The essential nature present in everything



Beings are a network through which Love flows, and all of them are equal. You are so accustomed to rating and assigning and deciding when it comes to perceived-separate beings that you miss the essential nature of what they are. If you are able to see it, you assist those beings in remembering, too. If you allow the beings around you to remember who you all are rather than having them playing roles you assign, you are also able to remember more deeply who you are, too.

The entire physical world–every facet of it–can be viewed this way. Every aspect of the physical world can be seen as a means through which remembrance comes to all. If you leave it open for this purpose, you can’t be judging any of it. Judgment is an activity that attempts to establish the reality of what can never be real. It is always futile. If you allow that which can never be real to be used in the service of a return to Reality, there is your freedom–yours and everyone’s.

There are so many ways for Love to be expressed, for Love to express itself. None of them, however, come from obligation or guilt. Obligation and guilt come from a belief in personhood. Love itself is so vast and great that it obliterates all perception of separate personhood. Allow that which has never been separate to come into your life and show you who you are. Allow it in through every being and through every aspect of what you experience. There is nowhere that what truly is cannot reach you. Surrender your judgment–that which has never been useful to you–and allow Love to reach you.

In allowing Love to come to your awareness, you have to take all of the pressure off the individual players to be or do anything. They are all already good enough. They are already perfect as they are, and they can never be any other way. In some way, each player in this healing drama has served your awakening. Thank them now and allow them to assume the forms that are most useful in the healing drama, beyond all idea of individual wants, preferences and needs. Free them, and you free yourself from the shackles to which you have been clinging.

Everything is alive, and it is that aliveness which is Love. That aliveness, that connectedness, takes care of all things. You are safe to lie back in that support and allow the unfolding of all things. All things are working together for good, for remembrance, and you are the key in allowing them to do so. You are not a manager or a judger. You are part of the inextricable fabric of existence, and look how much support there is for you in carrying out your role. Think of yourself as woven into this fabric, and remember always how much you are supported loved in every moment, as all are loved.

You are doing very well, and we are always here for you.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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