about these things yourselves without us simply revealing the answers to these questions, for as we have said, when you take the time to study a mystery and try to get to the heart of a question you grow immensely inside and it is inside what counts we remind you, not what is outside. So without further ado we shall move on to another type of being that works with us and shares our messages through our channel to you.


His name is Greg. He is a being who is about 6 1/2 feet tall. He has blue skin, light blue skin. He has white hair. He has big blue eyes, beautiful blue eyes, kind eyes, loving eyes, caring eyes. He has been seasoned through a very long life span here in this universe. He is one and a half million years old in your years. Yes, this being is the higher self, the real embodiment of our channel Greg. Our channel Greg has a higher self, another one of him, if you will. He is here among us today helping share this message to his ‘lower self’, as you refer to him, though we refer to him as an avatar, a vehicle for the higher self to explore and to learn from a lower dimensional world. Greg, the Greg you know, the channel Greg is not being used unfairly in this way, for he agreed to this. He looked forward to this, and he is rather enjoying this, aren’t you Greg? So we say to Greg hello from his higher self to his, what we shall refer to for now as his lower self, and say to him you are here, you are tall, you are blue, you are white-haired and you have big beautiful blue eyes and this is all we will say for now about Greg’s higher self, for we will leave other surprises for future messages.


So there you are friends. Three beings who we feel may pique your interest today, and we will allow you to think about this and talk amongst yourselves about who you have met today and what you have learned through our discussion. We remind you that a being is not what he is at all on the outside. It is what is on the inside that counts and is the only thing that counts, and here within the higher realms each and every being that is here possesses love within himself, possesses honor within himself, possesses charity and generosity and kindness and love and compassion and understanding and forgiveness, and he possesses within himself the fire, the spark of life, of creation, and that is love, for this entire creation that we call our home, this magnificent kingdom has been built brick by brick through love. It is love that connects us. It is love that binds us. It is love that allows us to breathe, it is love that allows us to eat and live and smile and see and touch and feel, and what we feel is love when we touch anything else or another.


Today we hope we have reached you and touched you in some way and allowed many of you to drop the fear that you have been experiencing about some fictional reptilian race, and you also understand that there are many of those you call grays who are also just like you, who are also beings of love and compassion and are here on our mission with us to assist you find that spark that exists within you and your people as well.


We are the many faces of your brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light. Until tomorrow, we love you.



As channeled through Greg Giles






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