Ascended Masters 20120910 Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Embodying Your Presence Part I


Embodying Your Presence     

Part I

 The potential to embody the consciousness of your Presence is an offer that is before the heart of every soul in every lifetime, yet never have so many Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings come forth to assist you in making this a reality as now! You are receiving planetary, solar and galactic assistance because this is the time for humanity and your Earth to move into the 5th dimension. Celebrations will soon be in order, yet first we call each of you to focus your attention on what you can do before the close of this year to harmonize and merge your minds, hearts and bodies with the expansive consciousness of your own God Presence. This year of 2012 will continue to offer you the accelerated frequencies that you can now use to prepare yourself for embodying your Presence.

~ The Councils of the Cosmic Christ    

You are entering a time in your glorious awakening where your attention needs to be much more focused on the internal satisfaction that comes from being increasingly present as your essential God Self, and much less focused on the pleasures that the outer world has to offer your ego personality. In this time of the Great Shift in the Ages, you have the opportunity of lifting your emotional body into the 5th dimension so you can practice using your extended senses to recognize and feel God in all of life. The more you practice seeing and hearing as your Presence, the sooner your emotional body can rise into its higher feeling capacities of peace, love, joy and bliss. 

There is a magnetic pull being created by the Great Central Sun that is calling your soul to embody more of the Divine Love and Light of your Presence so you can keep moving your consciousness into greater alignment with how you want to live in the new Golden Age. This must be made real for you since you are the ones who are here to manifest your visions into your present reality. This magnetic pull into more of the Love and Light of Source is as strong as a mother calling her hungry child to dinner. Your part is to prepare yourself so you can deeply savor this glorious homecoming!

Every particle of Light within your being carries a unique frequency that naturally assigns itself to a particular sector within and around your body, and just like a cell knows where it belongs and what it is to do within your body, this is true of your whole being when you look upon it as a cell within the body of the Creator. Your Presence ~ as your already enlightened Self ~ has agreed to sustain the highest Love and Light within a sphere around your body so you would always have a way to remember where you came from and who you are within the One Heart of Source.

The Love that is being sustained within the Heart of Source is the true magnet that is now drawing you back into your own God Presence. This great attraction was coded into your Divine Blueprint, where it is etherically written that you would one day remember that Divine Love is ultimately who you are, and when you re-merge with who you truly are, then you e-merge as a free soul unbound by your past or your future.

Humanity’s present emergence from your past age can be compared to a butterfly bursting out of its dark chrysalis. You have chosen to be here during the time of both the resurrection and the ascension into a totally new body of awareness until no part of the old you is left behind. You are now being urged to bring the physical, mental, emotional and etheric levels of your being into resonance with the 5th dimensional domain of your consciousness since this is where true Unity begins and you truly emerge from the chrysalis of your past age of darkness.   

The 5th dimensional domain of your consciousness has been mostly dormant since the last Golden Age of Atlantis, as have the crystalline strands of your DNA, yet your Presence has been sustaining these strands so they could be opened during these times. Your crystalline DNA must first move into alignment with your present DNA as well as with all of the frequencies that were previously sustaining your Spiritual Centers. Every part of you must become mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to embody your Presence.  

Those within the Councils of the Cosmic Christ have agreed to oversee a four-day Initiation process on 12-12-12 to assist you in moving into a conscious relationship with all of the 12-fold energy systems that will support you in living as your Christ Self on Earth, for it is within this profound and most important relationship with your own inner Christ that Unity Consciousness and the new Golden Age can truly begin.

Through the founders of the

Ascended Masters Mystery School

September 2012

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