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 20 June 2012 – 3:31am |  Ridoar




Dear ones,
Now is the time to melt duality, appearing as good and bad, light and dark, masculine and feminine, into One. Now is the time to transcend that dualistic mind through true and authentic heart-feeling, which is Love. Love has many attributes, and appears as joy, bliss, happiness.
If you want your path to be sucessful in these times where the battle between opposite forces are at their peak, allow the truth of the  inherent unity of all things and beings  to govern your heart. As long as you divide in dual pairs and fight against the “other” side of the coin, you give power to it!
So the only way, to truly achieve victory on your planet and support Gaia’s ascension and Her surrender to the Highest Consciousness, is by releasing any thought and emotion that is based on division and judgment.
Thereby it is not that you should not continue to discriminate between light and dark, but if you give weight to it in your thoughts, feelings and through identification with it, you will not be able to shake off the problems prevailing still on your planet.
Remember that you reinforce  what you resist and what you fight against. And altogether, what you repeat in your mind.
Therefore it is necessary that you withdraw for a time your main focus from the battle field and seek the Essence of Unity in your own heart. This is what ascension is about: transcending duality!
As long as you are fascinated and kept busy with figuring out opposites, you are reinforcing and maintaining your old world, and this is exactly what your controllers intention is.
Therefore to choose to transcend this dilemma, would be very wise.

Beloved, go deeper, let the struggle go which is occurring only in your mind, but never in your heart. Enter your heart and allow the Love, which is Unity, to prevail in your life.
At this point, do not feel and see anything else. As you are at the peak of the contest of the dual forces, True Light cannot win if you do not enter the next higher path in the spiral. Remember, that a problem can only be solved on the next higher level.  It can never be solved on the level itself, on which it occurs.
It is not that you need necessarily to direct Love towards something or towards somebody. You only need to BE Love, which is a state of complete openness, equanimity, without judgement, no withdrawal, no stress, but surrender to the depth of your single heart.
This state invokes the new frequencies and stabilizes your planet with the Force and Presence of Divine Reality.
If you do this, you will notice, that this Space is empty of duality and no foothold can be gained by those who try to control your situation. It is quite the contrary: they fall, they have nothing to hold on to, nothing to grasp, and their virtual reality vanishes before your eyes.
What is not on your mind is fading away. Remember that it is you who is creating your own reality. And what does not exist in your reality, cannot continue to exist.

The stars only exist because they can be found in the secret chamber of your heart, where creation begins.
The “ fight with the dark” is in reality the ancient battle in your own mind to finally learn to conquer the illusion that there is no Divine Reality. This is a belief, which has been implemented by your controllers, and they seem to prove it to you through your experience of the “outer” world.
But this Divine Reality is Standing in your own Heart, if you let it,  it is inside and outside the same. In it, the lesser realities that pretend darkness, so that also the light appears as a lesser phenomenon, suddenly being seemingly part of a duality, just disappear.
Beloved, it  is the other world, the world beyond duality, the True Divine Love, which changes your world and frees you from bondage, blame and judgement, and altogether from suffering. As long as you live in the illusion of dual pairs, complete victory can never be achieved, because the coin has always two sides.
But do not fear, the Great Blessing is underway to lift you up to the Radiant Chariot of Singleness. Just reach out with your hearts desire, and you will be carried to  New Bright Shores.
Turn to your Heart and you will Understand.
Love is Single!
I AM your Higher-Self

Message conveyed by Ute



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