Messages of Light 20120619 God’s Love and Light is Your Refuge – Message from Ascended Master, Saint Sarah



Channeled by: Julie Miller
June 18, 2012

It has been quite some time since I stepped forward and spoke through your dear sister. I am honoured to be speaking to all of you dear ones. 

So many are still bitter and angry and blame their current course of their journey on God and God abandoning them. Truth is dear one; our dear God has never left. It is the people who have wandered. The people [YOU] became wandering sheep, curious to what life has to offer them. The difference is you were not nibbling on sweet grasses and roots; you were nibbling on life and all the many distractions that have been intriguing you for a very long time. You wandered, you learned, you chose and here you are. God never stopped loving you; God never stopped looking out for you – never. God knows you will make your way back and you will by making specific life changing choices that will direct your return to the rich luminous Light of God and the Love that many have found shelter with. God’s endearing pure love and brilliant light is your refuge, your shelter and God is always welcoming with open loving arms that embrace with so much warmth and goodness. 

It takes the want to change to find your way to God and the love that will surround and protect you. Once you make the decision to follow the Word of God, you dedicate yourself to His Word and to righting any wrongs that occurred prior to this commitment. God will help you as you cleanse your pain away. God will take those sorrows once you have learned what they held as far as lessons. Those lessons were not all about pain, they were about growth – your growth, and God has always been with you and will always remain with you dear ones, inside your lovely hearts. You never have to look very far – look in the mirror. Yes, when you see yourself, as man, woman, no matter your size or any other differentiating factor, you are all representatives of God dear ones and when you become one with your I AM Presence you bring God into Action through all you do. I AM is God in Action, it is definitive, infinite and positively pure. 

I do know the many of you who pray to God and to the infinite Universe become at times a trifle impatient. Remember God does not use Time as you do. All comes when it’s meant to, patience and tolerance must be understood dear ones. Part of manifesting your prayers is putting out the effort from your end. Do not sit passively doing nothing to aid in your prayers. Be active and have faith that your efforts will not be in vain, in time all comes into fruition. Any promises made by God will be kept, never stop believing this, remember to have Faith and devotion to God while you are waiting. It always happens, as soon as a person ends their waiting, what they wanted comes to another person. The manifested energy is suddenly released and all your efforts are not lost but they are won by another. Keep up your hope dear ones, keep striving – I truly understand what it means to wait. I waited my whole life with Abraham to have a child and the son, Isaac we were promised came as God said but a year after and I thought I was done being able to bear children. Blessings and miracles move about all the time dear ones, never give up on what you truly want from the heart. 

Along your journey dear ones you will come face-to-face with the need to heal yourself. You get wounded from other people’s words, actions and past life karma that hasn’t been met. I urge each of you to take the time to nurture yourselves through your heart, get to know you through quiet solitude – get in touch with the honest truth of who you are. Once you are able to come to terms with your own individual truth, then the healing can truly begin. All hurts can be healed from the root cause. How do you get to the root of the issue? It’s like peeling an onion, you have layers to uncover and under each layer is a new lesson to learn and another aspect of yourself to understand. Once all the layers are uncovered, what is left is your core self, no more and no less. Your rawness is by far the most beautiful light, once you remove all the excess your true light shines in all its brilliance. Then you are able to see within your light the Illuminating Spark of God. Take the time to nurture this spark into a roaring flame. Not to worry dear ones, this flame will not harm or burn you; it will heal you from within. Open your heart to God and God’s Love dear ones. 

You will notice after you worked away all the layers and discovered your beautiful light, you will find yourself being more loving, compassionate and giving. You may not realize the reason right away, but you will. As you shed the unnecessary burdens from your mind, body and spirit you become lighter and this new lightness is automatically demonstrated through all your actions; even your written and spoken word will become more respectful and kindly because you have changed. 

Even though you have cried many times and have felt the pain from relationships, the frustrations from simple interactions gone awry, the sadness from a passing of a loved one, or any other reasons that allowed pain to develop. Understand dear ones all your experiences have helped create more opportunities to advance in your knowledge and to feed your wisdom once you have comprehended the lessons perfectly. Without your trials and tribulations you would not have gained the knowledge you now carry. I do see the frown and questions of why such hard challenges. All challenges have their degree of difficulty depending on what you choose each step of the way. Yelling at God, blaming God for what has gone wrong is not the answer and all this does is increase more negativity into your life. God did not choose your choices. All choices made by you are your responsibility. When you choose dear ones be sure you understand what it is you are choosing. Embrace what you have selected knowing in your heart you chose what was best for you and those affected by your choice and have Faith in God and in your efforts that all will be okay.  

Heal with God dear ones, let God in to comfort you during your sad times and to relish in your times that are filled with Joy. Through God’s unending love to you, you will flourish and become all that you are meant to be. 

I am blessed to be here with your sister today and we are all blessed by the Love and Light of God.

I AM Ascended Master, Saint Sarah through Julie Miller




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