Time for Change 20120619 Stand tall in your light now – Michael channeled by Ron Head


Good morning.  We will begin today by explaining to you what happened yesterday.  You were correct in thinking that the energies around you were chaotic.  They have begun to settle and you are integrating the changes in your field somewhat.  We know it was a worry for you, but we advise you that there is much more of this nature to come.  We advise you to be prepared.  Do not expect to receive pages of information from us each day.  From this point on, some messages may be short and some may take more than one day to complete.


There is more than enough information around you to keep your page active and informative.  Share the posts of others and do not feel compelled to produce each morning.  Much is about to change in your world, and your life is not an exception to this.  You may need more time to deal with what is occurring around you soon, but we assure you that when you look for us we will be here.


As everyone who is following these messages and the others which are coming forth understands, a critical moment is fast approaching.  Those of us who are not physically present on your world are now pushing strenuously for those who are to begin with the next critical moves.  For some time we have told you that it was your actions which would determine the timing of events, while many of you lamented our lack of action.  We are not here to force change on your world.  But the time for a firm and unmistakable beginning is upon you.  If need be, events will now dictate that action be taken.  Best, however, that it were initiated without such a necessity.


There are currently events happening each day that point to the changes we have promised you.  They are indeed beginning to escalate.  Some are beginning to be reported upon on your televisions and in your press.  The meaning of these things is being reported quite differently there than it is on your alternate sites.  It will take a while for that to change.  It will dawn upon some that the events themselves are interconnected.  When it becomes apparent that the link is the persons involved, then the cat will truly be out of the bag.

What is causing such confusion for you all, however, is the immense changes in your fields caused by the galactic alignment just reached and the solstice still approaching.  We advise as much time spent in integrating and centering as you can manage.  This kind of rapid change has not reached its maximum.  You may want to remember to intend the absorption and integration of the new as you go about your day.  Breathe with the intent of bringing the light to each cell of your being.  Of course sitting in quiet meditation is wonderful.  But not all of you have structured your time to accommodate hours of that into your days.


Always do what you can do and intend to do as much as possible.  But you know by now to release the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ and associated blame and guilt from your lives.  There is no more need for you to judge yourselves harshly than there is to judge others.


We have covered a range of things this day.  Some may have been intended for you, and some may have been intended for others.  As always, take what you need from what you see and let the rest pass by.  It may or may not be of value to you at a later time.


We hold each of you in our hearts and stand ready to support you in all ways.  Stand tall in your light now and be prepared to live out your life’s purpose.  There are those who are here to guide countries.  The word one of you speaks that changes the life of another may be of more importance.  Be yourselves now.  Nothing more is required of you.  Good day.



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