You built the world of fear, and you can allow it to disappear


We would like to speak to you of thoughts–of the kinds of thoughts you allow to reach you. As you realize more and more deeply which thoughts are untrue, the untrue thoughts you have been inviting and encouraging fade away into nothingness. In their absence, there is no suffering.

The world you experience is made from thought. Consider thoughts the building blocks of this world. The world you experience now is built out of fear, but as you discover your role as the builder, you also discover the stream of thoughts you allow to come to you. As you discover that some of these thoughts are false and result in the replication of a fear-filled world of ever-changing forms, you allow the volume of the false thoughts to be turned down, then way down. You eventually allow the false thoughts to disappear.

You invented the ego to send false thoughts to you. The only problem it is possible for you to have is mistaken belief in these false thoughts. Whenever you believe you are experiencing a problem, it is always a problem of your own making, because it is always the result of your belief in false thought. The way out is to recognize false thought, to be willing to release it, and to move through this world you made with no judgment and no blame. If you move through it attaching to any part of it, you treat as Real what was only ever an illusion. You are here to surrender the illusion to the light.

Whenever you are in a situation of any tension or distress, it is helpful at this point for you to remember that you did this to yourself. With no blame at all, for there are truly no separate ones to blame, you did this to yourself. Because you did this to yourself, you can allow it to be undone. That is why we are are. When you release your grip on all the blocks you used to build your world of fear, we can remove them for you, one by one.

By taking responsibility for the belief in the false thoughts of ego, you accelerate your growing awareness of which thoughts are false.  When you can see that a thought is false, you don’t touch it. It has no resonance, attraction or charge for you. When you don’t touch a false belief, we can remove that building block from this enclosure around the idea of a separate self that you have built.

It’s dismantling day! Beyond this illusory structure is the light, and nothing but the light. You are safe in allowing the false to disappear, and we are happy to serve you as you remember your own innocence in the light.

Photo by Omar Albeik on Unsplash


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