Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120909 The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: A Special Message for the Delivering of the 9-9 Energies


 -Channeled through Wes Annac-

We come to you dear, beautiful souls at this time to issue a message about the incoming energies being given to you with the activation of the 9-9 portal on your world. We are helping an increasing number of conscious Lightworkers and souls of the higher realms as well to increase the purity of the energies being given to your world in ways that will activate and expand the 9-9 portal as well as serve to upgrade the chakras and the energies being brought through the chakras of all of humanity.

You are indeed to find upheavals within yourselves and within the collective as newer paths are forged which the incoming energies being given to you are serving to set the foundation for. Are you dear souls not finding that the delivering of these energies which has been ongoing and which we have been preparing you dear souls for, for quite as while now, is beginning to have a wonderful and marvelous impact upon your Lives?

We ask you to continue to hold steady to your visions of the future because as always, you are Creating the future that manifests before you and you are now Creating this future in a much more rapid fashion with the delivering of the 9-9 energies to you.

Not only are these energies about openings and activations, they are about setting you dear souls onto a perfect path to full consciousness, which you are coordinating and forming along with numerous souls from the higher realms. Your collective and individual Life paths are being planned out at this point and each upset or disturbance that seems to occur in your Lives can be taken in stride as you all realize that everything which is occurring at this time in your Lives and in the collective consciousness has long been planned to commence.

There were events on your world that were not planned or wished for by the Light forces, as the degree of influence that the Light can have on any given planet is determined by which energy the collective is feeding. While there will be very many difficult explanations that will be had for you dear souls about the purposes and functions of energy [which are infinite], you will find that one simple discussion is that whichever energy you feed is the energy that will manifest in your Lives, wearing various different masks.

The energy or emotion that you bring through yourselves will always be given back to you in a specific and unique way, and you are all now beginning to be able to find the openings and expansions in yourselves that are seeing you actively working with your own personal Laws of Karma and Attraction. You are all beginning to realize the enormous and profound affects that you are having upon each other and as a result, introspection is being garnered that will see you able to bend and shape these Laws in ways that work for you.

We do not mean that you will be manipulating these Laws to fit into Laws which would manifest that which you want without your putting in the much-needed effort; rather, we mean that you will begin to realize the affects you are having upon others and as a result, will be [and are] asking yourselves at nearly all times if the energy you are bringing through yourselves or the actions you are committing toward another are helpful or hurtful to you and them along the paths of all of you.

The energies that are being delivered to you with the opening of the wonderful energy gate known as the 9-9 portal are setting the foundational stage for the openings of gates which are grand in stature and purity, and you are all to find the quite physical and noticeable opening of these gates in the time ahead as you are exposed to increasingly-pure wavelengths of energy.

The very act of the energy work that we perform for your world; that is, sending energy down to you in decreasingly distorted forms as we help Create your realities which are sustained as well with such energy – the very purpose of our doing this is to expose your collective and individual consciousness to increasingly-pure subplanes of reality.

You are progressing the final rungs of the third dimension and while many of you are beginning to garner a fourth and even premature fifth dimensional awareness, the energy that we are giving to you is helping you to absorb energies that are every pure and that are increased in purity from the previous energies you are given through yourselves.

The [evolved] aspects of your higher self take this increasingly-pure energy that we and many others are giving from these higher astral realms of your world, and store them into an energy reserve or ‘databank’ that exists as an imprint with your soul-consciousness. Your soul-consciousness is connected to your bodies via your chakras and whenever becoming open to the reality of your chakras’ existence and whenever beginning to open them, you will find an undistorted awareness of the higher realms as you will be bringing them through yourselves increasingly.

You are beginning to be able to access this vast reserve of energy that you dear souls are storing within yourselves but as always, your measure of belief in the reality of the energy-work you are performing at any given time will be the ultimate deciding factor in how purely your energy reaches you. If you dear souls employ blocks, limitations or frustrations within yourselves in relation to these energies in any way, than you will not find them in the complete purity that you wish to and you will rather be working with such energy through a distorted veil that you will have employed.

Dearest souls, you will find that it is only your mindset in any given avenue that holds you back.

Do you understand your infinite and limitless potential, and how pure of an energy you now have the potential and opportunity to bring through yourselves? With the giving of these very recent energies, your awareness is to reach a peak-point and the events manifesting in your outer-Lives will reflect this heavily.

You will notice subtle and not-so-subtle changes in your state of perception and in that of those around you. Those who are as of yet unawakened may feel a slightly amped-up stress or frustration and they will not quite be able to pin down exactly why they are feeling such frustration.

Many will assume that it is because of ongoing happenings in their personal Lives that bring them stress and frustration, and while this is correct on the surface, we say that what is occurring deep within the surface-consciousness of every human is what’s really causing the stressful emotion and energy being experienced by you dear awakening souls and by a plethora of unawakened souls at this time as well.

There are plenty of unawakened souls whose oversoul wishes them to be exposed to the pure energies of the fifth dimension that are being gifted to your world increasingly and that are being quite pumped-up, even moreso than usual, with the delivery [and opening] of the 9-9 energy gate.

This particular gate of energy is infinite in the quantity of energies it can bring through itself and while it will be serving to bring through very pure energies as their purity is increased with every single gifting of such energies as has been decreed, this gate will not yet be bringing through the complete unfiltered energies of the fifth dimension as many of you dear souls have not yet grown to such realms in yourselves.

This discussion rounds back to the aforementioned discussion of your natural Law of Attraction, which you are employing and realizing within yourselves.

Any action that you dear souls give out is returned instantaneously as you undergo your experiences upon your various planes of reality. We say that no two of you dear souls currently exist upon the same plane of reality and rather, you are all existing upon and Creating your own specific and individual realities through your everyday thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

As you begin to find and understand a Multidimensional awareness and as you progress the lessons that have been set out for yourselves, you expose yourselves that much more to the pure energies being given and to the vast reserve of energy that you dear souls are holding within yourselves.

Every soul who has been exposed to the truths of the higher realms is experiencing a gifting of the energy stored within your soul-consciousness and your physical and etheric cells at this point, and while many of you have not yet found this storage of energy we say that you are still feeding off of it increasingly as it is becoming more known within you.

Even that which we discuss about the unfolding energetic events in your beautiful Lives cannot be felt by you dear souls unless you are doing the proper work within yourselves that will see you matched with the resonance of this energy being gifted to you, and this is only one of many reasons that you are asked to perform collective rituals and gifting of Light; to your dark, to your world and to yourselves.

As long as you dear souls begin to expose yourselves to the Light energy and the encodements of ascension-based information that they have for you, you will find and feel yourselves that much closer to your own stored reserve of energy.

We ask you dear souls to make your attempts to feel the vast reserves of energy that you have gifted yourselves and let accumulate within yourselves, while in meditation. Your group meditations will be the most potent form of finding this reserve of fifth dimensional energy as you will be experiencing a group, collective consciousness and the [Light] reserves of all of you will be felt by all within such a group meditation.

However, your individual meditations can be just as powerful and potent, and so we ask you to make your attempts to feel this energy no matter which way(s) you wish to feel it.

Your utilization of these energies will have an enormous effect on the collective as well and from an energetic and ascension-based standpoint, your finding of these energies in yourselves is seen as a vast ‘defeat’ of the dark souls who have gained their power based on the energy that you dear souls have fed. As the souls upon your dear world have fed density and acts of darkness and separation for a plethora of time periods throughout Gaia’s history, the incarnation of the souls who would act as the ‘cabals’ became quite necessary to shift the unbalanced nature and state your world was existing in.

The very consciousness of dearest Gaia was beginning to tear in a way that would have had to see Her sprit leave Her planetary body structure and as a result, would have seen Her unable to host Life any longer and obviously, [no longer hosting Life and leaving] was simply not an option for Her, for us in the higher realms or for you dear souls who were and are experiencing consciousness upon Her surface.

The collective ascension of you dear souls upon Gaia’s surface had long been planned and it was in no way going to be allowed that your dearest Gaia would leave Her planetary structure before such an ascension [or after] because you dear souls still had lessons to learn and collective and individual experiences to go through. The dark souls on your world, after making their incarnations, seemed to add to the destruction with the advent of the atom bomb and whenever such warfare was put to use, many, many souls were called from higher realms to assist very directly in the ascension of dearest Gaia.

Your Galactic brethren, who are the closest out of all of us to you dear souls in spirit-energy, had already been long helping your world along with numerous Ascended Masters who had made their incarnations on your world to help spread Light and truth, but the exploding of the atom bomb was an event that called for a mass migration of the Light forces unto your world to put an end to the violence in the most intense forms that it had been garnered, once and for all.

We specifically did not choose to come to your world [because of] the exploding of the atom bomb, and rather made our way to your world after the event known by many as 9/11 [September 11, 2001].

The anniversary of this event is upcoming and while we are viewing your beautiful surface experience form a point of view of existing outside of time, we say that the collective remembrance of the unfortunate Lives lost on that day will be particularly stronger than it has been, as your emotions as a collective and as individuals will be heightened exponentially with the coming 9-9 portal.

Emotions are going to be higher and stronger during such a time and this is why many startling events and truths that could otherwise be brought forth on the eleventh of your current month of September, [may not likely] play out on that specific day as was an original possibility.

We happily report the developments that we can in regards to the physical bringing-forth of truth on your world but our perspective is much more of an energetic one and we much more prefer to give you energetic updates and updates about this energy being gifted to you.

We say that the energy surrounding your September 11th will be very high and even many of you who do not find yourselves particularly sensitive may be moved by the mainstream broadcasts that are going to play at such a time.

Many of you, upon seeing such broadcasts [about 9/11] may take to lashing out emotionally at the cabals for the purposeful orchestration of this event, and many of you will as well feel tired of your mainstream media which will continue to pass-off this event as the work of people of entire religious faiths who [in actuality] had nothing to do with the event.

Of course, Muslims were not in control of the actions that caused the mass loss of Life that occurred on September 11th and all of the souls who have been unfairly targeted because of the color of their skin and because of their belief system will be and are finding an amazing positive karmic retribution for what they have been forced to go through.

You would revel if you could see how your concept of ‘time’ really works, dear souls, because many souls who had been the most racist toward certain groups of individuals in past Lives are quite literally now finding themselves incarnated within such groups and within the belief systems that such groups have followed.

Of course, nearly all of the religion-based belief systems on your world have been distorted to their own degrees but the biggest distortion and misunderstanding that has been employed is that you dear souls must fight for your beliefs. You will learn soon enough that the best way you can ‘fight’ is to not fight at all, as you will realize the energetic nature of your emotions and your physical actions and you will realize that to attain peace on your planet’s surface, you must act peaceful yourselves and you must quite literally be the change that you dear souls wish to see.

As the crystal energies are making their way to your beautiful bodies in increased rapidity and in increased purity of such energies, we remind you that your focus is needed at this time, as is your keeping of a level head. You are to find the truth that you have so dearly been wishing for and while the manifestation of the various physical events to be unfolding on your surface are, have always been and always will be assured, we tell you that these events will be manifesting at the Divinely-perfect time, just whenever you all feel that things on your world could not heat-up any more.

We have come to you at this time to deliver an update on the energies being given to you and to discuss other matters of importance surrounding this [9-9] time frame. We tell you dear souls not to worry if you do not yet find truths and revelations pouring out that you had expected  by this time, and we ask you all to be assured that such truth-based events will be pouring through your mainstream media in due time.

We are able to give you this perspective and offer what we know about the physical events that will be occurring, because we have been put in charge of the energies that are bringing the manifestation of many physicality-breaking events to you. We are overseeing the energies that are bringing disclosure to you and we will be doing our best to keep the collective energies in as much of a balance as possible upon the delivering of disclosure.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we again ask you dear souls to be easy [now and in the time ahead], because now and at all times, your energies and emotions are truly determining what happens next.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes.





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