Contacting Beings of Light 20120910 Suzanne Lie: Mytre and the Arcturian Part 7: Bubbles of Reality


By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie – September 9, 2012

As I sat in the completely darkened holosuite, focusing on the void within my Core, I began to have sensations in my body. At first, my back and legs were stiff from sitting in the same position for an untold period of time. Then, my arms, shoulders and neck hurt, and my face twitched. Eventually, even my eyelashes and hair seemed to hurt.

Finally, the uncomfortable sensations ceased, and I began to experience my body as a flexible cord that was being stretched to its fullest length. At this point, the cord became increasingly warm and began to unravel. I was watching the imagistic language, trying to translate every image.

I believed that the pain and discomfort represented how my Soul felt while limited in the confines of this physical vehicle. Once I allowed that concept into my mind, my consciousness shifted to the perspective of being above my body.

At the same time that I was above my body, I also felt my form around me. Interestingly, I was having the sensation that I was wearing my body, rather than being in my body. In fact, I wondered if my body was flesh and blood or another creation of the holosuite. I then began to feel as though there was a third version of me who appeared as a cloud emanation who was floating far above me.

There was also a version of me that I could sense, but I could not see it. Nonetheless, I heard this me saying to an unseen friend, “I just had a very interesting dream. I was on a vessel in the sky. I was sitting alone in a dark room while this immense Being of Light watched over me”. I don’t know how I knew I was in a vessel. In fact, I didn’t know what that huge vehicle was or how ended up there.

Then, a curtain closed across my mind, and I saw my home on the Pleiades. I saw the beautiful green that covered our world. However, our homes were quite different from what I remembered. Each home was of living crystal, which could change shape and size with mere thought. Even though this world was different than mine, I felt very homesick when that image began to fade.

“Wait, I like this vision. I don’t want to leave here.”

“You never leave a reality” said the Arcturian “You just change your intention. All programs of reality are infinitely strung together. It is just that you can only take so much before your brain loses focus. It is best to paint your thoughts, so that you will not forget them.”

“Paint my thoughts” I began. I wanted to ask more, but when I looked at my body, I was a female from yet another reality. However, I was an artist and was using a small brush on a huge square of white material.

Unfortunately, I did not stay there either. Instead, my mind wandered around realities like it was shopping at a store. Just as I got used to visiting one reality, I was led to another. My awareness swept though reality after reality, as if I was searching for something, or someone.

I knew that I was creating these experiences, as I could hear the Arcturian reminding me that I was the creator of my life. At first I was a Pleiadian in all my realities, but when I surrendered to this process, I could experience myself as many other races.

I saw realities in which I was Antarian, Sirian, Tau Cetian, Andromedan, Lemurian and Atlantian. There it was. Atlantis was the reality I was searching for. However, that reality was in a time frame far in the future of my Pleiadian life.

It was then that I began to experience realities that were on totally different timelines than the one in which I thought I was living. With this realization, I began jumping through myriad timelines. I would settle into one time, then just an instant later, I was in a completely different reality in a totally different timeline. Then, I began randomly shifting through reality in times and places that I had never known existed.

I was wondering what the point was of this vision when I heard the Arcturian say, “BE Careful.” What was I to be careful about? Then I found out. The worlds began to course through my mind faster and faster until they all blended into a united flow of life.

The realities spun so fast that they started moving in inner, concentric circles as they traveled deeper and deeper into my Core. My dark Core was now filled with bright light and more activity than I could contain. I felt a sudden, upward force, as if a fountain had been turned on.

Suddenly, the many realities joined into one force of energy that rushed back up my core like an erupting volcano. The energy coursed out through my crown as a huge outward spray of light. I could see higher and higher frequencies of reality as the light was disseminated into the dark room, filling it with brilliant images of myriad realities.

Then, unexpectedly, everything stopped. The images froze in place and all the worlds ceased their rotation. Everything in the room became completely still, except for the image of myself. However, this image of myself was without a form. I was a swirling energy field, which was the only source of movement within the entire room. All the many worlds, which once revealed life, thought, movement and emotion were totally still.

I traveled from image to image observing the worlds that were stopped in mid-motions. Wars stopped with unexploded bombs in the air, parades halted with marchers holding one leg held in preparation for the next step and Starships hovered motionless in space. Every person, place and thing was totally still.

“What happened,” I asked the unseen Arcturian.

“You left time.”

Somehow, I totally understood that concept. I peeked into the many realities and realized that they were moving, but so slowly in comparison to me that they appeared to be still. I looked at my flowing form of pure energy surrounded by myriad bubbles of reality floating through silent, streams of light.

“What if I went backward, and instead of the realities flowing out from my core, they flowed back into my core? Would I travel back in time?” I telepathically asked the Arcturian.

“Try it and see,” was its response.

I thought about trying to get back in time by reversing the process that took me out of time, but wondered if I really wanted to do that. After pondering that question, I decided I wanted more freedom from time. Time had always been a bit of a burden.

Hence, I decided to experience more of my formless state. However, I did peek into several of the surrounding bubbles of reality to see if I had a body in any of them. I did this just in case I could not remember how to get back into form without joining a reality. Somewhere, in this room had to be the bubble of reality in which I was in a holosuite on an Arcturian Starship learning about time.

There were so many realities. I didn’t want to look into them all. Of course, I could find the Signature Frequency of that specific reality! But, in order to do that, I would have to remember how I was feeling, what I was thinking and who I was being so that I could recall the Signature Frequency.

I would like to say that I closed my eyes, but being a formless swirl of light, I had no eyes. Hence, I could only go into my imagistic memory. I remembered how I felt in the room when I entered the void of my core. I felt the total darkness of the void within and the dark room around me. The darkness actually brought a strange comfort. Yes, it was the comfort of having a form.

I was greatly enjoying being formless, but was also a bit concerned that I would not be able to return to a body, just in case I wanted to. I remembered the feel of my body after I had sat immobile for an unknown period of time. Time, it was already becoming a choice rather than a symbol for being alive.

I was not in time NOW, and I felt completely alive, vibrant and free. The juxtaposition of feeling in a body, which was cramped, tired and in pain, pulled my energy field toward a certain one of the many bubbles of reality. I did not resist and allowed the images and sensation to direct my flow. Then I found myself interfacing with one of the reality bubbles and decided to look inside.

Bad idea! I was instantly pulled into that reality. The room was dark, and I was inside of a dense form that hurt in every imaginable fashion. My mind was racing with undirected thoughts, my emotions were only dimly controlled and the body was so dense that it felt as though my energy had hit a dense wall.

I tried to pull back from the onrushing density, but it was too late. I was pulled into the darkness, into the thoughts, into the emotions and into the body. “Ouch!” was my first comment. I spoke? I had a voice and thoughts were in me rather than around me. I was no longer a flowing energy field and my body was the dense form with which I had just collided.

I tried to get out of that body, as it no longer felt like me. But it was too late. I was trapped in time once again. However, now that I had experienced the freedom of being in the NOW I was determined free myself again.




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