Messages of Light 20120621 Your Eyes Reveal the Beauty of Your Soul Message from Archeia Lady Radiant Channeled by Julie Miller




It is wonderful to come through today and speak to all of you. Many of you know my beloved complement, Archangel Haniel. My name dear ones is also known as Maryllisa and I am often associated with a lily variety named, Amaryllis and it pleases me to be speaking to so many.

I come speaking mainly about appearances. Appearances can be extremely unreliable and many souls are still judging others from how they appear and how they write when none of that speaks of what is in their soul. Appearances can also be very misleading. My own appearance is unlike many of the angelic depictions that are easily found. What I do dear ones is absorb all the ugliness that is still apparent on Earth and I wear the shortcomings of others that appear on me like scars. There are some souls on Earth who are like this. They heal you when they are near because they are able to absorb your negativity and hurt into their own being. Their bodies grow and possibly become scared but inside dear ones they are ever most beautiful. And if you really took the time to look, you would see the true beauty from their eyes. The eyes reveal the soul and the truth. No matter how well you try to hide yourself, your eyes reveal what your mask tries to hide. 
Each of you dear ones has an inner beauty that is far grander than any beauty queen that parades in front of thousands of viewers. She may have a sleek physical appearance, but none of that doesn’t matter if the inner-self isn’t in harmony with all that is there that reflects exactly who you are. Your inner-beauty dear ones is the mirror to your numerous upbeat features and characteristics that will develop stronger and more progressive as you become more comfortable demonstrating love, compassion; the ability to give and receive gracefully the presence of the many spiritual beings that are waiting to support you when you ask and those physical beings that cross your path when you need understanding, comradeship and guidance of a non-spiritual nature. 
Each of you dear ones have all the necessary parts and potential to shine brightly illustrating the happiness that is inside of you just waiting to show the world. This happiness dear ones doesn’t happen with the snap of your fingers. Happiness comes when you stop speaking non-stop and learn to listen, when you learn to lighten your mood and smile more often, discover ways to feel more around you by thinking less – stop worrying and get rid of the mental clutter; a big one is begin judging less often and instead become more accepting, be more active towards what you want in your life instead of just watching, lessen your complaints because there is always someone who has less than you so instead be more gracious and thankful for what you do have. Another way to deliver happiness dear ones is drop the fears and love more unconditionally and not only to those you already love but to everyone and yourself.
I will help relieve you of your negative energy and thought-forms when you call for my support. I will take your negative energy and make it my own. It does not matter how this negative energy makes me look. Because the truth of beauty is thy eyes and from within. Taking your negativity away is my gift to you to help propel you forward a little further; bringing you that one step closer to the goals you have set for yourself. 
All those examples I gave you will help you discover happiness after you have searched and found what your truths are and what areas within you that requires a little fine tuning. Yes dear most definitely you will learn of things you no longer wish was there and that is the time to face the ugly truth and make it turn it into beautiful, uplifting useful energy. All it takes dear ones is the power of your thoughts and what you want for yourself and the future that is always coming and at the same time not going anywhere until you make the choices that will bring you to your desired possible future. After clearing away the feelings from any past trauma and difficult situations, I will come dear ones and wash away any lingering fragments. You must concentrate and focus on yourself and with my help dear ones you will discover your radiant beauty that shines from within through every pore of your being. We of the divine do not look at your physical attributes. We see the beauty of your soul, your heart that is always filled to the top with love. Peace will be found dear ones; it does require a little work but all things that are worth having require effort and care. You deserve to have peace and tranquillity in your life as well as love and all must start with you. 
It pleased me incredibly to speak to you through this chosen vessel. Learn to be kind to yourself, show a little love once in a while, it will do you a world of good.
And so it is, Archeia Lady Radiant through Julie Miller










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