Alpha Spaceship 20120909 Montague Keen – 9 September 2012


What you have been observing lately is the dividing line between good and evil, with governments making decisions that affect every one of you. It is time to find your voice, or be led, like sheep to the slaughter. The decisions that are being made are too important to be left to corrupt politicians. You do not want a world war with the mindless slaughter of millions of human beings on your conscience. This plan for war is the last effort to gain complete control of your planet. Is this what you want? It is time for you, the slaves, to find the courage, to realise who you are, and to exercise your right as human beings on Planet Earth. The evil ones leave no stone unturned to achieve world domination.

They do not belong in your world. This is why they make such efforts to change it to suit themselves. You have all stood idly by and watched them take control of everything. It was done by stealth. They took their time as they did not want the sheep to wake up and see what they were doing. They fooled you into believing you had enemies through clever brain-washing techniques. How they laughed at you as you bought into every lie – hook, line and sinker. The only thing they did not bargain for, was mankind waking up to the great deception.

We in Spirit are assisting you to see for yourselves, and to open your eyes and see clearly how you have been manipulated by the few who want to control the masses. You are the masses and you have now decided that you no longer wish to be treated as slaves; for you are quite capable of running your planet for the good of all and not just for the few, as it is now. Everything is opening up for you to do this. You are being shown the way forward.

Their weapon is MONEY. But soon you will not need their money. It was created by them as a weapon to control you and it has worked until now.

Good people are coming forward to lead the way to a better and just world for all. You are taking back your world from the usurpers. Once you make the decision to step forward, all will be made clear and assistance will be provided. The people of other planets are standing by: watching and waiting to come to your rescue with everything you could possibly need. Look up in your skies and you will see them. Why do you think your governments are using chemtrails to block your view, as well as to block the wonderful energy of light that is beaming down on you from on high.

You are on the greatest adventure imaginable and all are welcome. Sadly, some are still locked into three-dimensional thinking, where the acquisition of money is paramount. They are frightened to leave the rat race.

Our plans, on the other hand, are moving forward beautifully. We have no doubt that we will be successful. Each step is taken when guided, and one day, you will understand why it had to be done in this way. There has never been so much evil in your world as there is now. Care must be taken to get everything absolutely right. Act only when guided to do so. Only have people with you that you can trust; if there is any doubt, then you must act on it, as there is a lot at stake. It is time for all good people to come together in love and truth.

Soon the bastions of evil will be exposed for all to see. They will be removed from Earth forever. You cannot keep a rotten apple in the bowl, it contaminates everything that touches it. The cleansing of your planet has begun. There will be no hiding place for those evil creatures who have destroyed so much. They will not be allowed to hide in their underground lairs. They will not be welcome on Planet Earth: underground or overground. They will be removed as their time is up.

Look forward to getting to know fellow human beings from parts of the world that are not familiar to you. Remember that divisions of religion and race were weapons used by the Cabal to prevent you from discovering your real enemy. It turned human beings against human beings while the usurpers took control. You have to admit, it worked. They thought that all they had to do was to bide their time until the right moment for the TAKE OVER to come. How arrogant of them to believe that they would be allowed to take a planet and use the beings on it for their own purposes. Their LIES are no longer accepted without question. They are getting worried about what the man in the street will do when he realises what has been done to him. They will not have to wait long. Those are the people who have manipulated everything to deceive and control you. They wrote “Holy Books” to control your minds; they wrote history that is not true and has left you confused.

There are wise countries which now want to know the truth. They are researching it for themselves. We will guide them. Always remember what I told you when I first passed to Spirit: NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS. Everything is the exact opposite. Your soul is who you are, not your body; the body is just the vessel containing your soul. You have had many bodies over time, some very different to what you have today. The soul enjoys many different experiences of life. You will begin to remember different lives and experiences that make you the person you are today.

Concentrate on truth and light and the coming together of all who wish to live in peace and harmony on Earth. Create in your minds the world you want for the future. There is much that I cannot disclose now. We cannot show our hand, otherwise our enemies would take action. One big step needs to be taken, and it will. We are prepared.

My dear wife has much to do. She does see the full picture. I surround her with love and I am with her always. Love is what drives her forward to follow my guidance and to trust my judgement on matters pertaining to our mission on Earth. When people come together in love, everything is possible. It is time to say GOODBYE to the past: the future is ours.

Trust your judgement, my dear. Your adoring, Monty. Montague’s Message for Sunday, 9th September 2012





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