Ascended Masters 20120621 All shall be as it is promised. – Michael channeled by Ron Head


June 20,2012

We will speak today on the flood of light and love that is arriving at this time of new moon and solstice. You have been given a short respite to integrate and assimilate the prior changes to your energy fields. There will be more such, but expect the overall arrival of rising frequencies to build swiftly from this point.

You will personally want to avail yourselves as much as possible of the opportunity to flood your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves with as much light as you can hold, letting it flow out from you to whomever and wherever it is needed. Your intent need only be that. Should a specific need enter your consciousness, of course you may direct the light and unconditional love of Creator to that person or situation. We are only saying that no light which flows through you into your world will be used for less than the highest good for all.

If you can find a group visualization to join, your personal contribution will be magnified many times over. There are more and more of these being organized every day. It is quite possible that we have something to do with this. And yes, we are teasing you.

You will find, from this time, increasing feelings of happiness, more reasons to smile, and greater feelings of love filling your moments. You will begin to see changes in the ways others react to your presence. Drink more light in each day and this will increase in proportion. Soon many of you will begin to see the light which is causing these changes. But even though others may not as yet be conscious of what they are seeing, their energy bodies will react to it.

You have heard often, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Dear ones, this you are being now. And the changes you are allowing in yourselves are spreading throughout the consciousness around you. You do not yet realize the great turning point you have reached on this day, but very soon it will begin to be apparent that something has indeed changed.

Those who stand outside and lament of a lack of forward movement will either allow themselves to begin to see or perhaps wait for further evidence. This is not something for you to concern yourselves with. Make your focus be the bathing of your world with the light and love of Creator and all shall be as it is promised. Reflect each day on yourselves and you will have all the evidence you will personally need to confirm the changes for you. Express your gratitude for that and our promise is that it will continue to increase for you.

There are some among you who are having a sort of healing crisis as deeply buried experiences and beliefs are surfacing to be released at this time. If you are not one of these, you may wish to intend the sharing of healing love and light with the growing and magnificent community of light of which you are a part.

If all of these suggestions should seem confusing to you, let us simplify. There is really no possible way for you to misuse love and light.

We are complete for this day.


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