Parenting & Reparenting – Tap Cancer New Moon Energies

Parenting & Reparenting – Tap Cancer New Moon Energies

Understanding Parenting Influences

Hello friends,

Today I’d like to talk about parenting and the diverse parenting influences impacting our lives. A helpful catalyst for diving deep to explore this is our Cancer New Moon of July 5. Continue reading to grasp the importance of these influences throughout your life.


The Cancer New Moon is a powerful time to tap into your inner self and connect with the nurturing energy of the universe. Remember, as you do this, that you are an infinite being – boundless and able to perceive beyond your human conditioning.

Whether you are a caregiver to others or are in the process of healing your own inner child, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate how you care for those around you, and what kind of support you need for yourself.

I recommend engaging in some inner child dialogue to gain insight into what you need to feel safe and whole. Invite a knowing of how to manifest these elements.

Additionally, take a closer look at ancestral influences that may be affecting your patterns and behaviors. Some of these may be reflected in the parenting you received.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Did I feel heard?
  2. Was I fully seen?
  3. Was I allowed to experiment, question, make mistakes, and think outside the box?
  4. If anything was missing from my parental upbringing, what was it, and how has it impacted my adult life?
  5. What did I appreciate most in my caretakers?

By understanding these influences, you can gain clarity and make positive changes in your life.

Remember, self-care is not selfish, it’s necessary for your well-being. Embrace this lunar energy and prioritize your own needs.

Let me know your experience working with these ideas, and how your outer life begins to transform!

Special Announcement

I’m excited to share that my website now has a brand-new look and feel, with new features you will appreciate!

Examples below.

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  • Brand-new pages are being added to the website and will be further developed over the coming weeks.

These include pages for Divine Changemakers Courses, Sessions, Global Meditations.

Coming This Weekend!

  • Our annual Cosmic Connections Global Meditation on Zoom Saturday.
  • Start of our July 7-13 Reset for Dancing In The Fire Of Change.

More details and registration for both below!

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends Saturday on Zoom! 

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Thank you for being here with me, and for ongoing support!

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