Evolving with LOVE + GRACE 💛


Hello Beautiful  —

Yesterday I got a major download about the current energies, what is coming, and the expansion opening up for us. The download came AFTER a huge clearing energy swept through me — unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

I’m still articulating everything I was shown, experienced and received, but here’s what I know:

A shift beyond limitation and into Divine Creation is at hand. I have been hearing about Divine Creation since before we opened enrollment for the new Conscious Evolution program which started a few weeks ago. But what came through yesterday was so much bigger, stronger, more intense.

The energy is moving fast and in a sense feels like it’s popping — happening in bursts as we reach certain resonances and as this continues and unfolds, quite possibly you will feel a sense of deep completion with something.

Lots is coming up right now for review, completion and endings.

This may initiate healing/clearing in many of us.

My personal experience yesterday tapped me into enormous ancestral energy, that felt old, layered and far deeper than I ever felt before.

It was energy filled with fear and old patterns of “being threatened” and “being alone in the world” and what eventually came to me, after connecting with my Spiritual Support Team was to call in all my ancestral lines — my walk-in lineage; my biological lineage, my adoptive lineage and all energies in that in this plane, and any other and work with forgiveness  (I adapted the linked decree) and grace and love, for all of us.

It was intense and beautiful. Then after that, I did a Sacred Offering — I gave all the old energy to the Divine and asked for and received the light and information I need to create my vision of heaven on Earth now.

JUST. Freaking WOW.
So — here’s what I feel guided to share with you:

The opportunity to become truly free is here.

This is a SUCH A HUGE CHANGE. Of course we’ve wanted it and asked for it for a long time. But it’s still — really different. BIG CHANGE.

So accepting it, stepping into it, is leaving the familiar may involve shattering a lot of unwritten rules. Energies, beliefs, patterns, associated with our ancestral lines may be affected by this, and triggered. (Which is what I suspect happened for me) And if it’s triggered you may become aware of your lineage in a way you never felt or knew it, consciously before this.

As we heal ourselves, we heal our past. And this at some point begins to ripple not just forward into the unfolding future, but backward into our lineages.

This shift — out of lack, separation, limitation, fear… may trigger a sense of no longer feeling safe. Perhaps not immediately, but once you start to stretch out into the new possibilities. At first it feels amazing! But as you persist, and really reach new levels of expression, abundance, freedom, or manifestation, you may rigger any boundaries, or unwritten rules you experiences which you are now expanding beyond.

Enter the beautiful energy of GRACE + LOVE

We’re approaching the Equinox and an Eclipse Cycle, we’re in truth really beginning this year, NOW, and the potential is vastly different and expanded.

Our non-physical friends have set up a new series of transmission experiences to assist us in making the most of these new and higher potentials.


This program includes 6, 60-minute transmissions. The first three lead up to and include the Equinox. The next three usher us into and through the Eclipse Cycle, that starts on March 25/26.

I am SO excited to channel and receive the gifts of working more closely with GRACE ELOHIM and the energy of GRACE, along with the Andromedan High Council, the Archangels, the Galactic Dragons, Ashira, Mira and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel, Sanat Kumara and Kuthumi, along with Gaia and Serapis Bey

Together they invite you to join us, for a powerful, deeply nourishing and supportive series of live events infused with Love and Grace and higher light, guiding and empowering you to expand, elevate, heal and then FLOW, more and more of your own Divine Light.

This program will guide you in building a stronger connection for co-creation and communication with your SOUL and DIVINE SELF/I AM Presence.

It will further your ability to increase your light quotient; activate your fifth dimensional Alta Major Chakra (at the base of the skull) by unplugging from consensus reality while providing inner journeys and guided experiences that guide you in shifting from all that has been into the wide open territory of DIVINE CREATION and DIVINE EXPRESSION.



Our First transmission is THIS SATURDAY!
So starting soon.

I’d LOVE for you to join us!

This program is responding to the synergistic field created by all of us who join. So unique and specific transmissions will be given, based on each of us who shows up and in response to our intentions and desires.

May we all become FULLY FREE and CLEAR TO SHINE and EXPRESS who we truly are!

May we be heart-centered and loving to everyone and especially to ourselves. This energy is moving all life in to higher expression as it can. Everything is happening FOR YOU.

Remember that. 💛
Amazing times! I am so thankful and blessed to share in this, with you!

All my love,


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