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One worth One worth by Love’s Beginning There is one worth, and it is shared equally by all beings across time and space. There is only One of us, after all, and that one of us is eternally worthy. Amongst ego’s most effective tools are thoughts about unworthiness. It does not matter if you seem to be thinking about another or yourself. It is all the same self. When you are believing in unworthiness, you are believing a lie. When you are believing in unworthiness, you are asking to see characters enact stories of unworthiness, so they do. Whatever characters seem to do in your world, it is always at your request. You are One. It is only your preference that would cause you to see otherwise. You developed a preference to see something that is not unified because instead of running back to the awareness of eternal Love after you experimented with the illusion of separate identity, you ran away from it. You’re a runaway. You ran away from Home, but you can only run away from Home in an illusion. In truth, you have always been safe at Home. Consider the metaphor of safe at home that this lockdown experience is bringing to you all. You are invited to realize that you, as Spirit, as you truly are, have always been safe at Home, and nothing can ever disturb that safety. No illusion can ever touch that eternal safety. Your preference has had you running away from the awareness of love, but you are now at the point where you can realize your eternal safety. You can stop running. When you stop running, when you are still, the awareness of Reality, of eternal Love, of Oneness, of your nature as Spirit–all of that returns to you. Your preference will have you running toward Love, accepting it as a now-reality, accepting it as the true nature of all. The power of being willing to see Love as the true nature of all–it is sweeping and transformative. Your world can show you what you are willing to see. Are you willing to see the truth of everyone? Step forward into today willing to see the equal worthiness of all beings. Any tug or pull of not-rightness that you feel–it is always associated with ego’s suggestion to see some separate one as unworthy. When you feel that tug, when you feel the littleness of ego tugging at your pant leg and offering you a thought–go within. Go within to Sanity. Sanity will show you the true nature of all. Sanity will show you the equal worthiness of all, beyond all the roles and the costumes you have requested. Sanity will show you Truth. When you accept that truth within, you will realize that nothing seemingly outside of yourself can threaten you. Be willing to see the true nature of all as Love, and see that Love reflected everywhere. Thank you for your willingness to see what is Real. We are always with you, celebrating our true nature. Photo by Krystal Ng on Unsplash