Today Is Selacia’s Annual Cosmic Connections Meditation


Today is Selacia’s Annual Cosmic Connections Meditation

Expand Your View Of Who You Are

Hello friends,

I’m excited for today’s Cosmic Connections Meditation! This is an annual meditation that connects you with your infinite self and who you really are! What’s different this year is the new energies arriving – opening the door to brand new potentials for a mega shift in consciousness. Continue reading for examples and opportunities to change the status quo.


You are an infinite being with cosmic connections. Of all times to be alive on Earth, remembering this now is essential. Yes, you are physical, yet your physical body is only a temporary vehicle that allows your soul to have experiences, grow spiritually, and contribute to the awakening of humanity. Remember this during times of chaos, crisis, and observing a world that is divided and full of hate. As you do this, you develop self-awareness needed to be a powerful Divine Changemaker who leads the way forward!

Get Resourced at Our Meditation

Participating in today’s meditation – whether live on Zoom or later with the recording – will elevate your energy and help you move forward with increased self-awareness.

You also will join with other Divine Changemakers on Zoom around the world – to co-create a powerful planetary healing. The goal is to accelerate a mega consciousness shift of humanity. As part of that global healing, you will receive a personal healing tailored for what you need most at this time.

Not yet registered for today’s our Cosmic Connections meditation? Join us with the Cosmic Connections information and link below. Thank you for referring your friends!

Note: if for some reason, you register late – after our live Zoom has ended, or the next day, you will receive the recording download. This can be worked with in a timeless way, more than once if desired – for more experiences and life insights. Go to my website home page – Global Meditations section – most recent meditation download is at the top.

My New Website Is Here! ***

Just in time for this weekend’s Cosmic Connections global meditation and start of the July 7-13 Dancing Reset, my new website went live this week! I’m thrilled about the brand-new look and feel, and that is has new features you will appreciate! In case you missed seeing my Wednesday newsletter, I’ll recap new features below.

A shopping cart to improve your experience:

Order more than one item at a time (e.g. a session, a meditation, and a DC course). After your first order, the cart will save your information for future orders. Once you select item(s) you want to order, there will be a ‘shopping cart’ icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Subscriptions to meditations will no longer be offered:

For those of you who have subscribed to meditations, you can order one or more meditation at a time with the new shopping cart.

Brand-new pages are being added to the website and will be further developed over the coming weeks:

These include pages for Divine Changemakers Courses, Sessions, Global Meditations.

I’d love to have your feedback on the new website!

Noteworthy Energies, Global Meditations, Courses, Sessions

  • Energies – July 21 Capricorn Full Moon * August 4 Leo New Moon * August 19 Aquarius Full Moon * September 2 Virgo New Moon * September 17 Pisces Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse
  • Global Meditations July 6 Cosmic Connections * August 17 Full Moon * September 21 Equinox
  • Divine Changemakers 2024 Course – “Spiritual Warrior Changemaker – Selacia’s brand-new 4-week course starting in September * more info & registration below
  • Divine Changemakers Courses to Join Anytime: “Dancing In The Fire of Change” * “ReAnchor Yourself-Live Your Truth”
  • Divine Changemakers Dancing In The Fire Of Change Reset July 7-13 – more info & registration below
  • Personal Support & Astrology 1-1 Sessions – for deeper work – recorded on Zoom – more info HERE


Thank you for being here with me, and for your ongoing support!

Wishing you love and blessings,



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