Messages of Light 20120910 Heavenletter # 4308 Into the Light of God , September 10, 2012


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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:

You and I, We live in the same country. Yes, We do. Only your perception is less wide than Mine. We are working on your perception. As soon as you are perceiving as I do perceive, a whole new light will fall on the Earth, and your breath will stop for a moment as you look in awe at what you had not seen yet always was, was always right in front of you, yet you did not see.

Now you have put on My glasses, and so now you have My vision. Now you see from a wide lens. Oh, My, what a difference the lens you look through makes. The time is fast approaching when you will have dual sight. You will see the physical manifestation. You will see houses ready for new paint. You will see streets with potholes. You will see the world as it appears to be. At the same time, you will see the spectacular light that the world radiates, and your vision will zoom and take you with it.

You will begin to see what really is. You will begin to see what lies beneath the surface, and the surface will take on new light. You will look again. You will have double vision, so to speak, and you will be in awe at the beauty and light you now see. Your vision will rise. Your whole take on life on Earth will rise. You will rise to where, in truth, you are and always were.

What will have changed is your vision and your acceptance of your new vision. You will see walls. You will not walk through them. You will not do parlor tricks. You will see with new eyes, and you will be in awe of and be enchanted by what you see now. What you see now was always directly before you, only you did not see.

The shades were drawn closed. You didn’t realize. You thought the room you were in was dark. It wasn’t the room’s fault. The shades blocked the light that belonged to the room. All you had to do was to pull up the shades.

The shades are of your making. The shades are of everyone’s making, and so you wonder why I attribute the shadowing to you. But, of course, beloveds, you don’t think I keep the shades closed, do you?

If I did not keep them closed, who did then? And you, who seem to be many, are really one, so what is another’s lack is also yours. At the same time, the whole world is yours, and it is yours to transform, or, rather, your vision is yours to transform. It is possible for you to see better. Oh, or perhaps you have been wearing sun glasses with darkened lens. Yes, certainly, you have been wearing dark glasses. You see the world as you see it, of course, and, yet, how you see can grow and change. The blind will see. You have been blinded to the totality of beauty of life on Earth, and now your eyesight is improving. Pretty soon, you will have 20/20 vision when it comes to seeing beyond the obvious, and so, beyond the shadow of a doubt, your vision will no longer be shadowed. You will pull up the blinds, and you will let bright pure sunshine in.

Because you have been in the dark, it will take some time for your eyes to adjust and to see clearly what is before you. As you lift the window-shades, you lift your vision, and you lift the whole world — you lift the whole word into the Light of God.

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