Awakening News 20120621 – DRAKE’S WEDNESDAY UPDATE




Folks, we are living in very interesting times. I can only say that I am so grateful we have had a full year of education from Zorra! We are so far ahead of the rest of the world, I sometimes smile….

Actually, I would like to introduce Drake to Hollow Earth Network where he could meet Zorra on the recorded calls … and become aware of our knowledge of Elenin, Billie’s visit to Helios and the Neptune. And Billie and Jane’s “trip” with us through Hollow Earth.

If you listen to the call, you will know what I mean, as the speakers are so excited to “release” the information that “Aliens are among us.” This has to do with many of us Lightworkers who are incarnated on Earth today. It sounded strange to hear them speak of “ET’s” and “Aliens” instead of our “Galactic’s” and “Galactic family and visitors upstairs.”

There were also reference to those who “ran away, went underground, and now “in Hollow Earth 20 million good aliens underground here to help us.”

Well, time is short and soon the real, direct messages will be on our living room TV’s. 🙂

And now, for the good news!

* Drake’s Letter to the Military asked that the public follow up with phone calls to the Pentagon. They reached the point that the Pentagon said “We can’t do our work; too many phone calls.” So Drake told everyone it was time to stop. Anyway, we got our answer…

* Drake knows a “preacher in the woods” who knows an Intelligence Major in the Pentagon. The Pastor called his military friend a week or so ago, but “nothing to report.” Then yesterday, when he pressed him, the Intelligence Officer said, ” We’re ready to do the factions. You’re not crazy… keep listening to Drake. You will see some crazy things that will be happening.” The pastor asked about time frame… “2 weeks?” — “No, it won’t be two weeks.”

* “Greenlight” — This will be a notice to Drake. 72 hours notice. This is when the sweeps begin; Sweep 1 and Sweep 2 of the cabal.

Also, the military can be knocking on our doors. Be nice; they are the good guys. Probably an officer and an escort. They will be looking for “tactical contacts” to help the military. Will have Permission Letter to authorize you 72 hours before.

* Information will be on six different mainstream media. Drake will be on it. Greenlight will be the military and us, together. Peaceful; no guns. Drake mentions Iceland and Southeast Asia, now. Also, strategic countries have sided with us.

* New governmental structure. Government structure will change; cut all ties with corporate government. First Project: Notification. This was when many states declared their sovereignty.

* First Contact – Pleiadians because they look like us and will be more accepted. New government – “Commanders” – “Star Gate” (examples). Some will be Ambassadors between “ET’s and us.”

* More talk: “…impending event within two weeks.” — “In the next few days we will see extraordinary events.”

* Law – NESARA (Yes, the trusted military does have copies of NESARA in the Pentagon . “They’re done – unconditional surrender.”

* Tomorrow (Thursday, June 21) Drake presents cabal with their last option: “Surrender. Present yourself to a military base, local sheriff, or local militia. Your families will be protected. – No surrender? Can’t protect!”

* Law goes from Maritime to Common Law. – Restructure of our government – voting – everyone must contribute to get things back in order. Work for all of us to do. We will have the technology to clean up our mess – industry – farming – our oceans that became a dumping ground! A lot of jobs! “It will benefit the whole of the Galactic Community.”

* Drake is working with the principals of freeing up the collateral accounts.


So folks, it is about to begin. Hold onto your hats! And this all fits in with what we have already been told via our Messages.

About the Messages. Both the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command have made some very serious announcements. This is about Earth changes … changes that we would rather not confront.

Will they happen? For many people, it is beyond their comprehension that something of this magnitude could happen in their lifetimes. But … here we are: Year 2012.

Zorra has already told us that Mother Earth must renew and refresh herself. Yet, I have had an editor from another website refuse to post Zorra’s messages because he could not believe the “Earth would be destroyed.” People put different names on this transition that Earth is taking to 5th Dimension. They just cannot comprehend a planet evolving before the eyes of our thousands of visitors into a new dimension. And we will be able to watch this final event as well!

Big things are happening. We, Earth, are the beginning of a transition occurring throughout the Universe. And we WANTED to be here! So, in my opinion … let’s go with the flow. Let’s not put a fearful label on this Event. We chose to be here; and here we are. We knew we would benefit from this experience. So let’s remember that we are eternal Beings gaining incredible experience through this Earth adventure. And we are here for each other.

I do love you, and I know we all love each other. We will travel this road together.

My love always,


Zorra calls me Galaxia
Ashtar calls me Eagle Commandress

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